Quartz watch price

Quartz watch price of breguet china watch

Not afraid of the flow of time, in the watch industry, classic and retro has been the hearts of friends in the “Evergreen”. Will never fall custom, has been their own “high profile” performance by everyone’s praise and praise. So this is why the brand to re-engraved the classic timepiece of the reasons.

Breguet quartz watch price classic Series Classique Hora Mundi watch is the case. As the first mechanical timepiece with instantaneous time zone jump system with synchronized date, day / night and city display. In 2011, once available, immediately triggered the media eager attention. In 2016, with respect to the original classic tribute. Breguet launched this today I would like to introduce the excellent time class Class 5727. The ingenious design makes the design and creativity of the watchmaker. Unique watchmaking concept highlights the charm of a hundred years watch brand. (Watch model: 5727BR / 12 / 9ZU)

So the silver quartz watch price of the new watch abandons the original earth pattern. Replaced by silver-plated gold dial decorated with pure hand-engraved “Paris nail pattern” pattern, classical elegance, giving the watch full of ornamental. So there is a 24-hour display disc between the 3-hour scale and the 4-hour mark position.

Decorated with two different pieces of engraved carved patterns, the upper part of the flame pattern. Engraved Breguet invisible signature, the second part of the wave pattern, engraved uk replica watches number. So this ingenious dial design gives a refreshing feeling. The bottom of the dial is the main display of the city location, convenient viewers on the time zone switch.

And I like the 24-hour chronograph as the second time zone show of hands, I believe there will be a lot of people. If the 24-hour disk to become the second time zone disk, then there is nothing surprising. And this watch, seconds on the wonderful 24-hour pointer and the main plate with the needle together.

In the adjustment of the main plate needle, 24 hours will follow, the correct record time. In fact, the main plate needle and the dial below the mechanical memory device connected to be able to remember the time between the two places. After recording the time, in the switching time zone as long as a touch, you can immediately display the memory time zone. Convenient and quick, called the biggest highlight of this watch.

Keep the brand’s most unique DNA, timeless quartz watch price each classic timepieces have brought us a visual enjoyment.

So like this watch, the combination of classical and modern shape, unexpected double time zone design, heritage brand of classic money it. There are stories, there are values, temperament, there is content, but also 2016 years of refreshing classic money. Like the table friends may wish to move the brand store to see its style.