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Automatic breguet watches of fake classic series

Automatic breguet watches handed down the series show the complexity of time difficult to penetrate. Deftly record the spirit of the depths of the brand. Tradition series recalls the brand tradition, but also look forward to the future. Cleverly configured and avant-garde style, with a very sophisticated dial display. But neat layout, unique beauty. Inheriting the flawless craftsmanship more than two centuries ago, even the smallest parts are decorated with hand-scrub. Today, watch home for everyone to bring two Breguet Tradition series watch Beijing market, I hope you like.

Breguet handed down the series 7057BR / G9 / 9W6 watch

Watch Comments: So this Breguet handed down the series 7057BR / G9 / 9W6 watch Breguet released in 2011 classic watch, rolex replica with 40 mm diameter design, 18K rose gold case to create watch the wheel series All placed on the dial above the structure, ARE ─ CHUTE shock absorbers, barrel and face plate streamlined design, the beauty of gold, this design poisoned many watch fans. Equipped with a Cal.507DR hand-wound movement on the inside of the watch, the full chain provides 50 hours of power reserve.

Breguet handed down the series 7067BR / G1 / 9W6 watch

Watch Comments: Because the simple design of this watch shows Breguet the traditional elegance and avant-garde ideas perfect fusion of aesthetic spirit. For two hundred years, Breguet has maintain purely hand-made craftsmanship, and parts in the movement are all hand-assemble. Cleverly reflect the time but simple and complex appearance, this watch deserves to be the essence of Breguet.

Breguet this classic and unique watch, classic men’s classic watch, if you want a watch or want to change a watch.

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