Omega Constellation series of watches

Omega Constellation coaxial 27 mm 18K red gold ladies swiss rolex is the Omega constellation family, one of the most shiny new watch. This watch not only presents the extraordinary elegance of beauty, but also equipped with watch unique 8521 coaxial movement. Mechanical watch used self-produced coaxial movement is considered one of the world’s most outstanding movement.

This luxury watch matte case made of 18K red gold, with a polished “claw”. And the perfect match with the case of red gold bracelet with a frosted chain and polished chain pin, chain needle on a total of 144 bright cut diamonds, the total weight of 0.54 karats. The bezel has 32 bright cut diamonds, total weight of 0.50 karats. Through the screw-in transparent sapphire back, Omega coaxial movement of the perfect operation is clearly visible.

White pearl motherin dial on the 18K red gold star emblem arranged, forming a constellation pattern, become the crowning touch. So the trapezoidal calendar window is at 3 o’clock. Polished polished 18K gold arched hour hand and minute hand covered with white luminous coating, in dark conditions can also easily read the time.

Because located in the heart of the watch coaxial movement equipped with Si 14 silicon material gossamer. So this small size movement makes Omega for the first time will be dedicated coaxial technology applied to 27 mm above the watch. 8521 coaxial movement and the perfect combination of silicon material gossamer for the watch to bring extraordinary stability performance, therefore. Omega for this section of the watch to provide up to 4 years after-sales service guarantee.

So constellation coaxial 27 mm female table perfect to meet the women for the watch intake of beauty and extraordinary mechanical movement of the same expectations.
Omega Constellation Series 38mm constellation calendar watch

Because omega constellation 38 mm week calendar table with a new 8602/8612 coaxial movement. Which is Omega (Omega) self-produced coaxial movement family with the first calendar calendar and instantaneous jump function of the movement The The calendar window and the week window are located at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock respectively.

So watch the matte case with polishing claws, the case has a variety of metal materials to choose from. Scattered bezel on the Roman numerals hour scale inlaid with a total weight of 0.13 karats of 116 bright cut diamonds, light dazzling.

So omega series of replica watches is the world’s most popular and most recognizable one of the watches.

30 years after the birth of the “claw” design. Omega constellation series 38 mm week calendar table equipped with a new release 8602/8612 coaxial movement. Omega¬† self-produced coaxial movement family In the first with a week calendar display and instantaneous jump function of the movement. Si 14 silicon material gossamer application brings a more perfect timing performance and extraordinary stability performance. This watch has up to 4 years of after-sales service guarantee.

Arched 18K gold central hour hand, minute hand, second hand are covere with luminous coating. At 6 o’clock position of the calendar window and 12 o’clock position of the week window is particularly eye-catching.

38mm frosted case with polished claws A variety of metal materials to choose from: 18K red gold. 18K gold, 18K red gold and 18K gold with fine steel. Scattered bezel on the Roman numerals hour scale inlaid with a total weight of 0.13 karats of 116 bright cut diamonds, light dazzling.

Through the screw-in sapphire crystal watch back, the new Omega (Omega) 8602/8612 coaxial movement is clearly visible.

Watch with the same shape with the case of metal bracelet. The new Omega constellation 38mm week calendar has a water depth of 100 meters.