Montblanc watch

Montblanc watch of fake classic

Many people like the world, I am no exception. Ordinarily the number of times each year to go abroad, the world when the function is useless. However, this can not cover up my favorite when the world swiss rolex. Perhaps, many people like me in general, like the world when the dial to accommodate 24 time zones while still maintaining the right view of the complete sense. Prefer to be in the bag of the kind of travel around the world are not afraid of peace of mind.

World watch when the division by Greenwich 24 time zone, place names may be different. For example, you will find some of the world when the Montblanc watch is marked Beijing, and some are HongKong. Most of the world watch, are using the inner ring for 24 hours day and night display. Use light and shade to distinguish between two colors. The outer ring is marked with the name of 24 cities representing 24 time zones. The city representing the time zone of the time is displayed at the top of the dial at 12 o’clock. The time of the other time zones is displayed by the 24-hour dial of the city name corresponding to the straight line.

Montblanc world watch when the local time at 6 o’clock, and adjust the button at 8 o’clock

If you want to change the location, you need to press the world when the adjustment button. Usually located in the left 10 o’clock position, the location of the location to 12 o’clock or red arrows. Each time the button is press, the hour of the display of the local time will move forward by one hour clockwise. While the 24-hour dial and the city name disk are counterclockwise to move an interval. It is equivalent to a time zone. Press this button 24 times, it is equivalent to doing a global travel and return to the starting point.

As a function of the watch, the world often appear independently in theĀ Montblanc watch. And other functions are stack with each other. This year launched Patek Philippe Ref.5930 is the world with 30 minutes when the combination of time. Timing and the combination of the world, complex and rare. However, we have to say here, “icing on the cake”, but non-functional stack. But to get rid of the traditional world when the display method, this flower is not the flower. Showing a unique performance or adjustment methods, in the world when the function of re-exploration.


Of course, if the breakdown of the world when there are many new innovations. 2016 GPHG watches and clocks with the best travel time schedule instead of the best asked table.

This year’s wonderful world Montblanc watch can be known to the public.

This watch function has gradually been love by many consumers. Perhaps for most people. In its first to a strange country, to have a world watch to accompany. Will be more peace of mind it.