Mido Belem Cyri Women Watch

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the famous Mido Swiss watch brand Minograd. At this glorious moment, the brand looks back on history and continues the past, adhering to the design concept that draws inspiration from the architecture. At this year Basel International replica watches will share with you all the classics and excellence. Colorful new timepieces. This time, the brand has added to the ladies wrist watch the Medu Belem Saili women’s watch, which is more elegant and soft, as well as the mother-of-pearl diamond dial. Below, we will follow the team in front of the watch’s home to learn about it together:

This time, the design of the new women’s watch was inspired by the Rennes Opera House. When the Opera House was completed in 1836, it was a time of complicated decoration. The MIDO Belécé Thessaloné series had a subtle curve similar to that of the Rennes Opera House. Known for its silhouette, it has been loved by many watch lovers with its elegant and fashionable style, and it has created countless glory and legendary moments in the history of the Mido brand.

firstly stainless steel gold-plated case has been carefully polished and polished with fine lines. Perfectly blended with polished stainless steel lugs for a unique look and feel.

gold-plated crown is engraved with the “MIDO” English LOGO pattern on the top of the crown, and is surrounded by a non-slip texture. The slightly inclined design makes the debugging feel superior.

The mother-of-pearl shell is slightly tilted on the outer edge of the time scale, giving a full sense of depth. The 3, 9 and 12 hour markers are inlaid with diamonds and sparkle. The golden middle of the golden pin is lining up with the time scale, making the time indication clear and intuitive.


The 6th hour position is equipped with a circular calendar display window, which is more luxurious and beautiful under the background of the gold-plated outer ring, and adds performance to the disk surface.

Mido Belem Cyri Women Watch

Carrying the famous 80 movement, through the back cover of the process.

firstly you can look at its appearance, do not have some fun.

With silicon hairspring and 80 hours of power reserve, it shows excellent performance.

firstly gold-plated part and the steel part are arranged in an alternating manner.

which blends in with the watch case to show the overall aesthetic features.

firstly Equipped with a double folding clasp, it is easy to wear.