The true and false identification of Breitling watches

Breitling won the “Swiss official fine when the test center,” issued by the rolex replica Chronometer certification, becoming the world’s only full line of products to meet the Chronometer standard watch brand.. Breitling watch is the world’s only full range of products to meet the Chronometer standard watch brand. So precious watches can not let people heart? To share Breitling Breitling Swiss watch to distinguish between true and false.

Breitling watch has been the aviation table of the table, so have attracted a large number of counterfeiters wantonly fraud, misleading consumers, in view of replica watches china this, in general, leave the weakest link is not the surface, while the table back. If it is through the end of the style, because the fake can not do such as high-end watches so magnificent movement, so one to see through the fake watches.

However, if it is non-through the end. Then the general watch will be covere in the table to do some articles. So watch more valuable, which makes crackers brains, for example: Omega Omega Constellation series, Constellation table made vivid. Is to discern the clues by distinguishing the back. So today, our task is to know the true and false.

Identify the true and false movement of the Breitling watch to distinguish the genuine watch movement within the splint or pendulum thallium marked with the corresponding trademark logo words.

Movement in the case of components in the solid; counterfeit watch movement plywood or put thallium on the non-trademark logo words. Or trademark signs handwriting rough, fuzzy, skewed, or simply with a small copper paste; some movement within the impurity