Master model –Carl F .Bucherer

CarlF.Bucherer:Each watch has its beating heart: movement. R & D a movement not only need to innovate culture, but also the best rolex replica ultimate precision and conceptual skills. For the above elements,CarlF.Bucherer very experienced.

To Lucerne-based CarlF.Bucherer introduced Mali Long fly back chronograph (Manero Flyback) new models. For the exquisite timemanship of the gentleman presented a high-level chronograph model: elegant 18K rose gold watch with swiss replica watches Champagne dial. Will be elegant personality show no doubt, precision chronograph both flee time function, excellent technical performance is appreciated.

Like Carl Friedrich Bucherer, the fusion of aesthetic craft and science; the original, both in fashion, photography, and even origami and other fields. Follow their own enthusiasm, the creation of extraordinary handicrafts. This is what we try to highlight the spirit of each watch. Our hearts and soul firmly rooted in this place we call home.

So watch the famous treasure Qi Lai at the beginning of 2016 Basel watch show to show the new brand image. The new ad integration of this unique gorgeous gilt image, highlighting the “origin of the Swiss Lucerne” brand origin. Watch sales increased from 6,500 to 25,000, an increase of up to three times.

CarlF.Bucherer brand new image, cleverly reflect the brand in recent years the ideal business growth.

In 1888, Carl Friedrich Bucherer founded the brand of CarlF.Bucherer. His spirit and personality and the spirit of the pursuit of free creativity, led the company to create one after another outstanding achievements. This more than a century Of the independent watch brand, during the creation of a number of important milestones. Such as the brand developed the first outer swing Tuo automatic winding mechanical movement.