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New million of Wensheng series of calendar IWC

As mentioned in the last week’s article on a series of articles on the history of the nations.So the watch series stands its peak and falls into a low tide. The heart of the replica rolex division. Although the first time of the series can be traced back to 1969. But we all know, until 1985, it is by virtue of the iconic Ref.3750 million calendar chronograph watch. Because knocked on the fans of the watch fans, the real access to the Their approval.
In 2017, the IWC Wensley series draws the essence from its unparalleled classic history and smelt out a whole new series of models. Which is perhaps one of the main reasons why many fans are appreciative of it. One of the highest voice, and we also believe that in the new series which is absolutely worthy of the cornerstone of the works. Since is this new million of the world series of calendar year calendar watch.

When the watch was released, it was a swiss  replica watches few weeks before the opening of the Geneva show in 2017. At that time, the nations had clearly stated that the new series of design themes: no longer use the barrel-like appearance, no longer use hexagonal lines. Because the new 2017 Da Vinci series decided to return to the origin. And  re-enable the round case design, articulated lugs, as well as the traditional complex functions and disk layout … If you have seen a brief history of the Da Vinci series of articles. Then see these design elements believe that will immediately think of the classic 1985 style.

Of course, the nations are not deliberately hiding. But rather talking about this classic time and the people associated with them (Mr. Kurt Klaus or Mr. Günter Blümlein). Da Vinci series has counted on the country a “hard-won” watch series. And especially with the Portuguese or pilot series compared to see when it is more obvious. It is therefore imminent to find the classic design of the DNA and re-inject it into the new body. So although this can be attributed to the lack of originality of the nations. But on the other hand it also shows The brand wants to let the Da Vinci series once again grow the vision.

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So the new Da Vinci series of steel calendar chronograph is what kind of time it? Why do we call it the “cornerstone of the new series”?
The name of the first can be very easy to award 40mm automatic watch ah. Because it is both appearance and style are very outstanding. And also men and women take-all, the most important thing is that it also has a very close price . The last point is very sharp, so the cornerstone of the name to it is also not bad ah.

However, for some of the other watch series or brand, it may be able to speak. But the nations are not in this column.
Because the watch brand has always been the majority of the watch fans are familiar with the iconic style.So as well as the history of the flash point as a basis. For example, the pillars of the pilot series are 46mm size fly. And although it is very large, very masculine, and not cheap. But it really is the soul of the series. Da Vinci series is the same. Since it inspired by the 1985 style, then this piece of steel calendar chronograph also thoroughly revealed the theme.In conclusion  became the semi-flagship of the cornerstone of the existence.

Caliber De Cartier series diving watch

Caliber fake watches:Uphold the “more blue will be better” design concept, Cartier at the beginning of this year’s Geneva table show (SIHH) brought to the blue as the main body of the Caliber De Cartier diving watch. Although the design, it and many of the same series of models is almost the same.

But by virtue of rolex uk a simple color replacement, but it makes the appearance of the original black-style style to be more than a somewhat unique attraction. From the steel to the pure gold material, blue Caliber de Cartier watch can easily control. And this is also invisible for the usually elegant design for the brand features a fresh breath of the breath.

In addition to color, these more attractive card blue disc diving watch technology parameters are the same with the original black-style style watch. To stainless steel or 18k rose gold material to best replica watches create the case size is 42mm. Blue dial and the same for the blue bright porcelain bezel each other. Very texture. 11mm thickness makes it a perfect dress up diving all-around timepiece. Which also from the perspective of the movement to re-interpretation of the Caliber de Cartier series platform.

Only a small number of diving watch is actually use as a simple diving tools. After all, most consumers want is a balanced quality of all aspects of the timepiece (solid architecture, clear and easy to read the disk. The deeper The better the water resistance, as well as the appearance of sufficient attraction, etc.). Not only diving features need to be considered.

As a result, the diving watch in the huge market, high-end watch brand will naturally pay more attention to the needs of consumers. So choose the second best only to retain its diving tool root causes of the surface part. Similar things have happened in the past two decades of changes in the SUV car body. Initially used only as a cross-country tool.

Because of its powerful multi-functional use of more and more popular, and ultimately be absorb by high-end market. Intuitive examples too numerous to mention. Such as the old Wrangler and the new big cut, or Mercedes-Benz 280G And men love the G65 and so on.

This Caliber de Cartier series of blue diving watch. Is the watch industry’s high-end luxury brand Cartier create by the excellent product.

Not only has a standard diving bezel, clear and easy to read the dial design. As well as the internal carried by the Reliable self-winding movement. And even the depth of the water has reached 300 meters.

Caliber:In the case of fine workmanship beating is Cartier’s home Cal.1904 MC-type movement, double barrel design can ensure that the winding torque stability of the case to provide 48 hours of power reserve.

With a 27-gauge jewel bearing and a vibration frequency of 4 Hz. The 1904 MC is not a particularly expensive mechanical movement, but it is a reliable, reliable and reliable partner.

TAG Heuer link

TAG Heuer, a 150-year-old watch, is a leader in the Swiss watch industry. The company has always been adhering to the replica rolex original philosophy of creating precise, reliable and beautiful watches, known as the “Swiss watch since 1860 Avant-garde style of the representative. ” The following Xiaobian for you a brief introduction TAG Heuer link series watches to see how the Swiss TAG Heuer link table price.

TAG Heuer is a new launch of the President series, as early as the Basel exhibition hall. Gave the media left a profound impact, a Basel a popular female models. “Wrist if nothing, but yet soft feminine, still dazzling”. This is the spokesperson Cameron Diaz LINK LADY praise, is a watch.

But also a uk replica watches jewelry, whether it is watch or Cayman Long Diaz shooting watch advertising, elegance and elegance are born with temperament. Activity site, a delicate bird cage stands, the first LINK LADY senior custom ladies watch Diamond Star quietly lying on it, recording the time of the dance steps.

LINK LADY series with every elegant woman to pursue the true charm, pink roses, mosaic of 11 diamond when the standard fluorescent white mother of pearl dial, with polished steel bracelet and case, decorative effect at a glance. Even the most minimalist style – white Knotho pattern background with Roman numerals. Link Lady lady’s fashion style is also unstoppable.

LINK Lady Diamond Star: Star design shape benefit from the movement than the larger swing Tuo. Put Tuo in the two sapphire crystal glass 360 ° rotation, so that the naked eye can capture every moment. The two layers together The movement is maintained in the center of the case.

TAG Heuer is currently the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula One team and two of its top young drivers – 2008 F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton (Lewis Hamilton) and 2009 annual F1 world champion Jenson Jenson Button’s partner. Kimi Raikkonen, the world’s No. 1 Formula One racing champion and Ferrari F1 driver, the world’s leading golf star Tiger Wood. The world’s number one woman.

Tennis player Maria Sharapova, US racing league superstar Jeff Gordon, champion Formula Three champion Sébastien Bourdais, promising talent Bruno. Bruno Senna, and Hollywood stars Brad Pitt, Uma Thurman. Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan and Chinese sports superstar Yao Ming’s wrist.

TAG Heuer fusion movement and charm of the brand style!

Today, TAG Heuer continues his fine tradition and insists on the importance of combining sports with glamor in his bold. Timeless creations, perfectly demonstrating the boldness of his avant-garde fashion.

IWC Watch

IWC is the Swiss Richemont watches brand name, which was founded in 1868, has a history of more than 100 years of tabulation. IWC was founded in 1868, tabulation has been 140 years of history. Founding place called summer Buddha Hauser. The local history of watches can be trace back to the replica watches early 15th century, a full 459 years earlier than the IWC. But the factory tabulation, the accuracy of time, began to be firmly in the hands of people.

Switzerland Schaffhausen founder is a pioneering spirit of the Americans. From 1868 onwards, the Swiss watchmaking factory has been leading the development of watchmaking technology.  Specifically manufacturing men’s watch. Classic style coupled with ingenious design, elegant and delicate, extremely simple operation – this is the world famous.

Switzerland Schaffhausen is not only the traditional precision tabulation process experts, but also the first to use high-tech materials. IWC is the first watchmaking factory that uses titanium metal for replica rolex watches watchmaking, and uses the technology developed by it to produce its own case. Since its establishment.

IWC watchmaking in the training process has never slacken off to ensure that its tabulation process from generation to generation. 400 employees in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, and 100 employees around the world firmly believe that the traditional watchmaking industry, watch the culture can be appreciate. “Probus Scafusia” represents the Swiss Schaffhausen IWC extraordinary technology and craftsmanship, watch a long tradition will continue to flourish, spread from generation to generation.

Since 1868, each watch produced by  watch has been register in the watch factory logbook. For over 100 years, these logbooks have been integrate into a large number of books. Which is the only book in the world.

The old version of the contract record number of words in the body. Case number, the material used. The weight of the table, watchmaker name, completion date. As well as watches and clocks or purchase the name of the table and other information. The Russian Tsar Ferdinand I, the Pope Pierce IX.

British Prime Minister Churchill …. and so have had more than one IWC pocket watch.

At the same time since 1868, IWC plant produce by the important spare parts are store in high cabinets. So IWC watchmaker can even overhaul the oldest watch core to ensure that the next many years the old watch is still Precise timing. Because of this, IWC table worthy of a number of generations as a family heirloom.