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Painted wrist colorful moon HUBLOT

HUBLOT watch full of love for the color, the blue, purple, orange and pink into the new soul moon phase replica watches.

This series of monochrome watches creates realistic visual tones, matching straps, quartz dials, sandblasted moonboards, pointers, time readings and gemstone mosaics with the same color.

Belonging to the summer of the dense light and colorful colors always fascinated by people.

So hublot watch into one, the charm of the moon to become colorful season: dark blue for tannin lovers set;

Therefore purple is eye-catching, but hidden in the mysterious moonlight night; orange full of vitality, People can not help but remember the moment of joy;

Pink like a rose-like dream, showing a rich sense of happiness.

Big Bang Soul Series Moon Phase Watch has a 42mm drum case to wear.
Wearing a sapphire crystal mirror HUB1770 automatically winding the hollow movement clear observation.

The dial is upgraded to high temperature fused silica and alumina quartz, quartz is colored through a “rare earth” mixture.

Dial Mohs hardness index of 7. It is easy to see that if you want to complete such a dial, professional cutting technology and material development master is indispensable.
Monochrome style extends to every detail.

And the translucent sofa dial shows two alternating moon patterns, and the moon pattern covers the corresponding tones.

Unique colors make fascinating moon phase changes even more compelling. Moonlight 6 o’clock run, completed two months.

Watch the double needle style, the central pointer indicates the hourly and minute, 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock position between the large calendar display device.

Because titanium or gold body alternately polished, satin brush and other technology, changing the memorable details of thousands, highlighting the sense of the watch geometry.

The bezel is set with 48 blue, orange or pink sapphires or amethyst. With the same color short crocodile skin lined with black natural rubber.

Since water depth of about 100 meters underwater, power reserve up to 50 hours.

In conclusion,a really have a wonderful watchmaking process and complex features of the watch products were born this.

Brand your own Hublot big bang 301.CI.1770.R

Has been trying to start a sports uk replica watches in the UK, looking for Hublot and AP sports watches are younger and fashionable. AP high price point, think about or buy Hublot it. Hublot is LVMH brand, style is also relatively young, there are many fancy, rich colors. Ordinary work may also wear between, or low-key point better, went inside the black choice.

Yuzhang big bang 301.CI.1770.R
Hublot  jewelry to precious metals and natural rubber as raw materials. The idea of branding is “fusion art”, covering precious metals such as zirconium, tantalum, magnesium, titanium and other precious metals and diamonds, rare stones, gold, platinum and natural rubber. Yu-ship table began to observe the natural domineering. Especially the dynamic, more in line with the aesthetic of young people.


Buy a few times,Hublot is a nice look series is the classic fusion and big bang.

While the individual wants to buy a domineering little table, the diameter of the table can also be a bit big, like a rich dial, on the big bang series of elections. At the same time do not be too high profile, in the black big bang inside pick. Select this work, is considered to be more popular works

This kind of automatic o Ting good, will not stop a lot of exercise, you can really enjoy the back of the action.

The strap is quite special for the upper crocodile skin. The next layer is rubber, increasing durability. Should be much more durable than ordinary belts.


Hublot Big Bang Boa Bang watch

Born in 1980, Hublot Big Bang  the first fusion of precious metals. Aand natural rubber as the raw material of the Swiss top watch brand. Hublot watch (Hublot) the birth of rolex replica watches uk based both from the watch material or from the watch interpretation of the unique Aesthetic concept is concerned.  And in the watch industry have set off a revolution.

In 2004, Jean-Claude Biver, who took over Hublot. Used the Big Bang series, which overturned the watchmaking industry. To triumphantly roll out Hublot, Watch (Hublot) the arrival of the revival of the times. Just five years, Hublot has launched the Big Bang million dollar series. So Big Bang black series, Mag Bang series and other iconic watch. But also successfully among the most high-end watch brand The 2008 Hublot withdrawn by LVMH Group. Jean-Claude Beaver (Jean-Cla
Ude Biver) continues to act as chief executive officer. The brand concept advocated by Hublot  “the art of fusion”, covering the perfect blend of precious metals such as zirconium, tantalum, magnesium, titanium and diamonds, rare stones, gold, platinum, ceramics, stainless steel and natural rubber.

best quality of Hublot Big Bang replica for sale

Since Yu Chun watch (Hublot Big Bang) top watchmaker team in the best replica watches annual watch show for watch enthusiasts to bring a series of new, not only in high-tech materials and complex functions to create surprises, the brand more closely follow the trend of fashion trends and design Popular jewelry watch.

So the new Hublot Big Bang with a diameter of 41 mm 18K red gold or stainless steel green serpentine case. Since with diamond bezel, bezel embedded with 48 light green rectangular cut sand fence stone, tourmaline and light green sapphire .Since double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal under the mirror for the green serpentine dial.Because dial pattern clear to embellish 8 total weight 0.14 carat diamond time scale modification, 3,6,9 o’clock position with a small seconds, 12 hours and 30 minutes time plate, 4 to 5 o’clock in the middle decorated with date display window. Because power, so the watch equipped with HUB4300 automatic winding movement. Power storage for up to 42 hours. 100 meters waterproof. Equipped with black rubber strap with green serpentine denim.

In conclusion, the same version of the same version of the diameter of 41 mm 18K red gold or stainless steel case, so bezel set with 48 rectangular Stanley stone. Because deep and light smoke crystal, brown serpentine dial, brown chestnut serpentine denim Tabulation tape. Each limited to 250 pieces.

Distinguish between true and false Omega watch

Omega watches is one of the most counterfeit Swiss watches, I have seen all the fake watches, the highest level of fraud, and some high imitation of the watch is really enough to omega replica watches spurious.

What is the simple method, can you distinguish true and false Omega watches it?
Method / step1. Look at the production of serial numberAlmost all Omega watches are produced serial number, but also a table on the 1st, and is unique. If it is a mechanical watch, then the production of the 8-digit serial number will appear in the movement of the edge of the plywood, the production of serial number and movement of the case is the same.

The true serial number of the production is engraved, deep and very clear, if it is engraved on the table after the cover, it will be consistent with the back cover of the arc, that is, the numbers are arranged in a circular arc, and Fake watches are generally horizontal row of straight. Omega watch the current production of the production serial number have been carved in a shell claw position behind the figures were carved very small and intensive.

This practice is also not imitate the current false table. False production of the serial number is basically a number, and whether male or female form, no matter what type.

2. Look at the case of identification, especially K gold watch

The logo on the case are more, such as the balance of the pattern, 18K or 750 mark, St. Bona’s head or “protect the country goddess” woman head mark, these markers are stamping very small and clear, Are thick and fuzzy.

3. Look at the strap if the logo is a metal strap

There must be a replica swiss watches uk strap number, leave the table to do the identification of the general are relatively large and relatively rough shallow. The local process can be bad to do, leave the table often in the Here exposed filling.  In this place a problem.Then at least it is not the original strap.

4. Watch the watch pointer

Imitation of the weakness of the watch on the pointer do not look at things small. But not easy to do like. Omega watch really very bright surface of the electroplating. But also very smooth, regular shape and slim (especially the second hand), the needle on the night out and the color of the dial is the same. If you can make a comparison, it is not difficult to find the difference between them.

5. Look at the characters and paint the dial

Dial the character should also be very structure and bright surface, if it is drill words. First of all it should be a natural diamond. And leave the table are generally use “diamond”, and do more than a real big table. Dial on the paint, including those letters and lane, should be very clear and very bright and fishes. Leave the table to do more than dim and fuzzy. SWISS MADE words should be at the bottom of the dial 6 o’clock position. And the glass’s aperture tightly, leave the line this letter are print on the more rely on.