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Women watches top brand of breguet

Few brands are willing to spend too much time and energy on women’s swiss replica watches to study, design and production. Many brands are used to the classic male watch series to narrow the size of the table diameter, inlaid diamond bezel, change the case material, etc. to “create” female table series. Women’s watches are often smaller in size, can not carry a larger size of the mechanical movement. So some brands of women’s watch series will be second choice for the quartz movement. (Watch model: 0063B-2954-63A)

But as a pioneer in the history of women’s watch, Blancpain has been in the mechanical movement on the road to explore the miniaturization of the line. Since 1930 Blancpain launched the first brand of women’s automatic watch chain. It has always been committed to women’s watches in the past to give men complex to have the function. Of course, Blancpain also did not forget from the aesthetic point of view of women. Designed to meet the feminine perspective aesthetic exquisite decoration and elegant appearance.

This Ladybird watch is one of the masterpieces of the perfect blend of elegant style and precision timepieces. Ladybird series watch the first launch of the time. Is the world’s smallest circular mechanical watch, is a milestone watch in the history of women’s watch achievements. Today, this section rose gold diamonds with white strap models Ladybird breguet watch inheritance history, continue to lead the small table women’s watch trend.

This breguet watch is the first to attract my attention must be that diamond-studded bezel, not only because the woman’s diamond shining light irresistible. But also because the table diameter only 21.5 mm on the watch inlaid with 32 diamonds, not exaggerated, not contrived, fine stars.

Watch case and pointer with 18K rose gold to create, in addition to the dial inlaid with five rubies and strap pendant inlaid with two rubies outside Case and the pointer of the rose gold color is the whole watch the most color. Milky white mother of pearl dial. Also inlaid with fine diamonds, foliage-like decoration. The whole watch inlaid diamonds a total of 0.6 carats. This watch design of the watch perfect show women’s soft and luxurious temperament.

By the 18K rose gold forged crown engraved with Blancpain abbreviated English letters, the side with anti-skid texture.

Straps are specially made of white crocodile skin.

With a soft futuristic Alzavel lining and engraved brand English name of the 18K rose gold button, to create the ultimate exquisite and comfortable and perfect shape.

Dial just below the straps fall inlaid with diamonds and rubies inverted heart-shaped ornaments, more Smart.

Through the back of the table sapphire crystal back through, you can see the PT950 platinum to create the automatic swing Tuo operation of the United States. This watch is equipped with Blancpain special launch of the new Cal. 6150 self-winding movement. This ultra-thin movement diameter of only 15.7 mm, is the world’s smallest one of the self-winding movement. Can provide 40 hours power reserve. Both to maintain the precise operation of the movement, but also to minimize the thickness of the movement.

Intrinsic to the external blessing, exists in the watchmaking field also exists in the achievements of individuals. If you can only recommend a ladies watch brand. I will not hesitate to say “Blancpain” name. If you can only recommend a women’s breguet watch series, my choice is still Blancpain’s Ladybird series. This watch official offer 171,000 yuan.