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A Brief Comment on Rolex Chelini 5112-8 Watch

In order to pay tribute to Benvenuto Cellini and the Renaissance Pope and King’s sculptor and goldsmith. Rolex created a watch series that engraved the master’s name. So tabulation process has been from a single artisan’s personal territory, developed to the professional skills of skilled technicians. Each Rolex watch is the perfect combination of replica rolex uk professional and technical craftsmanship. Today, the watch home for everyone to bring a series of Rolex Chelini watch, watch the official model: 5112-8.

By the Italian Renaissance in the highly respected artist, goldsmith and the Holy See sculptor Benvenuto Cellini inspired by the name of the Rolex Chelini series. On the one hand back to the swiss replica watches classical roots. On the other hand in the modern way to re-interpretation of the essence, Perfect harmony.

Celian watch contains Rolex’s watchmaking tradition, reminiscent of contemporary endless construction, its layout ratio and simple lines, and modern space and light with clever cooperation. Which watch with 32 mm watch diameter design, 18K gold case to create.

In the very special series of Chelini, each of the sections is leading the way, with noble and luxurious 18K gold metal to create the shell, highlight the distinguished and high grade. watch mirror with anti-wear sapphire crystal glass material. Its high hardness and light transmission determines its most suitable for the mirror material. Like the coin as the material selection, are the product of historical choice.

Watch with a brown crocodile leather strap, through the brown silk sewing, clasping for the 18K gold to create the needle buckle, easy to wear.

So the appearance of the line is soft, full color, the disk layout is just right. Simple beauty is self-evident, small ears and small disk together to pursue the pursuit of exquisite design concept. Celini series has been concerned about the art. The watch also to The style of art shows a different style.

It is rare Rolex style chic one, and uphold the Chelini series of genes, has a unique cultural heritage. The disk engraved with CELLINI master’s name, highlight its taste and meaning. In addition, the Rolex Chelini series watches are many, but each one’s output is not high

Rolex Chelini: Overall, refined and elegant, low-key calm, temperament introverted. Is a full of gentleman’s charm of the watch. But also to pay tribute to the arts.

Function simple and memorable and practical. So the current watch in Beijing Xidan Mall Rolex shop in stock. Interested friends can go to learn more details.