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Two time watch.Travel party must-have items, three models recommended when the two places.

For people who travel frequently, time difference is a painful thing. In order to make travel easier, a two-time watch is indispensable. By simply adjusting the Two time watch, it is very practical. So how to choose a watch suitable for your watch in a large number of models, today watch home to recommend three models for the two time watch, hoping to help everyone.

Product family, flip, watch series 2458422


Watch diameter: 42.9 X 25.5 mm
Case thickness: 9.2 mm
Movement type: manual machinery
Movement model: 854A/2
Case material: steel
Waterproof depth: 30 meters
Watch Comments: This product family flip series watch is the new product introduced at the 2018 Geneva table exhibition. The front of the watch is silver-white and replica fashion watches the center of the dial is textured.

Directly below is a square small seconds plate whose design echoes the square design of the case. The other side of the display is the Two time watch second display time zone. The 6 o’clock position is a 24-hour indicator disc for distinguishing between day and night. The product family specifically marked “Travel Time” and the travel time, which is also the local time, the front of the dial can be used to display the home time. . The watch is equipped with a brown leather strap and is comfortable to wear.

Panerai LUMINOR 1950 Series PAM00688

Two time watch time

Watch diameter: 42 mm
Movement type: Automatic machinery
Movement model: P.9001
Case material: AISI 316L polished stainless steel
Waterproof depth: 100 meters
Watch Comments: Panerai rough shape especially suitable for tough men to wear, this watch with a dark blue dial with the same color leather strap, revealed a gentleman in a low profile.

There is a solar radiation pattern on the dial, a date display window at 3 o’clock, and a small seconds dial at 9 o’clock, with yellowish hands and hour markers, contrasting and clear reading.

Montblanc Heritage Chronograph Series U0112541


Two time watch.Travel party must-have items, three models recommended when the two places.

Watch diameter: 41-43 mm
Case thickness: 9.97 mm
Movement type: Automatic machinery
Movement Model: MB 29.19
Case material: steel
Waterproof depth: 30 meters
Watch reviews: The Montblanc Heritage Chronographs series shows the local and home time in an intuitive and easy-to-use way. A 24-hour small dial at 12 o’clock shows the day and night in your hometown.

The crown in the second position is easily adjusted in both directions, while the central minute hand and the small second at 6 o’clock are still running. The dial is also not replica uk messy and easy to read. With rose gold case and black alligator strap, elegant style.

Summary: These three watches are Two time watch not fancy in design, belong to wild section, more suitable for wearing on various occasions, for those who travel frequently, is a good choice. L3.340.4.96.6

Hublot carbon fiber watch of big bang series

So the world-famous BASELWORLD has opened, and the front desk staff of the watch house specialists have also started work, they will bring you the latest, fastest and most comprehensive 2015 Basel International Jewelery and Watch Fair Report. Following the watch house to follow the footsteps to appreciate this Basel International Jewelery and Watch Fair, Hublot’s new launch of the Big Bang Ferrari metal carbon fiber watch.

Carbon fiber and metal unprecedented fusion! HUBLOT Hublot launched an exclusive bezel, to create an unparalleled technology visual feast. Big Bang Ferrari metal carbon fiber watch first time equipped with a new synthetic material, carbon fiber and metal bold combination of unimaginable ways to highlight the innovative charm.

Following the Big Bang Ferrari series with hublot carbon fiber watch world’s first anti-scratch 18K magic gold material, the series once again show the outstanding achievements of Hublot R & D department. Hublot and Ferrari uphold a common vision. In the pursuit of extraordinary quality, breakthrough innovation and pioneering material on the road never stop.

Watch fixed sapphire crystal glass bezel engraved with “HUBLOT” and “BIG BANG” logo

Equipped with replica watch 1241 UNICO self-recumbent chronograph movement
So the new synthetic metal carbon fiber elemental properties in the integration process complement each other, complement each other. Set visual charm and technological innovation in one. Big Bang Ferrari metal carbon fiber watch case to Titanium or Hublot exclusive 18K king of gold to create more chic details: dazzling micro-sandblasting coating not only enhance the case hardness.

At the same time to give silky metal texture. Because the middle of the case button to the rotating shaft fixed, and the car pedal has the same purpose. Dial inlaid at 9 o’clock Ferrari Yuema pattern, minutes and date windows are located at 3 o’clock position. Present in a Ferrari shield.

Ferrari metal Hublot carbon fiber watch the perfect interpretation of the unique gene Hublot watch and extraordinary technology.

Fusion of superior quality and high-tech materials. Brand research and development team took six months to carefully study. Successfully build layered structure of composite bezel – For the first time uniform metal attached to the carbon fiber material. So the result is a carbon fiber bezel with a gold or titanium finish. Big Bang once again let the sense of science and technology show.

Quartz stainless steel watches of fake series

Kunlun was founded in 1955 in Switzerland, Located in the field of high-end luxury watches Kunlun table with a new, unique design world famous, equipped with precision mechanical movement to watch with more superior performance. So kunlun is a full of personality, noble and elegant watch brand, the brand has three pillars series, respectively, for the Admiral Cup series, Kunlun bridge series and Heritage series, different styles, distinctive features.

Because kunlun table has been committed to its superb superb watchmaking technology, to create a rare unique watch works. Because  kunlun table since the beginning of 1955 tabulation. Has been focuse on the pursuit of craft details and the creation of beauty. Recently, the watch home to visit the Beijing Financial Street Kunlun store. Visited the two Kunlun watch the latest market, and shooting a high-definition map. Provided to the Friends of the table appreciation.

Kunlun ROMVLVS CHRONOGRAPH Series 984.715.20 / V810 EB77 watch

Watch Comment: Kunlun 984.715.20 / V810 EB77 fake rolex watches is a very simple and stylish watches. Beacause use the Roman time scale on the bezel to provide more convenience for reading. As a chronograph, at sixty o’clock and nine o’clock position is equipp with sixty seconds chronograph and thirty minutes chronograph. And a small calendar window at six o’clock. And 50 meters of waterproof function, in daily life are very practical.

Kunlun HERITAGE series 286.253.55 / 0001 BA57 quartz stainless steel watches

Quartz stainless steel watches:Watch Comment: So this Kunlun HERITAGE 286.253.55 / 0001 BA57 watch with 18k rose gold material.

With simple features and design to create an extraordinary elegant experience. So this watch also has a bell function, you can set the dial on the red pointer to ring regularly. Because the bell hit the 12 seconds of the required kinetic energy, especially equipped with two barrels. Manual winding movement can provide 46 hours of kinetic energy reserve. Because  this can also explain why this watch has a thickness of 13.5 mm.

Costom logo watches of breguet classic series

This year’s Basel Watch & Jewelery Fair, the long history of Breguet brand for which the maritime series add the pinnacle, that is Marine Équation Marchante 5887 excellent complex features watch. The new collection of a number of complex features in one, marking the Breguet navigation series into a new era!

Recently, I heard Beijing SKP Breguet boutique has a new shelves, we visited here. In the comfort of the store environment. We saw this impressive new timepieces. Set the time equation display, calendar and tourbillon devices and other complex functions for a, and then climb the new height of the creation of time. Here. We come together to see: (watch model: 5887PT / Y2 / 9WV)

In addition to the above a number of complex functions, it is worth mentioning that. The brand will be an unusual and mysterious costom logo watches replica watches complex function “time equation” into the watch, it can show the average sun time (“flat sun”) and real sun time (“true sun” ) The gap between.

Flat sun, that is, when the civilian, refers to the clock that the local standard time. When the sun really reflects the real time between the sun and the law of the earth. The wearer can display both civilian and sun by two separate minute hands. The sun when the pointer to hollow engraved golden sun for the decoration. You can directly read the real sun time at a glance.

43.9 mm 950 platinum case design is also quite beautiful, polished polished and satin surface grinding process central ear. Side view of the traditional design of the brand coin pattern. As well as engraved brand LOGO “B” pattern of the crown. It is polished in the sandblasting background, its lines are smooth, beautiful and highly recognizable. Crown on both sides of the chamfer, satin grinding process to deal with the waveform pattern crown decoration, add charm for the crown.

“Wavy” engraved flower gold dial to dark blue decoration. Showing the maritime charm of the maritime series. Using classical Roman numerals and decorative luminous dot hour scale. And covered with luminescent material gold Breguet opening needle against each other. The time indicator is clear and intuitive.

Another carved gold sun sun pointer, and the top of the week, month, year window, the central reverse jump date window and 8 o’clock position of the dynamic display window composition. 5 times the standard not only has 60 seconds Tourbillon, the internal irregular ellipse for the time equation display device. Through the transparent sapphire disc carrying the cam, the tourbillon is clearly visible with the coaxial operation of the time cam. Highlight the entire layout of the watch delicate, amazing.

Equipped with Breguet 581DPE movement, titanium frame built-in Breguet balance wheel, with silky gossamer. Protect the movement to minimize the gravity and magnetic field interference. So that when walking more accurate. Balance wheel vibration frequency up to 4 Hz. At the same time for the self-winding movement to provide up to 80 hours of sufficient power reserve.

Dark blue crocodile leather strap, texture comfortable and beautiful. Link engraved with Breguet hollow LOGO 950 platinum folding buckle. And platinum case presents the overall high cold and luxurious beauty. Folding clasp makes the watch picking is very convenient. At the same time to protect the watch in the wrist safety, reliability.

Breguet costom logo watches  Maritime series of new 5887 excellent complex features watch

Costom logo watches: set the clock in the three major functions of the calendar and Tourbillon as one.

And also incorporates a refreshing classic function of the time equation. Making this watch has become a watch watch this year, a complex watch. in real life. Such a watch is not free to see. Like its friends, may wish to enter the Beijing SKP Breguet boutique, a glimpse of the kind of style.

IWC fashion product of popular watch

IWC new range of Da Vinci series to classic round case, removable lugs and simple modern design style by the user favorite. Da Vinci series, both show the brand complex function technology and superb watchmaking process Da Vinci calendar watch and Da Wenxi Tourbillon reverse chronograph watch. So there are designed for the design and manufacture of the children’s Da Vinci automatic watch 36 and Davins moon automatic IWC fashion product 36, there are the most representative of the men and women of the Da Vinci automatic watch (watch model: IW356601)

Da Vinci automatic watch is a diameter of 40 mm three-pointer watch. So the diameter of the table can meet the needs of men with thin wrist. But also to meet the needs of ladies who like the atmosphere of simple atmosphere. Da Vinci series to abandon the barrel-shaped shape design. To have a prominent eye-shaped round case back to the 20th century, 80’s classic style. Da Vinci automatic watch with a moderate diameter, neutral style to become one of the model.

Retrospective IWC history, the new Da Vinci automatic watch prototype from the 20th century, built in the late 90’s Da Vinci S L automatic watch. S L series came out in 1976, due to the small number. Has long been a very popular watch collection. So the launch of the new Da Vinci automatic watch is both a tribute to the classic watch S L automatic watch. But also to give the classic new students, to meet the modern people’s yearning for the classic watches.

Watch with 40 mm steel case, case thickness of 10 mm, with a silver silver dial. Dial on the set with gold-plated three-dimensional Arabic numerals. Dial “6 o’clock” position with a small rectangular date display window, and watch the time scale integration. So the center of the dial is equipped with gold-plated willow type, minute hand, and slim blue steel second hand. IWC fashion product the overall appearance of a neutral classic, simple and clear style.

Watch crown for the cylindrical, with stainless steel to create, the top engraved with the IWC brand logo. Side of the anti-skid texture processing, easy to operate.

Watch with black Santoni crocodile leather strap, strap with orange liner and stainless steel clasp. The new design of the mobile ear to make the strap better fit the wrist.

So fake watches equipped with tested Cal.35111 self-winding movement. Watch can provide 42 hours power storage and 30 meters water depth.

Da Vinci classic three-pointer automatic IWC fashion product watch for simple classic style like fashion people.

Both men and women can be perfect control, leather strap and stainless steel bracelet two optional. Leather strap paragraph official offer for 40,600 RMB, stainless steel bracelet with smoke gray dial, more low-key calm.

Montblanc watch of fake classic

Many people like the world, I am no exception. Ordinarily the number of times each year to go abroad, the world when the function is useless. However, this can not cover up my favorite when the world swiss rolex. Perhaps, many people like me in general, like the world when the dial to accommodate 24 time zones while still maintaining the right view of the complete sense. Prefer to be in the bag of the kind of travel around the world are not afraid of peace of mind.

World watch when the division by Greenwich 24 time zone, place names may be different. For example, you will find some of the world when the Montblanc watch is marked Beijing, and some are HongKong. Most of the world watch, are using the inner ring for 24 hours day and night display. Use light and shade to distinguish between two colors. The outer ring is marked with the name of 24 cities representing 24 time zones. The city representing the time zone of the time is displayed at the top of the dial at 12 o’clock. The time of the other time zones is displayed by the 24-hour dial of the city name corresponding to the straight line.

Montblanc world watch when the local time at 6 o’clock, and adjust the button at 8 o’clock

If you want to change the location, you need to press the world when the adjustment button. Usually located in the left 10 o’clock position, the location of the location to 12 o’clock or red arrows. Each time the button is press, the hour of the display of the local time will move forward by one hour clockwise. While the 24-hour dial and the city name disk are counterclockwise to move an interval. It is equivalent to a time zone. Press this button 24 times, it is equivalent to doing a global travel and return to the starting point.

As a function of the watch, the world often appear independently in the Montblanc watch. And other functions are stack with each other. This year launched Patek Philippe Ref.5930 is the world with 30 minutes when the combination of time. Timing and the combination of the world, complex and rare. However, we have to say here, “icing on the cake”, but non-functional stack. But to get rid of the traditional world when the display method, this flower is not the flower. Showing a unique performance or adjustment methods, in the world when the function of re-exploration.


Of course, if the breakdown of the world when there are many new innovations. 2016 GPHG watches and clocks with the best travel time schedule instead of the best asked table.

This year’s wonderful world Montblanc watch can be known to the public.

This watch function has gradually been love by many consumers. Perhaps for most people. In its first to a strange country, to have a world watch to accompany. Will be more peace of mind it.

Best breitling of fashion watch

For the smart Best breitling rolex replica science and development, Apple can be said to be contributed Apple introduced smart watches, many traditional mechanical watches have also launched their own smart watch. Most watches are brands and other IT companies. Launched its own smart watch, today to give you the introduction is Breitling in 2015 Basel launched the first B55-CONNECTED air chronograph watch.

This watch is Breitling in 2015 Basel Watch on the release of the first smart watch. Watch the internal carrying its new B55 movement. The SuperQuartz superstar movement, which is 10 times faster than the standard quartz movement, has the official Swiss Observatory (COSC), which represents the most accurate and reliable benchmark.

This watch is Breitling’s first smart watch, as a professional pilot watch brand. Its first intelligent watch is also closely relate with the flight. This smart watch features time adjustment, time zone conversion, alarm set, display and run data, night mode, etc., very powerful.

For Breitling, the function of the watch extension and integration with the smart phone, is not a difficult thing. But also does not mean that the performance of the watch will be lower than the phone. Breitling smart interactive timing B55 watch allows users to easily through the phone to complete a series of watch the adjustment operation. Including time adjustment, time zone conversion, alarm settings, display and run data, night mode and so on.

Watch with a 44 mm diameter design, the case with high-strength carbon treatment of black titanium metal. The dial has a blue wireless signal logo. And this classic blue and black theme is also with the rubber strap with a continuation.

Watch equipped with a simple and easy to use, structured, highly compatible control system. Simply rotate the crown to select the function and activate / stop the function with two buttons. If you tap the crown or tilt your wrist to 35 degrees or more, the backlight display system will automatically turn on. This feature is extremely convenient when driving an airplane or a car.

The current Breitling has been out of several smart Best breitling watches, as its first smart watch.

Contains the meaning of the smart watch can not be compare after the introduction of the match. This watch can also be said that the traditional high-end watch brand for smart watch attempt, symbolic significance.

Swiss watches of fake omega

Swiss watches:This year, Omega new super series 38 mm replica watches uk and then continued super warrior watch extraordinary legend. In addition to retaining the new clock series has always been the essence of the inherent essence and iconic appearance.But also in the timeless and charming design based on the integration of many simple and unique aesthetic design elements.

Swiss watches

In order to be close to the classic design and modern style of the wearer. Every new product is designed in a simple appearance, size and color. So the new Super Series 38mm watch series offers up to 14 rich watch options. Its 38 mm case diameter, to meet the different needs of men, ladies.

Refreshing white background against a touch of rose powder. This Omega Speedmaster Series 38mm watch (model: 324. its elegant and pure color people put it down. This Swiss watches with stainless steel case, with a unique double bezel design, the outer polished stainless steel bezel decorated with speed scale. Inner layer with white ceramic speed circle.

White pearl motherin dial, soft and moist, and pink chronograph phase contrast, look quiet and beautiful. Dial with a horizontal oval small dial, and with fine diamonds for its trim. 6 o’clock position with vertical oval calendar window.Time indication and timing color is clear, easy to read time. So the hourly scale is rhodium-plated. With a rhodium-plated or rose pink pointer, hourly clock, minute hand and chronograph second hand covered with white Super-LumiNova luminous coating. Make sure the time is read in dark environment.

Screw-in steel crown carved Omega brand logo, the crown side with anti-skid texture. Easy to operate the wearer. So there are timing start and pause buttons and timing zero buttons on top and bottom respectively.

Because omega Speedmaster Series 38mm Swiss watches with a unique double bezel design. Preserved the super watch watch the famous speed beats design. In the case side 10 o’clock position with date adjustment button.

So watch with stainless steel bracelet, according to the thickness of the wrist to remove the chain to adjust the size. Stainless steel folding buckle embossed Omega hippocampus badge pattern, exquisite beauty.

In the watch on the back of the same table back to the same impression of the Omega iconic hippocampus badge pattern. So omega 3330 equipped with internal coaxial movement. Equipped with Si14 silicon material gossamer without card count hairspring balance wheel and the Swiss official Observatory certification. Provide 52 hours of power reserve. So watch waterproof depth of 100 meters.

Swiss watches:The new Omega Speedmaster 38 mm watch the most beautiful one color.

White mother of pearl dial with exquisite diamonds and rose pink chronograph pointer, so this summer more than a quiet and beautiful. And, Omega for this new super series of watches to provide up to four years after-sales service guarantee.

Breitling watches of fake series

Breitling watches brand to R & D style unique and versatile replica watches with the famous. In 1915, Gaston Breitling developed the first chronograph watch, Breitling “chronograph pioneer” status since the establishment. Therefore, in the choice of Breitling watches, many people will choose its timing watch. Today’s watch home for everyone to bring several Breitling timetable. Based on the style, purchasing power and the classic several considerations. To see if you can make plans for your choice.

Breitling Air Time Series AB012012 / BB01 / 435X / A20BA.1 watch

Because this is the most representative of the Breitling and iconic watches. “Three eyes” dial design, is the unique design of Breitling Air Chronograph series. At the same time with the timing, date display function, plus gear-shaped outer ring. From a distance to see this is the Breitling air chronograph.

At the same time, the “pilot watch” the identity of this watch, whether from temperament or quality have added a lot of tough guy’s breath. Complex disk design rich level, does not seem crowded, chaotic. This table is more worthy of the reasons – self-produced movement cal.01. This is the first self-produced movement Breitling, enough to see its status. Classic disk design with self-produced movement of the status. Is there a reason to refuse this flight time?

Breitling Avenger Series Black Steel Case – Volcano Black Dial -Diver Pro Deep Latent Rubber Strap Watch

“Quartz movement”? Many people see the quartz movement will be scoffed. But more and more high-end positioning watch brand selection of quartz movement, not without reason. Quartz table relative to the mechanical watch travel more accurate, the daily maintenance of the time more simple and convenient.

This Avenger’s crown material selection of black steel. Rotary tightening, double gasket; strap with rubber material. Waterproof depth of 1000 meters. If you need a daily travel time accurate, exquisite workmanship watch. But do not want to increase the difficulty of routine maintenance. Then you can consider to see this Breitling Avenger’s quartz watch.

Breitling Super Marine Culture Series A2337036 / BB81 / 154A watch

So this Breitling watches super marine culture series. May make many people think of Rolex’s “green ghost”. The same is the green bezel design. But in addition to the color, the watch and the “green ghost” is completely different. This watch dial design simple and intuitive, dial 12 o’clock in the 18k gold “B” logo is the Breitling century, the classic logo of the fifties. Also worth noting is.

This watch stainless steel braided bracelet distributed rich retro atmosphere, it is full of flavor. The reason why recommend this Breitling super marine culture series, because it is a modern aesthetic re-interpretation of the classic and retro. At the same time, the green bezel and red with the more different.

Breitling watches chronograph watch, the reason why by many friends like friends.

The main reason is its classic. In the pursuit of retro trend, Breitling chronograph is particularly prominent. Watch the family for everyone to sum up this several hundred years of time. Whether it is from the style or brand inheritance, have their own characteristics. If you like, you can try to shop to try. Watch only on the hand to really know whether it is suitable for their own.

Omega watches of fake series

Omega watches:uk replica watches is the wisdom of the watchmaker’s crystallization, and exquisite can be said that the necessary attributes of the watch. Female watch, not to mention, not only fine, often also has a beautiful posture. Of course, with a beautiful appearance of exquisite, and beautiful women fit. Today’s watch home for everyone to recommend three beautiful women’s watch watch.

Omega Seamaster Series AQUE TERRA to Zhen coaxial watch

So omega hippocampus series Aqua Terra 150 meters ladies watch series has always been an elegant model to lead the mechanical watchmaking process. So this watch to watch the shape of stainless steel, soft lines show women charm. Internal mounted to Zhen coaxial automatic mechanical movement. Because watch red pearl mother of pearl dial beautiful beauty. For the time to add a gentle and quiet, inlaid diamond timing, the use of the pointer, six o’clock date display window. Watch with a chain of stainless steel to create a chain. Watch shape simple, beautiful and beautiful, very fashionable.

Cartier blue balloon series W6920034 watch

Such as the balloon-like light, such as its guardian of the convex round gem-like blue Cartier blue balloon watch with a beautiful shape to attract a large number of lovers. This watch to watch the shape of stainless steel, equipped with automatic mechanical movement. Watch pink pearl motherin dial on the use of Roman numerals and blue pointer, elegant and beautiful. Watch with a steel and rose gold to create a gold band. Omega watch also has a water depth of 30 meters function.

Chopard HAPPY DIAMONDS series 278475-3049 watch

So chopard HAPPY DIAMONDS series of watches placed in the dial between the dial and the mirror, Smart beautiful, filling the delicate. This watch to stainless steel to create the case, the internal carrying quartz movement. Blue dial painted with small fish pattern.  Watch with a blue flannel strap, and the blue dial echoes. At the same time show fashion elegant. Watch waterproof depth of 30 meters.

So these three Omega watches have a very beautiful appearance of the exquisite Oh, people can attract a look at the attention.

And three watch manufacturers have superb watchmaking technology, equipped with the same internal movement of excellence. This beautiful fashion watch worn in the wrist of the woman.