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Classic chanel watch of fake popular series

In 1910, Ms. Coco Chanel opened a women’s clothing store in Paris. Chanel brand history has been pulled to the curtain. Through the years of tests, making Chanel has a wide range of branded products, and each category are well-known. Now, with a full history of the brand its product design always maintain an elegant, simple, beautiful style.

It produces the same for every classic chanel watch. In 2016, the use of miniature springs made the beauty and elegance more vivid and infused with Aura. Chanel launched the first men’s watch MONSIEUR DE CHANEL, J12 before the neutral change of neutral style, people shines. (Watch model: H4800)

MONSIEUR watch specially designed for men

In fact, MONSIEUR in French means “gentleman”, the atmosphere, elegant gentleman’s spirit into the watch, add vitality to the watch. Through this watch, Classic chanel watch interpretation of the unique concept of men’s wristwatch fortitude. BEIGE beige 18K gold case, 240 degrees flying back instructions, double barrel watch so vigorous atmosphere full.

Perhaps, in some ways, such watchmaking style and before the very different. But as long as you pay attention to you will find: clasp, crown, octagonal window plus movement on the lion logo and so on. These are brand identifiers. Yes, this is Chanel.

Lion, Chanel choose the most masculine symbol of the power and symbol of the MONSIEUR watch as a symbol of the totem, decorated on the clasp and crown. Lion is also the signature of all Chanel watches made of advanced watch movement.

BEIGE beige 18K gold crown with non-slip textured technology to facilitate the wearer’s operation of the replica watches. After polished crown, delicate texture. Chanel crown decorated with a lion logo, very beautiful.

The same is polished BEIGE beige 18K gold lugs, smooth lines, delicate texture. Exudes BEIGE beige 18K gold soft luster, nice.

Opal dial hidden in the sapphire under the lens, mottled light and shadow during the move. Dial on the double complex functions (six o’clock position moment jump and eccentric design 240 ° flyback minute hand) side by side. Specially designed hour display fonts are also unique, details of the deal is in place. Dial on the dial, the second hour plate also clever layout of the display window, breaking the traditional watch time to show ways. Making the whole watch both delicate, elegant and vivid, interesting two qualities. Show gentleman’s wit and humor.

Simple and quiet dial with the patchwork of the three-dimensional movement design in stark contrast. Chanel reflects the tireless creative spirit.

Equipped with Chanel’s first design, R & D, stability testing and assembly by Chanel to complete the advanced tabulation movement CALIBER 1. Has an instant jump and fly back to the minute hand two functions, extraordinary strength, introverted low-key. Choose double complicated function. With a digital hour display with the ultimate simplicity of the case quiet, everything seems self-evident. With an instant jump and fly back minute hand, is MONSIEUR watch exclusive movement.

Movement is also more beautiful, composed of 170 parts. Exquisite decoration highlights the warm curve of the main plywood and bridge, and many custom parts design also echoed the octagonal shape of Fontaine square. Layered black movement covered with diamond-like carbon film (ADLC), sub-black and bright black vividly, filling the meantime.

Wrist strap alligator strap, with BEIGE beige 18K gold clasp. Wear comfortable, will not accidentally fall off. Color is just right, with a lion logo on the clasp. Making the watch brand strong flavor.

The classic chanel watch has a timepiece design concept, superb exquisite watchmaking process.

Also demonstrates the unique style of charm. Gentleman element watch. Elegant, generous, fly back instantly jump two major functions demonstrate the wisdom and agility of men’s charm. Color value, practical, interesting. This is the greatest attraction of gentlemen.