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Hublot big bang camouflage wrist watch

Camouflage from the war,seems like is the soldiers “hidden” in the enemy’s vision of the protection of color, but also one of the most charismatic colors of the army. Filled with a strong male hormone taste. And do not need to hide the role of camouflage fashion circles, this tough guy elements are also popular replica watches uk.

So swiss watch brand Hublot watch and Italian accessories brand independent Italian strong combination, the camouflage elements and rigorous combination of watchmaking process.

Launched a second cooperation watch Big Bang “independent Italy” watch. Called the real “rebellious” for the re-interpretation of the definition of freedom and fashion.

Hublot watch

“Rebellious” elements and camouflage fusion, both full of contradictions, but also given the mystery.

Because I believe we have spent the “rebellious” period to participate in military training experience. So, the extraordinary Big Bang “independent Italy” watch is very cordial.

Use advanced technology to create a natural force as shown in the forest pattern. The camouflage pattern can also conceal the texture of its color.

Avant-garde trend mode re-interpretation of the classic charm. Printed on the top of the dial silk texture of the most famous military theme, and Texalium ® material at the bottom of the vague.
Innovative Material Texalium® (Aluminum Carbon Fiber), Pioneer Design and Material Fusion Free Fusion

The new material Texalium Chinese name is aluminum-coated carbon fiber, compared with the previous material.

Has a lot of advantages:carbon fiber itself has a light and comfortable texture, coupled with the integration of aluminum technology. Highlight Texalium®’s varied colors and glamorous metallic luster.

This watch will be the unique performance of the two materials the most vivid. The second time proved Texalium® and color performance control.

Facing the challenges of technology and design, the brand will continue to explore the most vivid combination of color and material integration.
The sign of the 9 o’clock position on the dial conveys the message of peace.

Classic camouflage appearance, unique dial material domineering 45mm dial, powerful flying body movement.

So created such a Hublot big bang “independent Italian” camouflage watch. Modeling reveals a “special forces” resolute tough wind. Like this fashionable table friends can consider starting this a watch.