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Fancy bracelet watch–Corum

Talked about Corum, founded in 1955 in Switzerland, La Chauxing seal,replica watches uk LOGO is a key to the sky.

While a symbol of the unknown mystery of the brand unremitting exploration and creation.

And in 2013 by China Haidian Group Co., Ltd. to 738.8 million Hong Kong dollars in the price of the acquisition, a subsidiary of Haidian Group.

As the international professional watchmaking group in Hong Kong, its own has been according to wave.

While Rossini, Chi Nianhua and many other well-known watch brand, the luxury breitling replica watches brand to join the Corum watch.

Hence is to further consolidate the achievements of the Haidian Group watch large coffee The status.

And then talk by wave and Ebohr: according to wave was established in 1991, is produced in Shenzhen.

While China watch brand, in the country enjoy a good reputation and credibility and often committed to charity activities.

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And the name and its only difference Ebohr, origin has been out of thousands of miles – Switzerland Newcastle.

But also in 78 years, the Swiss watch industry only a precious gold medal.

Grilled so much, the effect is that these two brands can not beat the eight pole,

Since nothing more than because the literal translation Ernest Borel pronunciation lead to the two easily confused.

In fact, the watch as a process of manufacturing and humanities concept of material miniature.

So irrelevant origin more unrelated to the brand.

Since said then grounding some, even Patek Philippe, Breguet, Blancpain.

Since the wearer did not phase, then high-end Brand is worth a text.

Only to meet the needs of the market most of the products is really good design.


Corum Bubble Kunlun Bubble Bracelet

CORUM Kunlun watch Bubble Op Art Bubble Watch

Bubble family Op Art models novel ideas, two replica watches uk based new models have been officially available. Bubble watch arched crystal glass table mirror thickness of 8 mm, can be regarded as one of the best replica watches largest mirror design on the market, both the lens function, you can also enlarge or distort the dial visual effects. So corum and industrial designer Nicolas Le Moigne work together to conceive two new models, one of the pattern design from the visual art (optical art) drawn. Visual Art, also known as Op Art (Op Art), was born in Hungary. The French painter Victor Vasarely known as the father of visual arts.
Bubble Sphere2 watch

So visual art is the use of human illusion, so that the static arrangement of the pattern if the dynamic or cause contrast visual effects. Nicolas Le Moigne captures the elements of fantasy art, the fantasy of the three-dimensional effect in the dial square inch small space to play, unique visual dynamic like to break out of the mirror.

So Bubble Sphere2 table as its name.

it seems like a ball in the ball, dial and watch mirror as one.

among them the light blue lines like a broken dial and watch mirror.

become part of the visual effect.

Designers of the second paragraph of the new Bubble Drop dial as the ups and downs of the natural landscape. Bumps and light and shadow effects cleverly, like the ripples ripples, and Bubble Drop name is perfect match.
Bubble Drop watch
Bubble Drop watch

The pointer has a blue Super-LumiNova luminous treatment.

Corum Bubble Drop’s material is the same as the Bubble Sphere2, but the dial and case are treate with brown PVD coating, the pointer is brown Super-LumiNova luminous filler.

Two new models with leather strap with rubber lining, clasp material handling and the same case.

CORUM Kunlun watch gold bridge series rectangular watch

CORUM:Swiss watch Corum was founded in 1955, since the beginning of the
replica¬†watches brand that is excellent “unique” disdain for the Swiss watch industry. The design series includes: Bubble Series, Swing Series, Rocket Series. Each one is refreshing, beyond the imagination, not only highlights the brand’s design strength, but also to attract the pursuit of unique style of the table fans.

CORUM Kunlun table for its unique and unique Golden Bridge Golden Bridge series to add a rectangular table with a replica swiss watches new watch. Jinqiao series of new rectangular watch exquisite elegance, created by the famous designer Dino Modolo. For the carefully crafted, beautifully decorated straight line movement to add a very elegant. Amazing geometric beauty: 18K gold frame decorated with 6 Roman numerals .

CORUM Kunlun watch President David Traxler said: “Jinqiao watch is the Corum watch watch series of tripod to show the exquisite Swiss watchmaking process. Its innovative aesthetic design and unique movement of the structure of the timeless. The new rectangular watch, and further break through the shackles of the timetable itself. Creating another brand of advanced watch for the model.

CORUM Kunlun Table Golden Bridge Golden Bridge Series watch classic perspective linear movement structure.

As well as the gold floor plywood of the first-class workmanship. It is always reminiscent of the movement of the source of the Golden Gate Bridge. The proportion of harmony, fit the wrist. In addition, thanks to modern technology. This exquisite elegant rectangular watch is different from the new table in 1980, with 30 meters / 3 atmospheres waterproof performance. To achieve a breakthrough in technology.

Corum watch price, Kunlun Navy Admiral Cup series male watch full of character

In 1960 the first launch of the Admiral Cup series of watches for the Kunlun table after the success of the foundation laid a solid foundation, with the major sailing competition and the most famous nautical players have the replica rolex uk indissoluble bound it also has a very long history. Equipped with twelve-sided case and dial on the twelve sides of the navigational banner pattern has become the series of watches one of the most recognizable elements.

Corum watch price, Kunlun Navy Admiral Cup male watch the first paragraph
Kunlun Navy Admiral Cup Series 753.771.20 / F371 AK15 Men’s Mechanical Watch

Tough twelve-shaped appearance unique shape, high degree of recognition, dark gray dial on the silver hollow pointer read very clearly. 6 o’clock position of the date display function is very practical. Equipped with the swiss replica watches uk timing function for sports enthusiasts to provide a lot of convenience. With a soft feel of the material strap, tough lines for sports men wear.

Corum watch price, Kunlun Navy Admiral Cup series male watch second paragraph

Watch both take into account the classic characteristics of the Admiral Cup, but also gives the traditional sense of the classic. Through the 12 side of the dial and dial 12 sea flag can easily identify it. 18K rose gold to create the case exudes warm and shiny, built-in time scale is also plated with rose gold. Gray wheat grain in the background against the background, noble and charming. Three indicators above all have a luminous coating, in the dark night can clearly read the time.

Corum watch price, the Kunlun Navy Admiral Cup male watch the third paragraph

42 mm diameter case, gray dial and rose gold color to form a very calm and elegant gas field, Barleycrn Guilloche decorative plate inlaid with 11 three-dimensional strip scale scale.

With crocodile leather strap, so delicate exquisite Corum watch extravagant elegance.

The following picture shows the first paragraph, interested friends can be concerned about Oh.