Pretty ladies chanel watch

Pretty ladies chanel watch of classic luxury series

Pretty ladies chanel watch gem carving process and carved gold craft through COROMANDEL Oriental screen clock and COROMANDEL oriental screen dial has been most vividly demonstrated. And Chanel there is a praised the advanced technology, that is, diamond mosaic process. So this point, in the MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ jewelry watch AUBAZINE dial on the full show.

In the MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ jewelry watch AUBAZINE dial we see a different and unique style of geometric aesthetic patterns. So this slightly retro-conscious geometric pattern comes from the stained glass windows of the Opathsin Monastery. Ms. Chanel spent her childhood in the monastery at Ocache. Once the painted glass window with her love black to reproduce. And inlaid with diamonds, in the dark flashing charming glory.

MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ jewelry watch AUBAZINE dial a total of three different patterns. Three watches are used in diameter 37.5 mm white 18K gold case, the case covered with 552 bright cut diamonds. Because watch the pointer with the crown by the same white 18K gold to create a crown inlaid with a diamond. swiss replica watches with black silk strap with 80 inlaid diamonds cut white 18K gold folding clasp.

Perfect ratio of geometric patterns, black and white intertwined contrast, full of personality and extremely luxurious. So three different patterns of AUBAZINE dial watch are independent number, only limit edition 5.

So these watches and clockmaking masterpieces are different, each show Chanel watch the extraordinary extraordinary skills and exquisite craftsmanship. By the most excellent enamel technician, carving craftsmen and gem mosaic division co-authored this series. Compose the Chanel watch the most beautiful chapter.

Pretty ladies chanel watch:Talk about Chanel brand is always inseparable from the soul behind her Lady Chanel.

Ms. Chanel’s private world is always with a strong mystery, and therefore more people curious, fascinating. MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ jewelry watch series for us to open the mystery of Ms. Chanel’s private world. Take us to appreciate her favorite, life is an indispensable element.