Perfect breguet watches

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Perfect breguet watches does not necessarily require a traditional round case to show identity, the Héritage series shows. Even if the barrel-shaped case. So breguet is still Breguet. How can cleverly combine the fashion style of the late 18th century with the shape lines of the 21st century. So this requires Breguet’s design engineers, watchmakers and watchmaker’s originality. Its traditional appearance is very suitable for men wearing a dress. So, today, the Perfect breguet watches home for everyone to bring a collection of Breguet series of watches, the official model: 3661BB / 12/984 / DD00. When people linger in the Breguet craftsmanship watch. Can not help but for its slim case, clear and elegant figures, straight-line pointer and machine twist-style dial and obsessed. 35 * 29.6mm white case 35 * 29.6 mm white case, perfect arc and detailed hand-engraved dial. So to bring out the box box and the curvature of the ears of the exquisite beauty. Bezel and lugs are set with 56 diamonds, weighing about 1.869 karats. So dial continuation of the classic Perfect breguet replica watches simple design, the size of easy to control. In the simple and generous among the natural appearance of the taste and charm. So equipped with Breguet Cal. 537/2 self-winding movement. 18k White Gold Gear Crown 18k white gold to create a gear-type crown shape simple and beautiful. Polished polished crown top embossed Breguet brand Logo, highlight the distinguished brand identity. Black crocodile leather strap Black crocodile leather strap, texture neat and beautiful and the use of black suture, fine workmanship. A simple 18k white gold buckle, simple and easy to fall off, very practical. Coin pattern modification 11.2 mm side of the case with Breguet consistent and classic coin pattern modification. So high degree of recognition and fully demonstrated the brand in the details of the style of the watch grasp. Small cute lugs So small and lovely lugs, fine polished the platinum material of the shiny exposed, comfortable to wear. Fix the strap with a screwdriver and the same inlaid fine diamonds. Elegant 18k gold and silver dial So elegant 18k gold plated silver dial, with hand engraved patterns. So the outer edge is a brushed polished Roman numerals ring. Exquisite blue steel hollow eccentric moon-shaped blue steel pointer painted Breguet in-depth bone marrow elegant style. Small three-pin design to make small seconds more beautiful and delicate, clear when clear at a glance. Breguet Cal. 537/2 self-winding movement Bottom cover with dense design. Equipped with Breguet Cal. 537/2 self-winding movement, 8¾ points, 22 rubies, vibration frequency of 3 Hz, power storage time of up to 40 hours. Provide 30 meters of water. Continuation of the Breguet Classic series of traditional design.

Using hand-engraved pattern dial, hollow needle tip of the Perfect breguet watches blue steel pointer.

Welded lugs, the outer edge of the case decorated with coins pattern, retro and norms. If you are tired of the monotonous round case, ready to buy a square watch. So this is a good choice for a.