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Fancy bracelet watch–Corum

Talked about Corum, founded in 1955 in Switzerland, La Chauxing seal,replica watches uk LOGO is a key to the sky.

While a symbol of the unknown mystery of the brand unremitting exploration and creation.

And in 2013 by China Haidian Group Co., Ltd. to 738.8 million Hong Kong dollars in the price of the acquisition, a subsidiary of Haidian Group.

As the international professional watchmaking group in Hong Kong, its own has been according to wave.

While Rossini, Chi Nianhua and many other well-known watch brand, the luxury breitling replica watches brand to join the Corum watch.

Hence is to further consolidate the achievements of the Haidian Group watch large coffee The status.

And then talk by wave and Ebohr: according to wave was established in 1991, is produced in Shenzhen.

While China watch brand, in the country enjoy a good reputation and credibility and often committed to charity activities.

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And the name and its only difference Ebohr, origin has been out of thousands of miles – Switzerland Newcastle.

But also in 78 years, the Swiss watch industry only a precious gold medal.

Grilled so much, the effect is that these two brands can not beat the eight pole,

Since nothing more than because the literal translation Ernest Borel pronunciation lead to the two easily confused.

In fact, the watch as a process of manufacturing and humanities concept of material miniature.

So irrelevant origin more unrelated to the brand.

Since said then grounding some, even Patek Philippe, Breguet, Blancpain.

Since the wearer did not phase, then high-end Brand is worth a text.

Only to meet the needs of the market most of the products is really good design.