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Montblanc watch of fake classic

Many people like the world, I am no exception. Ordinarily the number of times each year to go abroad, the world when the function is useless. However, this can not cover up my favorite when the world swiss rolex. Perhaps, many people like me in general, like the world when the dial to accommodate 24 time zones while still maintaining the right view of the complete sense. Prefer to be in the bag of the kind of travel around the world are not afraid of peace of mind.

World watch when the division by Greenwich 24 time zone, place names may be different. For example, you will find some of the world when the Montblanc watch is marked Beijing, and some are HongKong. Most of the world watch, are using the inner ring for 24 hours day and night display. Use light and shade to distinguish between two colors. The outer ring is marked with the name of 24 cities representing 24 time zones. The city representing the time zone of the time is displayed at the top of the dial at 12 o’clock. The time of the other time zones is displayed by the 24-hour dial of the city name corresponding to the straight line.

Montblanc world watch when the local time at 6 o’clock, and adjust the button at 8 o’clock

If you want to change the location, you need to press the world when the adjustment button. Usually located in the left 10 o’clock position, the location of the location to 12 o’clock or red arrows. Each time the button is press, the hour of the display of the local time will move forward by one hour clockwise. While the 24-hour dial and the city name disk are counterclockwise to move an interval. It is equivalent to a time zone. Press this button 24 times, it is equivalent to doing a global travel and return to the starting point.

As a function of the watch, the world often appear independently in the Montblanc watch. And other functions are stack with each other. This year launched Patek Philippe Ref.5930 is the world with 30 minutes when the combination of time. Timing and the combination of the world, complex and rare. However, we have to say here, “icing on the cake”, but non-functional stack. But to get rid of the traditional world when the display method, this flower is not the flower. Showing a unique performance or adjustment methods, in the world when the function of re-exploration.


Of course, if the breakdown of the world when there are many new innovations. 2016 GPHG watches and clocks with the best travel time schedule instead of the best asked table.

This year’s wonderful world Montblanc watch can be known to the public.

This watch function has gradually been love by many consumers. Perhaps for most people. In its first to a strange country, to have a world watch to accompany. Will be more peace of mind it.

Replica IWC of fashion watch

Replica IWC:The moon is a fascinating planet, since ancient times, the moon’s profit and loss will teach countless astronomers indulge in endless. It affects the tidal effects, climate stability and the lives of many creatures and plants. And the moon with the function of the watch is not just a function. Its unique and beautiful way to show. But also to many watch lovers on the moon show a soft spot.So today, we recommend three moon phase replica watches. Let us taste under their beauty.

IWC IWC Bo Tao Fenuo moon phase automatic watch

As a cappuccino series of charming moon phase watch, with 37 mm stainless steel case. Bezel set with 66 fine diamonds, the thickness of only 11 mm, absolutely suitable for most male wearer’s wrist size. Even if the slender female wrist wear also feel unexpected. White mother of pearl dial, just right of the layout, so clear when the reading. Slender Roman numerals and rod-shaped hour scales.

As well as willow poems are made of platinum, blue steel second hand for this section of the watch to add a different kind of beautiful colors. Peripheral black transfer minute dial and diamond scale. In addition to the time display, the 12-point position of the moon phase display window is particularly prominent, the unique moon phase display to dark blue as the background color. Silver moon seems to hang in the boundless night sky. Equipped with 35800 self-winding movement, providing 42 hours of power reserve.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Masters Series watch

So Jaeger-LeCoultre master series moon phase watch, with 39 mm stainless steel case, polished smooth rounded. Silver dial, big three-pin display with blue seconds, clear when read. So the moon phase display window is located at 6 o’clock, in addition to the moon phase display and date display function. Moon phase string exquisite beauty. Carrying the product family 925 self-winding movement, providing about 43 hours of power reserve.

Glashütte Original Member of the Great Calendars

Glashütte was one of the pioneers of the German Replica IWC watch. Its unique achievements in the watchmaking beyond doubt. So this member of the large calendar moon phase watch, 40 mm stainless steel shell, case outer ring is thinner, for the paint silver grain dial to make more space. The exquisite structure of the dial with black Roman numerals and classic black track minutes as a gorgeous background. Pear-shaped blue steel pointer, for the new design even more elegant feeling.

Large calendar window with black numbers for date, with ivory white background to match the color of the dial. 10 o’clock position and 11 o’clock position for the beautiful moon phase display. Beautiful three-dimensional silver moon and stars embedded in the dark blue sky background. Equipped with the latest 36-04 movement.

Replica IWC:The function of the moon phase is not necessarily the most important.

To a certain extent, its expression of elegance and more interesting by everyone welcome. Will be “stars” and “time” of the cosmic changes in the wonders concentrated to dozens of millimeters diameter of the wrist, the interpretation of astronomy and timing between the deep roots. The moon phase table is the most romantic, most poetic time to express.

Cartier watches of replica series

Cartier watches:June 30, 2017 to July 9, Cartier with the latest Panthère de Cartier cheetah replica watches, Juste un Clou series of new masterpiece and classic LOVE series. In the Shanghai State Center shopping center creative “incognito extraordinary” (When the Ordinary as Precious) theme design exhibition. Brand breakthrough self-innovative attitude and endless creativity, unique presentation in the avant-garde golden space.

The Cartier theme design exhibition, by resident in New York, Puerto Rico visual artist Desi Santiago effort to build. Through a shape casting and internal mechanical clever combination of Seiko garage (Precious Garage). Reproduce the Cartier will be the daily hardware parts turned into jewelry design concept.

So this is a “ordinary” and “precious” collision. Is also a traditional mechanical engineering and jewelry design and technology dialogue: wearing a tooling Cartier boy exposure to the dazzling golden garage. Toolbox display Cartier jewelry and watches. All kinds of hardware tools scattered around. A gold sports car suspended in the air, metal liquid poured from the body down. Spread on the ground spread … … hang around here. So visitors can not only witness, more through the scene of interaction and try to wear. Experience the brand of fine thinking and excellent craftsmanship.

Unruly, sharp, do not follow the common sense of the card. Because cartier Juste un Clou series inspired by the nails seen in the day, under the amazing imagination of the jewelry designer turned into a precious masterpiece. The LOVE series is also true. Its screw design is born once it is never forgetting to become a classic.

And these two representative jewelry series par with the Cartier watches is the latest launch of the watch: Panthère de Cartier cheetah watch. She is not only a watch, it is a fine jewelry. Happy and Smart, like a cheetah graceful posture walking on the wrist. They meet, leading a new round of jewelry stacked wave. Dress up modern modern modern women, so that ordinary times more exciting.

Cartier watches any imagination free ride, with extraordinary creativity ahead of the first.

So financial classic aesthetics in contemporary masterpieces, meticulous extraordinary.

Vacheron Constantin of fashion watch

Vacheron Constantin rolex replica:Traditionnelle series of six new selection for use with brown dial with 18K 5N pink gold case. Through the elegant appearance of fashion. Complex craftsmanship and distinctive tabulation. To interpret a series of diverse timepieces of complex functions.

Round ladder case, slim bezel and groove bottom cover; track-type minute scale circle. “Bâtons de Genève” bar when the time scale and sword-shaped pointer: Traditionnelle series of new series will be the series of iconic features set in one. 18K 5N Pink Gold’s warm luster with milky brown dial. But also with the elegant black crocodile leather strap perfect match.Vacheron Constantin

Because the new work seeks to interpret the traditional Geneva watchmaking process through contemporary means. So movement more by the fine hand-modified grinding. From simple time display to sophisticated complex functions. This series of new works to show the charm of tabulation art. To Vacheron Constantin nearly three centuries since the accumulation of watchmaking skills and aesthetic achievements to pay tribute.


Diameter of 44 or 42 mm large size pink gold case. Traditionnelle series of 2755 movement and Traditionnelle series of 14 days Tourbillon two masterpieces show a rare complex features and technical achievements. So Traditionnelle series of 2755 movement set advanced watch three complex functions (ie Tourbillon. Calendar and equipped with radial speed control device three asked timekeeping function) in one.

So the second section of the same exquisite Traditionnelle series of 14 days tourbillon equipped with carved tourbillon. The appearance of the Maltese cross (Vacheron Constantin logo). The movement has four series barrels, can provide up to 14 days of power reserve. These extraordinary works equipped with Vacheron Constantin own research and development and production of manual winding mechanical movement and show a fine high-level watch the traditional modified grinding process.

Because the Traditionnelle series covers different pieces from complex functions to simple and elegant. Ink brown dial with 18K 5N pink gold new products. Through the different classic features, showing the series of works on the latest interpretation of the timepiece: Traditionnelle series of ultra-thin self-winding movement with hour and minute display. Traditionnelle Stroke Series Weekly calendar power reserve with central second hand, week, date and power reserve display.

Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle series of simple display is added 9 o’clock position of the small seconds and date display. Because these three low-key exquisite watch are equipped with automatic winding mechanical movement and sapphire crystal table cover.


Which is equipped with a Vacheron Constantin own research and development and manufacture of ultra-thin 1120 movement.

So the movement consists of 144 parts, the thickness of only 2.45 mm. Finally, the series also introduced a manual winding watch. The watch has hours and minutes display, small seconds at 6 o’clock position, power storage for about 3 days.

Fake watches of popular series

Fake watches:Read time is the most basic function of the rolex replica. But in the dark, this simple function has been challenged. Luminous material of the invention and application to solve this problem. Not only in the night or deep sea or blue or green light, to ensure that the wearer clear and easy to read the time. But also in the day for the watch to add a different style.

Omega hippocampus series of marine universe to Zhen astronomical table GMT watchfake watches
As a diving watch, naturally, ultimately, clear and easy to read the luminous time scale. Easy to read in the deep sea. Omega hippocampus series watch as a professional diving watch, must have this feature. So watch with 45.5 mm ceramic case, with blue ceramic dial and orange GMT pointer.

Dial, the pointer and time scale from 18K white gold to build, and covered with luminous coating. Blue ceramic bezel, the first 15 minutes of the scale with a unique orange rubber decoration. So watch equipped with Omega 8906 to Zhen astronomical movement, waterproof depth of up to 600 meters.

Rolex Sea Series 126600 watch series

So the large geometric time scale covered with luminous coating is one of the iconic elements of Rolex. This highly acclaimed new product uses a 43mm 904L steel case.

This is the sea to make the 50th anniversary of the advent of a new interpretation of the watch. Watch with black one-way rotation 60 minutes scale bezel and black dial.

Dial is still 3 o’clock position with a convex lens with the date display window, the central set “Mercedes-Benz”. Luminous pointer and large time scale in the darkness of the distribution of persistent blue light. Clear and easy to read. So watch with Rolex 3235-type movement, with about 70 hours of power storage.

Panerai RADIOMIR series PAM00687 watch

Panerai this watch with 47 mm steel case, with a brown dial. Dial, the Arabic numerals and linear time scale match, are covered with luminous coating, in the dark can also be clearly read.

Watch with brown calfskin strap, echoed with the dial. Watch the internal carrying Cal. P.3000 manual winding mechanical movement. Power storage for up to 3 days. At the same time, watch with 30 meters waterproof depth.

Whether it is Rolex sea type, or Omega hippocampus series.

Or the Panerai RADIOMIR Fake watches series, time scale and pointer with luminous coating, both functional and aesthetic effects.

Luminous time scale with the pointer, both to facilitate the time in the dark to read. At the same time it exudes little blue or green light, adding a little fun for the night.

Classic corum of fake watches

The crystallization of the swiss rolex Bridge series of two watches Beijing stock market

Because Classic corum bridge series is Kunlun’s very unique series. Kunlun brand is also started with Jinqiao series, after the single Jinqiao products is Classic corum watch endorsement products. So watch the family visited the Beijing Financial Street Heng Geely table line. Brought two Kunlun Bridge series watch the latest market, together to feel the unique charm of Kunlun Bridge.

Classic corum TI-BRIDGE POWER RESERVE Series 007.400.06 / F371 0000 watch

So watch Comment: very modern Kunlun 007.400.06 / F371 0000 watch made of titanium metal material. And this TI-BRIDGE POWER RESERVE series of titanium bridge watch, are used in the horizontal barrel type, rather than the conventional vertical barrel-type case. Due to the rubber band, and the special nature of titanium metal. So after wearing a light and comfortable. Unique modeling and titanium bridge technology has long been nearly 150,000 yuan price.

Classic corum MISS GOLDEN BRIDGE series 113.102.85 / V880 0000 watch

Watch Comment: Kunlun 113.102.85 / V880 0000 watch with 18k rose gold diamond case. At a glance to show the luxury of expensive temperament. To be full hollow barrel-type case, after the chain can  clearly observe movement of the movement. So crown design at the bottom of the watch, cleverly embedded in the strap and case between.

Do not affect the appearance of the same time also on the crown of the pit also ensure the convenience of the time on the chain. Although this watch design so subtle, but the price of four hundred thousand people also prohibitive.

Recently, the Classic corum home visited the Beijing Financial Street Kunlun store.

So visited the two Classic corum watch the latest market, and shooting a high-definition map. Provided to the Friends of the table to enjoy appreciation, there is a need to buy at the site.

Ladies watches of best selling products

March tenderness early spring, belongs to the woman’s season quietly bloom. On the occasion of the arrival of Women’s Day, the famous Swiss watch brand Corum replica watches uk picks the natural myth of the double inspiration.

Due to turned into a gift for women’s time of the ceremony, Qingqing Zhen selected feathers watch. To elegant and confident attitude, to show the charm of modern women. Peacock’s beauty and luxury, and women’s temperament coincide. So and when the strong diamond and light feathers out of the unique mosaic inspiration, met the bright and modern design. The two blend of meticulous and meticulous style, will enable many women to find their own unique style.

Feather art was popular in the 19th century. Today, it is still a symbol of eternal elegance. Such as Ji Lu, enamel and other traditional tabulation process, feather mosaic is also very complex and time-consuming.

Has always been in the aesthetic and design of long-sleeved dance Corum ladies watches.

So this will tend to silence feather processing and top watchmaking craft clever fusion. According to the stability, density and fineness of each feathers strictly selected selection. After cleaning, steam stability and manual cutting and a series of complex procedures. And then with the mosaic process, and ultimately to show the perfect feathers and delicate natural beauty and level of feeling.

Blue and green gradient conversion peacock feathers inlaid plate, like a vagaries of kaleidoscope. V. So the mysterious atmosphere of the infrequent make the wearer look charming and full of flavor. Tai Fei-style hollow pointer slowly slipped over the Corum logo printed on the inside of the sapphire crystal glass watch. 120 bright diamonds are elegant geometric arc inlaid in the colorful feather dial above.

In addition to the shape, this section of the extraordinary watch equipped with CO 082 self-winding movement. Movement of vibration 28,800 times per hour, power reserve 42 hours, waterproof depth of 50 meters, the perfect interpretation of what is fine machinery. Function and aesthetics, rational and emotional perfect coexistence. But also makes the ladies watches to become a dream across the art of fantasy. Will make the discerning collectors whom dazzled.

Heritage series is Corum watch professionals excellence, full of crystallization. Brand from their own production history of watches and clocks, creating this fine series. Show the ladies watches craftsmen to continue to explore, and strive to classical aesthetics and the sense of the times, mechanical technology and ancient crafts into the concept of contemporary watchmaking adhere to.

Hot selling products of replica watch

With the consumer changes in the concept of consumption and watch brands for changes in market positioning. Ladies replica watches uk in the industry is no longer ignored, but colorful. Following the Geneva show, the Basel watch on the watch new watch is also dizzying. The introduction of the major brand ladies watch is no longer stay in the appearance of the design, but constantly committed to the application of mechanical movement, the introduction of complex functions, and even independent of the brand men’s watch series of R & D production. Here with the watch home editor together to enjoy the Basel watch show those eye-catching ladies watch new.

Blancpain Classic Series 6106-2987-55A watch

Basel watch show, Blancpain Villeret classic series ladies date indicating moon stage watch is impressive. Especially in the moon phase display function in the moon face that provoke interesting “beauty mole”. This watch with 29.2 mm 18K red gold case, bezel set with 48 gorgeous diamonds, with a protein dial and willow-shaped pointer. Dial on the dial with a Roman time stamp and diamond time scale. The time scale inner ring also has an Arabic numerals date scale, with a red crescent-shaped pointer indicating the display date, 6 o’clock with a moon phase display window. Watch equipped with Cal. 913QL automatic winding mechanical movement, equipped with brown alligator leather strap. And red gold case to keep the same color, together to create an elegant temperament.

Breguet handed down series 7038BR / 18 / 9V6 D00D watch

Breguet handed down this year’s new product is also a shine on the replica watch show a shine. Because  watch with 37 mm 18K rose gold case, bezel set in a circle of fine diamonds. Eccentric dial design will watch the movement of beauty in the front of the watch. Located in the central location of the watch barrel, carved with a rose pattern, filling the lady’s soft posture. White mother of pearl dial is located in the 12 o’clock position of the watch, the dial decorated with exquisite handmade machine Lou Paris stitch pattern. So watch the crown inlaid with a magnificent gem. This section ladies watch carrying Cal.505SR self-winding movement, movement engraved with independent number and Breguet stealth signature. Through the watch’s transparent table at the end of the watch can also see the gold pendulum Tuo, Tuo Tuo engraved with the barrel of the same pattern of roses. Watch can provide 50 hours power storage.

Jacques De J013013580 watch

Tourbillon watch in the women’s watch is relatively rare.

But this time Jacques De Luo Tourbillon and the ladies watch the soft fusion. Watch with 39 mm 18K red gold case, with mother of pearl dial. Bezel and lugs are inlaid with bright diamonds. And even clasp also embedded with 32 diamonds, the total weight of 1.76 karats. Dial with eccentric dial design, 6 o’clock position set hours and minutes instructions, 12 o’clock position set tourbillon frame and seconds. Watch with Jacques Delo 25JD.Si self-winding movement, with up to 7 days of power storage. This watch is equipped with white hand-rolled weaving satin strap, watch limited edition 88.

Three major brands invariably create a red gold case with diamond bezel design. Probably means that this has become a trend of the ladies replica watches, reflects the aesthetic preferences of women today. But this is not the standard ladies watch. More than three watches to show us a more important trend is the high complexity of the features and processes on the ladies replica watches application. In addition to the three, the watch show there are more ladies watch new blooming another glory.