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Blancpain villeret series of replica swiss watch

When the two watches in the international business travelers are popular, travel, travel. A practical timepiece relieves us of the time difference. However, I think the watches in both places are not necessarily exclusive to International Business Travel. It also has an extremely romantic function: the other side of the globe is home, or someone you miss in the distance. Such a watch, virtually narrow the distance between you and me. Watch official model: 6670-1542-55B.

Blancpain villeret series to a long history of heavy brand, low-key introverted aesthetic style and the pursuit of excellence in technology. Let a person feel good feelings. At the same time with dual time zone and calendar features this watch is full of infinite charm. Inheritance of classic design and traditional craftsmanship, the watch body is more slim. Dial design is more concise, elegant and full of meaning.

At the same time set the dual time zone display of the watch
GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) is defined in the watchmaking industry as a timepiece with another time zone (both places) attached to the dial. This new watch is equipped with Cal. 6054F self-winding movement.

The watch has a subdial at 8 o’clock and a small 24-hour pointer. To show the second time zone time. The local time is displayed by the central hour hand of the watch connection date. Watch can also show the origin and location of the time. Such a watch on both sides, not only a travel time coffee “passport.” It is the heart of the distant emotional sustenance.

Simple and elegant dial design, white enamel printed dial full decorative. Blancpain’s unique Roman scale, its smooth polished, precious metal texture, the middle waist design, so that the shape of three-dimensional.

The blancpain villeret series watch has a day display at 2 o’clock, a date display at 3 o’clock, a month display at 4 o’clock, and a small 24-hour dial at 8 o’clock. A central dial Blancpain iconic skeleton willow pointer. Used to indicate the wearer’s local time. This dial layout design, allows the wearer to clearly read out the time of two time zones.

Blancpain’s hidden adjustment can be said to be the only fake watches altar. In order to better present the simplicity of aesthetics, Blancpain invented the invention of the adjuster hidden under the lugs. In order to achieve a clean and sleek watch lines modeling. This great breakthrough lies in Blancpain’s original head button, you can easily adjust the time and date of the time zone.

Wearer does not need professional tools. Just touch the fingertips to complete the adjustment process. The button at the lug at 1 o’clock adjusts the calendar, at 5 o’clock to adjust the month. It is precisely because the lugs at the patented hidden calibration technology. Compared to the general watch on the side of the case that dimple-like pit calibration device, the design more simple and neat.

Villeret extraordinary chic calendar when the two places, elegant and magnificent. Watch case to 18K white gold to create, meticulous grinding. So that the case presents a perfect luster, fully reflects the Blancpain excellence.

The exterior is equipped with a crocodile leather strap, with alzavel calfskin lining. The classic style of the leather strap shows an elegant and restrained, refined man.

Blancpain villeret series watch with sapphire crystal back through. Through the transparent sapphire case back cover a glimpse of the delicate movement of the movement and pendulum decorated guilloché pattern. This Caliber 6054F self-winding movement contains Blancpain’s exclusive almanac and dual time zone instructions in the local time linkage agencies.

Because the agency can make the calendar display forward or backward adjustment. Greatly facilitate the daily regulation and use. Only need to adjust the dates once a year in February when it is over March. The other months will be automatically advanced to the first day of the following month by 30 or 31 days. As always, Blancpain has Blancpain’s long tradition of power complex features – a 72-hour dual barrel storage.

Blancpain Villeret series since the date of birth, they concise and elegant style ridge countless fans won the hearts of the watch.

Well-known film and television actor Wu Xiubo and famous singer Li Jian are Blancpain watch loyal fans. Blancpain watch this two-year period, with its unique connotation to become an excellent choice across time zones. Whether you are in another piece of land, or miss a different kind of hometown sky. As long as the watch shows his / her city’s time. Heart no distance, each other have to rely on.