How to fasten the Cartier watch strap?

Cartier:You take the table sideways, the table on the back toward you, winding place on the sky, then the strap on the left there is no metal buckle, the right strap on the metal buckle.

The strap and the swiss replica watches uk metal buckle all stretched to start to the left of the strap to pick up, the most close to it without the mouth of the U-shaped slot. Pull out a certain length, and then folded back, penetrate the groove below Of the slot. The two slots between a thin rod, and wear back, this time the strap is overlapping. Pull inside the one you can adjust the length you want, and then wear off when the control button with metal folding buckle Well!

1, the strap and metal buckle all the tension to start (the middle part of the metal part of the buckle to unlock)

2, find the U-groove at the watch

3, the strap into that there is no co-U-slot slot

4, the straps fold, adjust the width of your arm comfortable

5, groove on both sides of the fixed position on the raised, the strap buckle into the need to clamp, to help fixed.

This is the most simple and most practical, applicable to all types of Cartier strap. But even in this way, you buckle strap when you have to be careful. Or buckle bad bad watch strap, after all.

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