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Replica breguet swiss replica watches:Recently, I visited the Beijing Yintai Center Breguet store. In a comfortable and bright environment. We see the new Naples Queen series female watch has been shelves in the sale, some of the previous classic money is also sold. Among them, there is this type of classic full of money Breguet TYPE XX – XXI – XXII series 3810 rose gold timing wrist. Unique design and Breguet traditional classic style, showing a great visual experience. It is reported that this watch is the store’s recent hot, like the table friends may wish to take a look.

Breguet TYPE XX – XXI – XXII Series 3810 Rose Gold Chronograph

Perseverance of the shape, solid structure is Type XX series of unique unique Replica breguet watch. In the 1950s for the French naval air combat forces developed it has become a set of Breguet original and technical movement watch series. Equipped with non-military watches equipped with self-winding movement. At the same time this series of chronograph still retains the original flyback function. So to show its full military watch tough style and excellent functional content. Breguet brand is also the most popular series of models.

39 mm 18K rose gold case, the thickness of 14.4 mm. Case externally decorated with brand coin pattern design. After grinding process. Its unique tough, classic connotation to show it. And the crown and two timing buttons against each other, very beautiful.

3-point position with 24-hour indicator device, 6-point position with 12-hour timer and date window, 9 o’clock position with a small second hand, the central location with hours, minutes and timer function. The top of the dial engraved Breguet invisible signature. For the watch to add brand unique charm.

Equipped with two-way rotating bezel, texture is more good, to facilitate the operation of the watch. In place of the details of the deal, showing the brand full of sincerity. Both to add a fine sense of beauty also for the convenience of the operation of the watch extra points.

So equipped with Breguet 254Q movement, to protect the watch the normal operation of the function. Back cover for the secret process, can be a good protection of the wrist in the wrist safe and reliable.

In addition, the embedded brown crocodile leather strap shows a mature, generous character. With rose gold clasp and case against each other. Show the overall low-key luxury, connotation of the style.

Replica breguet:Although the store is not large, in the atmosphere soft and comfortable.

There is also a living room in the store. Customers can pick out the finished watch and watch afterwards. According to the clerk, this year’s annual table show new female models Naples Queen series watches have been to the store, like their friends may wish to look at the table.