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IWC Mark 18 Pilot Watch

Every year, IWC, a charity company, organizes a drawing contest based on the Lawrence Foundation’s project. Anna is one of the winners. As part of the brand’s commitment to supporting the Lawrence Foundation, IWC launched the 12th special edition watch, featuring the “Time to be Healthy” theme painting she had painted, the Mark 18 pilot watch “Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation “Special Edition. With the unique black ceramic case and the exclusive aesthetics and characteristics of the brand’s pilot watch, watch enthusiasts are more concerned about. Recently, we saw this watch while visiting the IWC Central store in the Central District of Beijing.

IWC watches dedicated to public welfare have been providing support to the Lawrence Sports Foundation since 2006, and together with the foundation has created a better life for disadvantaged children and young people. Each year, IWC will launch a limited edition special edition watch and use some of the proceeds to help disadvantaged children and teenagers. Each limited-edition special edition watch will have a blue face color, which represents the “hope” of vulnerable children. In addition, all Lawrence Special Edition watches have special engravings on the bottom of the watch. Drawings originate from the outstanding works of this year’s painting competition, demonstrating its unique commemorative significance.

Mark 18 Pilot

Different from before, the case of this watch is made of black ceramic. Compared to traditional steel, ceramics are more stable, durable and corrosion resistant.

so that the curvature of the case extends up to the lugs.

And through careful grinding, it shows a smooth texture.

so that the curvature of the case extends up to the lugs.

showing a smooth line of beauty.

Titanium crown, which is engraved with IWC LOGO pattern.

and with non-slip texture design, debugging feel first-rate.

making the watch more convenient adjustment.

The classic blue solar disk surface, after irradiation of the light source shows a beautiful gradual effect, very beautiful. The time scales and pointers on the disk inherit the iconic disk design of the pilots’ series, especially the triangular markings at 12 o’clock, demonstrating full recognition. In addition, the hour mark and the hour and minute hands are covered with a luminous part, making it easy to observe the time even in a dark environment.

IWC Mark 18 Pilot replica watches uk


Titanium back cover, like all Special Editions of Lawrence.

so that the curvature of the case extends up to the lugs.

this watch is designed to capture the winners of the drawing competition.

And xxxx/1500 watch exclusive number, highlighting the uniqueness of the watch. Equipped with IWC 35111 automatic winding movement, the full chain can provide 42 hours power reserve.

The watch has a daily water depth rating of 60 meters.

built-in soft iron inner shell, can protect the watch from magnetic interference.

Embossed calfskin strap, decorated with black stitching, is more stylish and sporty.

so that the curvature of the case extends up to the lugs.

which is lighter and more wear-resistant.

IWC Mark 18 Pilot Watch “Lawrence Sports Foundation” Special Edition

Watch men luxury brand automatic of fake series

Regardless of the top luxury brand or close to the quality of the brand. Whether it is automatic movement or manual movement, without exception, will be subject to external interference, that is, by the magnetic. From the perspective of life close to us, we will watch with a magnetic metal together can not help but make the watch failure. So today in order to solve everyone’s troubles, this recommended several anti-magnetic watch. To solve everyone’s worries.

World pilot series chronograph series IW377701 watch

So this is a very practical pilot watch, movement with automatic machinery, 43 mm table diameter tightly wrapped around the wrist, it seems that there is a force. Stainless steel case a kind of unusual charm, in particular to explain is. So this fake rolex watches is used Cal.79320 movement, stable operation. Function has a date display, week display, timing and anti-magnetic.

Rolex MILGAUSS Series 116400GV-72400 watch

Rolex MILGAUSS series 116400GV-72400 watch in the Rolex family is very good. So rolex watch is also very hot style. The second hand of this watch is very characteristic, just as sharp and sharp as lightning. 40mm table diameter in fact if the girls like HOLD can also live. Rolex steel has a world-renowned hard and anti-wear characteristics.

Vacheron Constantin four-sea series 47040 / B01A-9093 watch men luxury brand automatic

Vacheron Constantin in the hearts of friends are very high. Many people used to compare Vacheron Constantin with another brand at the same level. In fact, there is no need for comparison. Because both the style and the craft, are different. Perhaps because of the high price of Vacheron Constantin, which led to the distance between the brand and the public more distant.

But this watch with stainless steel case, the use of automatic mechanical movement, priced at 13 million or so, cost is in place.

Royal Oak Offshore Royal Oak Offshore Series 25940OK.OO.D002CA.01 watch

Watch men luxury brand automatic:So the outline of this watch can be described as a household name.

No one does not know that this was once exclusive to Audemars Piguet’s profile. Top sports series has a lot of material to choose from.  So this watch case with 18K rose gold diamond. Top with a rubber coating, suitable for any sports occasions. Automatic mechanical movement using Cal.2326 / 2840 type, the performance is also very good.

Luxury automatic watch of brands for men

So the first Asian Luxury automatic watch Fair opened in Hong Kong in September. Thirteen famous watch brand for everyone to bring a watch event, the brand has launched a new watch. Which the nations to celebrate the prestigious children’s literature “Little Prince” was born 70 years.

Internationally renowned watch brand Swiss Schaffhausen IWC IWC special launch of two limited edition watch, large pilots perpetual calendar watch “Little Prince” special edition. To pay tribute to this by the legendary writers, pilots and adventurer Anthony St. Ai Xiu Bai Li, the history of the highest sales of one of the works. Since 2006, the IWC has maintained a close working relationship with the Anthony St. Ai Xiu Bai Youth Foundation. To work together to spread the cultural heritage of St.

For decades, this modern fairy tale about friendship and humanity has attracted young men and women from different cultures, religions and different regions. “Little Prince” is to touch the eternal work of everyone: this from another planet, has a sensitive nature of the blonde little boy taught adults to children’s eyes to look at the world. But also let the children a glimpse of the adult world.

Large Pilots perpetual calendar watch “Little Prince” special edition is the elegant style and top mechanical watchmaking perfect fusion of the model. The new special edition watch combines a number of technical highlights, including the powerful, with Bialon automatic winding system and 7-day power reserve IWC IWC 51613-type movement.

Large pilots perpetual calendar luxury automatic watch “Little Prince” special edition for the first time the classic moon phase display into the IWC series of large pilots replica watches list. Moon window, the moon was the image of the little prince decorating quite vivid, the little prince is a man standing on his little planet staring at the stars flashing night sky. The image of the little prince is base on the famous illustrations drawn by St. The illustrations are also decorate on the cover of his most famous work “Little Prince”.

7 days power reserve strong kinetic energy in the dial 3 o’clock position to be display, emphasizing the powerful movement of this powerful. It has enough power to promote the operation of many clock complex functions. Such as the date, week, month and four digits year display calendar.

All the display can be easily operate by the crown and automatically adjust. Calendar until 2100 only need to adjust through the watchmaker. Because 2100 is not a leap year, which is different from the tradition of four years.

Wrist watch loaded with self-made 51613-type movement. It is equipp with the Bialon on the chain system. Is the watch industry so far the highest performance of one of the automatic winding system. Movement with a variety of complex functions, and has up to seven days of power reserve.

Put on the 18K gold badge also appeared in the image of the little prince. Through the transparent sapphire glass bottom can be a feast for the eyes. On the chain put Tuo engraved with the first edition of the original title “LE PETIT PRINCE”.

Luxury automatic watch: This large pilots perpetual calendar watch “Little Prince” special edition, limited edition 270.

Buy a watch at the same time will also receive a special IWC exclusive design of the exquisite gift box. Containing two treasures: one is the English version of the first version of TheLittle Prince copy version. So the other is the original manuscript written in French by the original manuscript of Le Petit Prince.

Best selling watches of mens series

Ever-changing, new things more and more new materials. In the field of watches is no exception, in recent years, some new materials continue to be use in the Best selling watches. From the beginning of the ceramic to the present carbon fiber, bronze and other materials. So it can be said is not from the layer. Today’s watch home for everyone to recommend three new material watch.

IWC Engineer Series IW322404 watch

Engineer carbon steel high-performance automatic watch ceramic version of the top high-tech engineering masterpiece. Equipped with carbon fiber case and high gloss ceramic bezel. IWC 80110 self-made movement is equipp with integrate shock absorber system. Can withstand the rapid acceleration and emergency braking to bring the impact and violent vibration, fully applicable to the racing field.

Tudor PELAGOS series 25500TN titanium strap watch

Tudor table Pelagos is not only a diving watch. More perfect blend of superb craftsmanship and reliable mechanical properties. The watch in addition to show a number of Tudor uk replica watches history of the classic watch details. Worthy of the brand one of the most representative of the table. Tudor table with its extraordinary watchmaking process. Let Pelagos watch on the journey to explore the ocean. To further expand the broader vision.

Panerai LUMINOR 1950 series PAM00438 watch

Best selling watches with Luminor 1950 case, with ceramic material classic Panerai bracelet. Is a completely made of matte black ceramic watch: So this watch has a stunning beauty, it is faithful to reflect the personality of Panerai. And the use of tabulation materials from the field of the most advanced technology to build.

The bracelet is also made of matte black ceramic, the chain with the case of the same molding and processing technology, and then connect to the PVD coating scrub steel buckle. So the watch factory has devoted a lot of time to the design of the bracelet. And ultimately achieve the perfect fusion with the ceramic case effect. Each chain has a different shape and has an arcuate surface. Thereby improving the soft touch of the bracelet, so that wear more comfortable.

For the luxury brand Best selling watches industry.

Do not have to rely on watch the value to attract consumption. Mainly rely on the extraordinary craft of the watch, the integration of cultural heritage and new elements. Of course, this new element is naturally included in the watch material. Some new materials used in the watch is not necessarily better than ordinary material. These materials are also free of its advantages and disadvantages. But definitely more attractive than ordinary materials.

IWC fashion product of popular watch

IWC new range of Da Vinci series to classic round case, removable lugs and simple modern design style by the user favorite. Da Vinci series, both show the brand complex function technology and superb watchmaking process Da Vinci calendar watch and Da Wenxi Tourbillon reverse chronograph watch. So there are designed for the design and manufacture of the children’s Da Vinci automatic watch 36 and Davins moon automatic IWC fashion product 36, there are the most representative of the men and women of the Da Vinci automatic watch (watch model: IW356601)

Da Vinci automatic watch is a diameter of 40 mm three-pointer watch. So the diameter of the table can meet the needs of men with thin wrist. But also to meet the needs of ladies who like the atmosphere of simple atmosphere. Da Vinci series to abandon the barrel-shaped shape design. To have a prominent eye-shaped round case back to the 20th century, 80’s classic style. Da Vinci automatic watch with a moderate diameter, neutral style to become one of the model.

Retrospective IWC history, the new Da Vinci automatic watch prototype from the 20th century, built in the late 90’s Da Vinci S L automatic watch. S L series came out in 1976, due to the small number. Has long been a very popular watch collection. So the launch of the new Da Vinci automatic watch is both a tribute to the classic watch S L automatic watch. But also to give the classic new students, to meet the modern people’s yearning for the classic watches.

Watch with 40 mm steel case, case thickness of 10 mm, with a silver silver dial. Dial on the set with gold-plated three-dimensional Arabic numerals. Dial “6 o’clock” position with a small rectangular date display window, and watch the time scale integration. So the center of the dial is equipped with gold-plated willow type, minute hand, and slim blue steel second hand. IWC fashion product the overall appearance of a neutral classic, simple and clear style.

Watch crown for the cylindrical, with stainless steel to create, the top engraved with the IWC brand logo. Side of the anti-skid texture processing, easy to operate.

Watch with black Santoni crocodile leather strap, strap with orange liner and stainless steel clasp. The new design of the mobile ear to make the strap better fit the wrist.

So fake watches equipped with tested Cal.35111 self-winding movement. Watch can provide 42 hours power storage and 30 meters water depth.

Da Vinci classic three-pointer automatic IWC fashion product watch for simple classic style like fashion people.

Both men and women can be perfect control, leather strap and stainless steel bracelet two optional. Leather strap paragraph official offer for 40,600 RMB, stainless steel bracelet with smoke gray dial, more low-key calm.

Fashion IWC of fake series

Fashion IWC replica watches :August 4, 2017, Chengdu – Switzerland watchmaker Shafuhausen IWC IWC with innovative spirit and unique technology world-renowned. In nearly 150 years of time for the advanced watchmaking art constantly writing legend. Today, Fashion IWC carries the new Davins series debut IFS Chengdu International Financial Center. IWC IWC brand friends, the famous actor Chen Baolin charm appeared. Share their own and IWC IWC of the indissoluble bound, with the majority of watch enthusiasts together to decode the beauty of time.

With “warm male” title Chen Bo Lin with film debut “blue door” into the audience view. And then through the “Li Daren” corner of the affectionate interpretation of the widespread concern. Breakthrough, the ultimate, this is Chen Baolin relentless pursuit of the cause of the cause. But also Fashion IWC advocated by the table watch concept. “For me. IWC expresses the fearless and innovative spirit of the brand, which is very attractive to me,” Chen Bo Lin said.

During the event, Chen Bo Lin visited the exquisite exhibition hall full of art. Continuation of the past elegant style. The exhibition hall to Darwin series for the design theme, the overall style of simple and elegant. Three-dimensional “flower of life” in the elegant space in the beautiful bloom, become the visual center of the exhibition hall.

Since its inception in 1969, the Da Vinci series of watches will become a fusion of brand advanced watchmaking process, unlimited creativity and extraordinary aesthetic essence of the classic series. In 2017, the new release of the Da Vinci series of watches re-interpretation of the 20th century, 80’s iconic round design. So the classic elements and modern simple style clever combination. So the tour, the new product when all debut, vivid interpretation of the Darwinian series of aesthetic essence.

IWC million countries to express the text of the calendar year watch (model: IW392101) called the brand of advanced watchmaking process for a model. Equipped with brand new self-made 89630-type movement. So this watch for the first time will be double chronograph and moon phase profit and loss display integrated in the same small dial, elegant and balanced beauty of both sophisticated functions.

18K red gold case with dark brown Santoni crocodile leather strap, elegant and elegant. Is a unique taste of high-end and watch collectors of the heart of love. So this event, Chen Bo Lin also chose to wear this Davis million calendar chronograph watch. Gestures show gentleman style.

Fashion IWC:So the tour lasted from August 3 to August 13.

Welcome to love the table people come to the exhibition hall, close to enjoy the Da Vinci series of advanced watchmaking process. IWC IWW look forward to your arrival!

IWC watches

IWC watches fake rolex watches:This year, the nations of the Wensheng series to pay tribute to the classic design return to the public’s attention. So to show us a lot of interesting and pleasant design, like a clear eye-catching disk, intuitive and sharp sword-shaped pointer. So there are classical dome crowns, as well as a series of user-friendly design: active lugs. Because to the watch enthusiasts brought a brand of culture, visual feast. So know that the new products have been listed.

So we visited the Oriental Plaza in Beijing, the million stores. And to show you this year’s SIHH table show new Da Vinci series watch. Among them, a million moon phase automatic watch 36 red money into our eyes. Soft red gold and blue pointer and ornamental full moon phase perfect blend. Showing an excellent sensory enjoyment. Here, take a look at:

Watch model: IW459308

Silver dial

So this year, the Da Vinci series launched a total of three months phase models. Respectively, for the red gold section, stainless steel diamond section and fine steel models.

As a low-key luxury red gold section. Showing a unique silky and delicate texture. Silver-plated white dial, inlaid three-dimensional standard and blue pointer and white discs in stark contrast, fresh and stylish. Monthly profit and loss show at the 12 o’clock position of the watch. After 2 o’clock position of the hidden button can be directly adjusted, convenient and fast.

Red gold case

Red gold activity ear

At the end of the engraved with a “flower of life”, in-depth research and painting under the brand. Beautiful and elegant. So this symbolizes the combination of creativity, technology and aesthetics. Equipped with 35800 automatic winding mechanical movement to protect the watch’s travel time and the moon phase function correctly displayed.

So this watch is another feature for the selection of Santoni crocodile leather strap. For the watch to bring more comfortable, gentle wear texture.

IWC watches: In the staff and store decoration to create a relaxed and taste of the atmosphere.

So we also saw most of the pilot series and engineers series watch is also sold to sell. Portugal’s new chronograph watch has also been to the store in the sale. Like the IWC or the recent purchase of the table table friends, may wish to take a look.

Replica watches of fashion series

As a result of personal preferences, some people like the exciting large Replica watches. And rolex replica watches the same design style and color. Size is also an important point on behalf of the watch personality, and some watch size to 52mm, or even greater.

Not how big the diameter, as long as the dress up in the wrist between the wrist. Fashion and no heavy feeling, that is appropriate.The following watch on the recommendation of three diameter in the 45mm above the large size of the watch, take a look.
Cartier Santos series W20073X8 watch

Due to this piece of Cartier Santos series of Replica watches, is to commemorate the birth of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Santos watch a watch. Large square rounded dial and exposed screw design make it a landmark meter. Stainless steel to create the case with silver pearl dial, dial luminous sword-shaped black steel pointer, the design of a unique style.So the crown of the polygon has also become a bright spot. Above a multi-faceted synthetic spinel, shining eye-catching. Oversized stainless steel folding clasp with crocodile leather strap, atmospheric fashion. Watch equipped with Cal.049 model movement, with automatic winding function. Waterproof depth of 100 meters, to meet the needs of daily life.
Panerai LUMINOR 1950 series PAM 00305 watch

This Panerai LUMINOR 1950 series of Replica watches, case diameter of 47 mm. Enough to attract like a large table diameter love table people. Large case material is made of frosted titanium metal. With a luminous hour marked on the black dial, 3 o’clock direction set date display, 9 o’clock direction set small seconds, the design distribution with a sense of balance. Replica watches equipped with Cal.P.9000 model movement, with two barrels. Can ensure 72 hours power reserve, equipped with adjustable screw balance wheel vibration per hour 28,800 times, accurate and reliable.
Wan Guo Bo Tao Fenuo series IW510103 watch

So this million country Park Tao Fenuo series of watches, table diameter 45 mm. Round silver dial on the small seconds and date display window were located at 6 o’clock and 3 o’clock position, the layout was decent.So stainless steel case with dark brown crocodile leather strap, elegant atmosphere.

In addition to this watch in addition to large diameter table, there is a very important feature is the movement of the stars on the chain for eight days. Equipped with Cal.59210 model movement, no fine balance balance wheel vibration frequency up to 28800 times per hour. Plus in accordance with the traditional tabulation of the traditional bending of the Breguet gorgeous hair, to ensure that the watch travel time accurate. Double-sided anti-reflective arched edge sapphire glass table mirror. Even in the light of the irradiation, still can clearly read.

Wearing a large Replica watches watch is what kind of feelings?

The first thought is the domineering. A different kind of style, large watch the style of the wind is not only this year, but now intensified. In fact, for people who like the big diameter, is a word “cool”. Needless to say, like it.

New million of Wensheng series of calendar IWC

As mentioned in the last week’s article on a series of articles on the history of the nations.So the watch series stands its peak and falls into a low tide. The heart of the replica rolex division. Although the first time of the series can be traced back to 1969. But we all know, until 1985, it is by virtue of the iconic Ref.3750 million calendar chronograph watch. Because knocked on the fans of the watch fans, the real access to the Their approval.
In 2017, the IWC Wensley series draws the essence from its unparalleled classic history and smelt out a whole new series of models. Which is perhaps one of the main reasons why many fans are appreciative of it. One of the highest voice, and we also believe that in the new series which is absolutely worthy of the cornerstone of the works. Since is this new million of the world series of calendar year calendar watch.

When the watch was released, it was a swiss  replica watches few weeks before the opening of the Geneva show in 2017. At that time, the nations had clearly stated that the new series of design themes: no longer use the barrel-like appearance, no longer use hexagonal lines. Because the new 2017 Da Vinci series decided to return to the origin. And  re-enable the round case design, articulated lugs, as well as the traditional complex functions and disk layout … If you have seen a brief history of the Da Vinci series of articles. Then see these design elements believe that will immediately think of the classic 1985 style.

Of course, the nations are not deliberately hiding. But rather talking about this classic time and the people associated with them (Mr. Kurt Klaus or Mr. Günter Blümlein). Da Vinci series has counted on the country a “hard-won” watch series. And especially with the Portuguese or pilot series compared to see when it is more obvious. It is therefore imminent to find the classic design of the DNA and re-inject it into the new body. So although this can be attributed to the lack of originality of the nations. But on the other hand it also shows The brand wants to let the Da Vinci series once again grow the vision.

best quality of replica IWC for sale

So the new Da Vinci series of steel calendar chronograph is what kind of time it? Why do we call it the “cornerstone of the new series”?
The name of the first can be very easy to award 40mm automatic watch ah. Because it is both appearance and style are very outstanding. And also men and women take-all, the most important thing is that it also has a very close price . The last point is very sharp, so the cornerstone of the name to it is also not bad ah.

However, for some of the other watch series or brand, it may be able to speak. But the nations are not in this column.
Because the watch brand has always been the majority of the watch fans are familiar with the iconic style.So as well as the history of the flash point as a basis. For example, the pillars of the pilot series are 46mm size fly. And although it is very large, very masculine, and not cheap. But it really is the soul of the series. Da Vinci series is the same. Since it inspired by the 1985 style, then this piece of steel calendar chronograph also thoroughly revealed the theme.In conclusion  became the semi-flagship of the cornerstone of the existence.

IWC Watch

IWC is the Swiss Richemont watches brand name, which was founded in 1868, has a history of more than 100 years of tabulation. IWC was founded in 1868, tabulation has been 140 years of history. Founding place called summer Buddha Hauser. The local history of watches can be trace back to the replica watches early 15th century, a full 459 years earlier than the IWC. But the factory tabulation, the accuracy of time, began to be firmly in the hands of people.

Switzerland Schaffhausen founder is a pioneering spirit of the Americans. From 1868 onwards, the Swiss watchmaking factory has been leading the development of watchmaking technology.  Specifically manufacturing men’s watch. Classic style coupled with ingenious design, elegant and delicate, extremely simple operation – this is the world famous.

Switzerland Schaffhausen is not only the traditional precision tabulation process experts, but also the first to use high-tech materials. IWC is the first watchmaking factory that uses titanium metal for replica rolex watches watchmaking, and uses the technology developed by it to produce its own case. Since its establishment.

IWC watchmaking in the training process has never slacken off to ensure that its tabulation process from generation to generation. 400 employees in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, and 100 employees around the world firmly believe that the traditional watchmaking industry, watch the culture can be appreciate. “Probus Scafusia” represents the Swiss Schaffhausen IWC extraordinary technology and craftsmanship, watch a long tradition will continue to flourish, spread from generation to generation.

Since 1868, each watch produced by  watch has been register in the watch factory logbook. For over 100 years, these logbooks have been integrate into a large number of books. Which is the only book in the world.

The old version of the contract record number of words in the body. Case number, the material used. The weight of the table, watchmaker name, completion date. As well as watches and clocks or purchase the name of the table and other information. The Russian Tsar Ferdinand I, the Pope Pierce IX.

British Prime Minister Churchill …. and so have had more than one IWC pocket watch.

At the same time since 1868, IWC plant produce by the important spare parts are store in high cabinets. So IWC watchmaker can even overhaul the oldest watch core to ensure that the next many years the old watch is still Precise timing. Because of this, IWC table worthy of a number of generations as a family heirloom.