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Tudor 1926 Series Steel Watch

Before this year’s Basel table exhibition began, Tudor took the first step to announce to everyone the brand-new spokesperson Jay Chou, whether it was a surprise to his tablemates or his fans. Although the brand had previously Po out to invite a Chinese celebrity endorsement, but did not think that the brand chose Jay Chou as the rudder “big dare” for the new advertised. The aim is to pay tribute to the early history of the brand, to add a retro-architecture of the round arch, and a dial with a delicate embossed pattern on the center. This really gives a feeling of light.

In 2001, a rap song “Nunchaku” that combined elements of Chinese and Western music made this “unconventional” musician enter our sight. At that time, it seemed that such a new genre was very personal and was favored by many young people. Over time, the humming and singing method previously considered as “uncivilized” has been accepted as the genre (Chinese style, etc.) continues to widen.

affecting a generation of Chinese people and becoming a later recognized “Asia.” Popular king.” Debuted as a singer-singer.

he was also an actor, director, screenwriter, producer, and trader.

did not rigidly identify himself with the rudder.

He did not seek integration with Tudor  “born nature,” and in 2018 he officially became the Tudor brand. Global spokesperson.


Hans Wilsdorf, founder of the brand, registered the “The Tudor” trademark in 1926 and founded the Tudor watch. The 1926 series is a commemoration of this special year. The launch of the new timepiece series undoubtedly symbolizes the history of the brand. The classic design interprets the mission of the brand’s precision watchmaking. Unlike previous models, this series of watches is not just for a single group. Dials are available in a variety of styles and are available in four sizes (28, 36, 39 and 41 mm) for men and women. Demonstrate the brand concept of Tudor Watch: close to the people, exquisite craftsmanship and good quality.



The case of this watch is made of stainless steel, the overall line is smooth and rich, the lug is natural.The texture is outstanding. The lugs are slim compared to other watches at Tudor, reflecting its elegant side.

Tudor 1926 Series Steel replica watches uk


with both the time scale and the pointer in gold, demonstrating quality and luxury.

The concise and sophisticated disk, combined with elegant willow-type hands, is unique and elegant, leaving a lasting impression.

3 time mark position, with a calendar display window, add a practical function for the watch.

As usual, the back cover has a rudder style .

with a dense bottom design to ensure the safety of the internal movement.


making the travel time more accurate.

The seven-row stainless steel chain links are soft and natural in texture and comfortable to wear.


with both the time scale and the pointer in gold, demonstrating quality and luxury.

Best selling watches of mens series

Ever-changing, new things more and more new materials. In the field of watches is no exception, in recent years, some new materials continue to be use in the Best selling watches. From the beginning of the ceramic to the present carbon fiber, bronze and other materials. So it can be said is not from the layer. Today’s watch home for everyone to recommend three new material watch.

IWC Engineer Series IW322404 watch

Engineer carbon steel high-performance automatic watch ceramic version of the top high-tech engineering masterpiece. Equipped with carbon fiber case and high gloss ceramic bezel. IWC 80110 self-made movement is equipp with integrate shock absorber system. Can withstand the rapid acceleration and emergency braking to bring the impact and violent vibration, fully applicable to the racing field.

Tudor PELAGOS series 25500TN titanium strap watch

Tudor table Pelagos is not only a diving watch. More perfect blend of superb craftsmanship and reliable mechanical properties. The watch in addition to show a number of Tudor uk replica watches history of the classic watch details. Worthy of the brand one of the most representative of the table. Tudor table with its extraordinary watchmaking process. Let Pelagos watch on the journey to explore the ocean. To further expand the broader vision.

Panerai LUMINOR 1950 series PAM00438 watch

Best selling watches with Luminor 1950 case, with ceramic material classic Panerai bracelet. Is a completely made of matte black ceramic watch: So this watch has a stunning beauty, it is faithful to reflect the personality of Panerai. And the use of tabulation materials from the field of the most advanced technology to build.

The bracelet is also made of matte black ceramic, the chain with the case of the same molding and processing technology, and then connect to the PVD coating scrub steel buckle. So the watch factory has devoted a lot of time to the design of the bracelet. And ultimately achieve the perfect fusion with the ceramic case effect. Each chain has a different shape and has an arcuate surface. Thereby improving the soft touch of the bracelet, so that wear more comfortable.

For the luxury brand Best selling watches industry.

Do not have to rely on watch the value to attract consumption. Mainly rely on the extraordinary craft of the watch, the integration of cultural heritage and new elements. Of course, this new element is naturally included in the watch material. Some new materials used in the watch is not necessarily better than ordinary material. These materials are also free of its advantages and disadvantages. But definitely more attractive than ordinary materials.