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Watch men luxury brand automatic of fake series

Regardless of the top luxury brand or close to the quality of the brand. Whether it is automatic movement or manual movement, without exception, will be subject to external interference, that is, by the magnetic. From the perspective of life close to us, we will watch with a magnetic metal together can not help but make the watch failure. So today in order to solve everyone’s troubles, this recommended several anti-magnetic watch. To solve everyone’s worries.

World pilot series chronograph series IW377701 watch

So this is a very practical pilot watch, movement with automatic machinery, 43 mm table diameter tightly wrapped around the wrist, it seems that there is a force. Stainless steel case a kind of unusual charm, in particular to explain is. So this fake rolex watches is used Cal.79320 movement, stable operation. Function has a date display, week display, timing and anti-magnetic.

Rolex MILGAUSS Series 116400GV-72400 watch

Rolex MILGAUSS series 116400GV-72400 watch in the Rolex family is very good. So rolex watch is also very hot style. The second hand of this watch is very characteristic, just as sharp and sharp as lightning. 40mm table diameter in fact if the girls like HOLD can also live. Rolex steel has a world-renowned hard and anti-wear characteristics.

Vacheron Constantin four-sea series 47040 / B01A-9093 watch men luxury brand automatic

Vacheron Constantin in the hearts of friends are very high. Many people used to compare Vacheron Constantin with another brand at the same level. In fact, there is no need for comparison. Because both the style and the craft, are different. Perhaps because of the high price of Vacheron Constantin, which led to the distance between the brand and the public more distant.

But this watch with stainless steel case, the use of automatic mechanical movement, priced at 13 million or so, cost is in place.

Royal Oak Offshore Royal Oak Offshore Series 25940OK.OO.D002CA.01 watch

Watch men luxury brand automatic:So the outline of this watch can be described as a household name.

No one does not know that this was once exclusive to Audemars Piguet’s profile. Top sports series has a lot of material to choose from.  So this watch case with 18K rose gold diamond. Top with a rubber coating, suitable for any sports occasions. Automatic mechanical movement using Cal.2326 / 2840 type, the performance is also very good.

Swiss bvlgari of fashion watch

New Swiss bvlgari Carbon Gold Black braided swiss replica watches rolex bold selection of modern material. Bulgari uphold actively explore and subvert the traditional style. To its superb jewelry skills for the field of watch innovation to provide continuous technical support, including the design and the perfect combination of new materials. So this is a combination of high-tech carbon resin and composite gold. Created this modern and stylish watch. Official model: 102632Swiss bvlgari

Diameter 40.00mm stainless steel case, covered with carbon resin coating. Black dial adhering to the modern Italian style design, rose gold marks the continuation of the essence of high-level jewelry watch Gregory. So to a unique style elements and distinctive fashion logo, establish a new concept, leading the beat of the times.

Bezel engraved with the “Swiss bvlgari” dual LOGO logo is also highly respected. Double LOGO logo not only inherited the essence of the brand. Has become a watch series in the undoubtedly Italian iconic pattern.

3 o’clock position with a date display window, Arabic numerals and bar when the standard are plated rose gold. Is a professional gift to the world of jewelry in Bulgari Rome.

Because today’s modern men and women respected classic “1884” words. Was carved in the fine gold plate made of rose gold this important jewelry material. In the 3.6mm thick case of the side of the shine to pay tribute to the birth of this Bulgari year.

Located at 3 o’clock position is its 18K rose gold crown.

Angularly lugs and round case close contact, beautiful and generous.

Because watch with a black calfskin woven strap. Knitted with full leather. Re-interpretation of this special paragraph strap.

So the needle fastener is made of a lightweight and sturdy common aerospace material, PEEK (polyether ether ketone). Outside engraving brand LOGO.

So transparent bottom cover can clearly see the movement of the movement. Interior equipped with Bulgari Caliber B77 self-winding mechanical movement, vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz). 42 hours of power storage and 30 meters of water to meet the daily needs.

Since 1993 launched the first automatic movement since the carbon watch. Because carbon Gold has become a symbol of the watch industry symbol, opened for all the alloy and metal material exploration. Has brought a lot of amazing and unexpected combination of materials.

Brand new Swiss bvlgari Carbon Gold black braided watch.

Its modern color and light texture complement each other. Wearing such a unique and excellent watch is more comfortable and joyful.

Bvlgari watch of fake watches

Bvlgari watch:From Italy’s innovative design concept and Switzerland’s top professional watchmaking process collision, to create a Bvlgari rolex replica uk uphold the essence of the two watch culture. OCTO series is one of the representatives. It broke the traditional shackles, the party and the circle of integration, combined with octagonal geometric modeling, the Po-style creative talent deduced most vividly. Uninhibited is the OCTO series of soul, OCTO series is the understanding of the personality of men.

In the watch R & D, Bvlgari also prevail, many times to break the record. Bulgari Octo Finissimo Automatic watch (watch model: 102711) keep up with the series Tourbillon watch, three asked watch and hollow tourbillon Bvlgari watch the pace, constantly beyond the limit, aspirations to the new ultra-thin peak.

OCTO series of architectural aesthetics designed to show its Roman origin, blend of modern design concepts, Octo Finissimo Automatic watch fashion and yet excellent texture. And in the design of the watch is to spend a lot of watchmakers mind. In order to build this on the market today, the thinnest ultra-thin self-winding watch, movement parts all from scratch to design and design. Each of the small components are in the birth of ultra-thin watch to play the power until the ultimate.

During the exhibition in Basel, Wu Yifan wearing this section Octo Finissimo Automatic watch debut set off the climax of the table show. Ben with the “thinest self-winding watch” halo Octo Finissimo Automatic watch in Wu Yifan’s personal interpretation is to become the representative of the fashion trend. And table fans in the very popular watch.

Bvlgari watch with 40 mm matte titanium case, the case thickness of only 5.15 mm, slim still very rich layering. With silver gray titanium dial. Dial on the black line of the time scale and the combination of Arabic numerals, 7:30 location with a small seconds. When the center of the dial is hollow, the minute hand. Time scale and pointer are processed by black PVD coating. More shiny, so watch the appearance of avant-garde fashion.

Titanium case to bring a light watch texture, crown also made of titanium metal. And in the top mosaic with black ceramic. Titanium and ceramic materials with a full expression of the modern design of the watch.

Watch with matte black crocodile leather strap, with titanium metal clasp. Strap soft and comfortable, together with the titanium case to create a light if nothing to wear feel.

For driving Octo Finissimo Automatic. Bulgari watch factory independently developed a new movement – BGL 138 · Finissimo, movement thickness of only 2.23 mm.

Equipped with small seconds and platinum micro-Tuo Tuo, undoubtedly the market’s thinnest self-winding movement. This movement has 55 hours power storage, and hand-decorated with Geneva ripples and pearl dots polished pattern. And after chamfering, the table seems to have nothing Watch the water depth of 30 meters.

Octo Finissimo Automatic Bvlgari watch reflects the philosophy of simplification.

Light and dark contrast black and white tones, simple atmosphere of the dial layout. Full of fashion at the same time convey the philosophy of simplicity.

Jacques watch of fake series

Jacques watch:In the oriental culture, different animal totems represent different meanings. Thus, many animal images are often used to symbolize a particular character or even an inspiring spirit. Cartier fake replica watches has its own iconic animal theme, cheetah, around the theme of the cheetah to create a lot of beautiful watch. And Blancpain and Jacques watch Drogo is well versed in the extraordinary craft of the road, with superb skills to shape a lot of animal image.
Blancpain Classic Series 6612-3616-55B watch

Blancpain classic series of many lonely watch are animal-them. To create animal modeling with extraordinary craftsmanship. Blancpain this year, the new launch of the solitary watch with 42 mm 18K red gold case, case thickness of 10.55 mm.

Watch with red copper craft dial. Red copper dial is present on the red gold material carved from the “double cattle war king” pattern. Double cattle neck with gold to create the collar.

Red gold carving pattern and copper dial with copper salt solution passivation treatment, the surface of the alloy surface showing a subtle green and gray color.

Watch carrying Cal. 13R3A manual winding movement. So movement on the back of the plywood with power storage display. This watch has up to 8 days of power reserve.
Cartier Leopard Series Flame Gold Cheetah Decorative Watch

Cheetah is Cartier’s iconic animal pattern, or sexy, or smart, or cold. Cheetah to Cartier endless inspiration, Cartier also gives the cheetah a variety of life.

Watch with 42 mm 18K white gold case, case thickness of 7.24 mm, bezel set with 54 trapezoidal diamond inlaid.

So watch dial made by the flame gold craft, dial cheetah image lifelike, with rhodium-plated apple-shaped pointer. Wrist watch Cartier 430 MC workshop fine manual winding mechanical movement. So watch waterproof depth of about 30 meters, limited edition 30.
Jacques Drogo small dial series J005033314 watch

Because mention animal theme watch, Jacques Deluo can be describ as having the largest number of different animal design watch brand. So watch with 39 mm 18K red gold case, case thickness of 12.06 mm.

With a large black enamel dial, dial through the micro-painted technology painted overlooking the lion.

When the lion pattern is locate above, the display panel, eccentric dial design for the micro-pattern provides plenty of space. So watch equipped with Cal. 2653.P automatic winding mechanical movement, with 68 hours power storage. Watch limited edition 28.

Blancpain’s classic series “double cow war king” red copper craft watch. So cartier’s Flame Gold Craft Cheetah Decorative Watch.

Jacques watch Delo’s Lion Hours Small Dial Dial Watch Despite the different themes selected.

But no one is through the exquisite craftsmanship for us to show the exquisite animal “totem”.

Fake breguet of classic watch

Fake breguet:Dual Time Zone Innovative Design Breguet Classique 5727 replica watches Tasting

Not afraid of the flow of time in the watch industry. Classic and retro has always been the hearts of friends in the “evergreen”, will never fall custom. Has been their own “high profile” performance by everyone’s praise and praise. This is why the brand to re-engraved the classic timepiece of the reasons. Fake breguet Classic Series Classique Hora Mundi watch is the case.

As the first mechanical timepiece with instantaneous time zone jump system with synchronized date, day / night and city display. In 2011 once available, immediately triggered the media eager attention. 2016 years, with respect to the original classic tribute. So breguet launched this today I want to introduce you to the excellent time class Class 5727. So ingenious design makes sense of the watchmaker’s design and creativity, unique tabulation concept highlights the charm of a hundred years watch brand. (Watch model: 5727BR / 12 / 9ZU)

GMT creative design
Because the silver Fake breguet watch of the new watch abandons the original earth pattern. Replaced by silver-plated gold dial decorated with pure hand-engraved “Paris nail pattern” pattern. Classical elegance, giving the watch full of ornamental. 3 time scale and 4 hour mark between the location with a 24-hour display disc, decorated with two different engraved carved patterns.

So the upper part is the flame pattern, engraved Breguet invisible signature. The lower part of the wave pattern, engraved watch number. So this ingenious dial design gives a fresh feeling, the bottom of the dial for the main show the city location. To facilitate the view of the time zone switch.
Just a touch, time zone jump immediately

And I like the 24-hour chronograph as the second time zone show of hands, I believe that there will be a lot of people. If the 24-hour disk to become the second time zone disk, then there is nothing surprising. And this watch, seconds on the wonderful 24-hour hand is with the main plate with the needle.

In the adjustment of the main table when the needle, 24 hours will follow, the correct record time. In fact, the main plate needle and the dial below the mechanical memory device connected to be able to remember the time between the two places. After recording the time. In the switch time zone as long as a touch, you can immediately display the memory time zone. Convenient and quick, called the biggest highlight of this watch.
When the rose gold hit the Breguet Blue Steel pointer

18k rose gold material case, unlike gold as eye-catching. Always maintain a low-key luxury attractive style. The treated case exudes rose gold mild, charming light, very beautiful. In addition, from the appearance of view, rose gold and brand characteristics Breguet blue steel pointer is more take the ride. Common against the unique charm of the watch.

Case of the outer edge of the coin pattern to decorate, making the watch has a unique charm of the brand. Equipped with rose gold into the crown, decorated with Breguet logo design. After grinding, the top lines are smooth. And the overall operation feel comfortable, not slippery hand.

Design avant-garde welded ear lugs with screw bolts. Smooth lines of natural, good texture. So can be a good watch and watch strap together. As a whole watch the added glory of the watch.

Back cover with back through the process design, through the sapphire glass can be observed movement of the operation. Do not have some fun. So equipped with Breguet 77F0 self-winding movement, power reserve for 55 hours. Waterproof rating is 30 meters. Case rose gold back engraved engraved number and Breguet stealth signature, making the watch more content.

So exquisite lugs to connect a dark brown leather strap, wearing a comfortable texture. Strap with an 18k rose gold clasp. And the case against each other, to increase the watch’s ornamental.

Keep the brand’s most unique DNA, timeless Fake breguet each classic timepieces have brought us a visual enjoyment.

Like this watch, the combination of classical and modern shape, unexpected double time zone design, heritage brand of classic money it. There are stories, there are values, temperament, there is meaning. But also 2016 years of refreshing classic money. Like the Friends of the table may wish to move the brand store to see its style.

Funny watch of fake series

Funny watch:Because the annual SIHH Geneva Advanced replica rolex Salon has come to an end. Compared to previous years, this year in the material, female table and advanced complexity is still very deep excavation and exploration. So in fact the overall watch technology and design content is rising. But the price of the table is currently maintained relatively stable, not as substantial as in the past, the increase. Throughout the session SIHH.

Simply from the table of the creative and functional aspects, rather than the price. Most of the table, you can see it at a glance. But there are some tables, only when it “move” up, you see it built the universe.
Noble Meng Peti Panthère Joueuse Cheetah Decorative Funny watch  Watch

If you want to say creative, I think the whole SIHH. Cartier is able to rank first, whether it is the number of creative or creative amazing level. And Cartier’s annual creativity is at a very high level, this year is no exception. Cartier this year’s cheetah series, is undoubtedly a brand of creative products. One of the Panthère Joueuse watch, with a smart cheetah pursuit of the ball and fun. If from the fun point of view, this may be the most interesting SIHH watch the paragraph.

In addition, Cartier this year’s extraordinary creativity also includes the flame gold process Ronde Louis Cartier watch. As well as Rotonde de Cartier double mysterious Tourbillon three asked watch. Therefore, Cartier this year in the process, complex technology, jewelry use, creative design has a very good representative. Have to say that this luxury brand is indeed very strong.
Material, Technology, Technology Trio Langer ZEITWERK DECIMAL STRIKE

After SIHH began, most of the sound focused on those high-level complex models. So many interesting innovations, only in the wave faded, only gradually revealed. Lange Zeitwerk series this year launched a new watch.

So during the show, it has been discovered by the unique collectors. All along, Lange’s “Owl” series is Lange high-end watch is a very special one of the works, jump the number of words to become a lot of Lange watch lovers heart. This year’s new work, with the previous year has been very different. In the case of materials, the new Zeitwerk watch using Lange’s unique 18K honey color gold.

This material from the 2010 Lange used in the most special form of the beginning, to maintain a mysterious, rare and unique special properties. That every time the whole point and every ten minutes, it will percussion, suggesting that time. In the process, Lange applied “Tremblage” hand carving skills, showing unparalleled artistic charm.

Funny watch:Which for the mechanical structure, the change into a very system is its biggest difference.

So think about it might be more reasonable. Because the “owl” is a number of jump words, minutes ten disk itself is every ten minutes to jump once. In addition to a very system of self-ming, very coordinated. But the original fifteen minutes of this newspaper engraving, applied to the pointer is more appropriate.

Replica watches of fashion series

As a result of personal preferences, some people like the exciting large Replica watches. And rolex replica watches the same design style and color. Size is also an important point on behalf of the watch personality, and some watch size to 52mm, or even greater.

Not how big the diameter, as long as the dress up in the wrist between the wrist. Fashion and no heavy feeling, that is appropriate.The following watch on the recommendation of three diameter in the 45mm above the large size of the watch, take a look.
Cartier Santos series W20073X8 watch

Due to this piece of Cartier Santos series of Replica watches, is to commemorate the birth of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Santos watch a watch. Large square rounded dial and exposed screw design make it a landmark meter. Stainless steel to create the case with silver pearl dial, dial luminous sword-shaped black steel pointer, the design of a unique style.So the crown of the polygon has also become a bright spot. Above a multi-faceted synthetic spinel, shining eye-catching. Oversized stainless steel folding clasp with crocodile leather strap, atmospheric fashion. Watch equipped with Cal.049 model movement, with automatic winding function. Waterproof depth of 100 meters, to meet the needs of daily life.
Panerai LUMINOR 1950 series PAM 00305 watch

This Panerai LUMINOR 1950 series of Replica watches, case diameter of 47 mm. Enough to attract like a large table diameter love table people. Large case material is made of frosted titanium metal. With a luminous hour marked on the black dial, 3 o’clock direction set date display, 9 o’clock direction set small seconds, the design distribution with a sense of balance. Replica watches equipped with Cal.P.9000 model movement, with two barrels. Can ensure 72 hours power reserve, equipped with adjustable screw balance wheel vibration per hour 28,800 times, accurate and reliable.
Wan Guo Bo Tao Fenuo series IW510103 watch

So this million country Park Tao Fenuo series of watches, table diameter 45 mm. Round silver dial on the small seconds and date display window were located at 6 o’clock and 3 o’clock position, the layout was decent.So stainless steel case with dark brown crocodile leather strap, elegant atmosphere.

In addition to this watch in addition to large diameter table, there is a very important feature is the movement of the stars on the chain for eight days. Equipped with Cal.59210 model movement, no fine balance balance wheel vibration frequency up to 28800 times per hour. Plus in accordance with the traditional tabulation of the traditional bending of the Breguet gorgeous hair, to ensure that the watch travel time accurate. Double-sided anti-reflective arched edge sapphire glass table mirror. Even in the light of the irradiation, still can clearly read.

Wearing a large Replica watches watch is what kind of feelings?

The first thought is the domineering. A different kind of style, large watch the style of the wind is not only this year, but now intensified. In fact, for people who like the big diameter, is a word “cool”. Needless to say, like it.