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Best hublot of fashion watch

Best hublot rolex replica watches with their own unique design into the market. Because hublot table mostly use multi-metal collection to create a thick case, heavy metal sense is very strong. The MP series is the long-term adherence to the goal. Innovative design makes best hublot to create this classic watch works. Today, the watch home to introduce you to the three classic Yu ship MP series.

Hublot MP-05 series 905.NX.0001.RX watchbest hublot

Beads sandblasted titanium case, so that the inside and outside the watch looks unique. So the right side of the dial with yellow luminous coating, left with a white luminous coating, easy to see at any time time. With rubber strap, to ensure that when wearing comfortable. Equipped with HUB9005 automatic winding mechanical movement. Equipped with vertical tourbillon, power reserve up to 50 days.

Hublot MP-02 series 902.OX.1138.RX watch

So this innovative design of the MP series of satin and beads sandblasting 18K Wang Jin’s case material. For the domineering appearance of the watch to add a lot of noble atmosphere. And multi-layer matte black dial, rich watch for the breath of breath. Bead blasting black nickel-plated pointer with red luminous coating, making the time to become a kind of enjoyment. With a black smooth rubber strap, beautiful appearance and wearing a comfortable sense of Yu-ship “time to master” concept. Equipped with manual winding movement, power reserve up to 100 hours.

Hublot MP-08 series 908.OX.1010.GR watch

So this best hublot XP theory into practice. Low-key luxury 45mm 18k rose gold case. Let the watch the atmosphere at a glance. While the sun and the moon shows the highlights of this watch, from the internal watch factory independent research and development, production movement by the 295 components. A number of original complex functions originated from the ancient Antiquette Kila device, including the solar calendar and lunar calendar. As well as the relative position of the sun and the moon in the night sky. And equipped with HUB9008 movement is also equipped with a more traditional tabulation complex functions. That is located in the dial 6 o’clock position on the Tourbillon escapement. So this manual winding movement can provide 85 hours power reserve.

best hublot watch MP series of high complex original symbol symbol hublot table “different, and strive to first and unique” spirit.

And the MP series is also a consistent into the ship “time to master” concept. The real design of the art and watch together.

Best cartier of fake series

Best cartier:Traditional Tanabata Festival is approaching, should be selected for the love of a precious gift. So that love continues to heat up. Cartier Clé de Cartier series of couples on the watch bracelet, male table simple and extraordinary, distributed calm power and self-confidence flying. Female table portrait of elegant. Showing women Smart charm. It is the first choice for expressing your mind. Men and women fake rolex models were: WSCL0007, WSCL0005

Men watch watch diameter of 40mm, set off men mature and stable temperament. Small and exquisite ladies watch table diameter was 31mm, distributed elegant Smart light. Thickness of 11.76mm, respectively, 11.04mm.

Because cartier Clé de Cartier series to reproduce the 19th century, the sixties and seventies very popular “abalone shell” pebble-shaped case of this classic design. This shell is round and full, one of the beauty of molding, but also with a strong retro charm.

Sun pattern radiation effect of silver-plated glyphs on the dial with a sword-shaped blue steel pointer and Roman numerals. Also located at 6 o’clock is the date display area.

Cartier to superb skills, to create a beautiful case, elegant and simple style and harmony and unity of beauty.

So watch the side of the use of a unique personality-style crown. Easy to grasp, the top decorated with a blue gem. Crown concave in the case above, turn like a key, the watch series of names is the resulting

Polished and polished with the traditional process of the lug and case. Integral formation, simple and generous lines.

Watch with a stainless steel to create a three-row chain strap. And has a water depth of 30 meters function.

Clasp with traditional folding design, safe and reliable.

Equipped with a Cartier 1847 MC workshop refined self-winding mechanical movement. 1847 “is not accidental, and represents the brand founded the year, but can be named after the creation of the brand.It shows that Cartier on the movement of the weight of the movement diameter of 25.6 mm, consistent with the design principles: simple and generous , Focus on efficiency.

Tanabata is China’s Valentine’s Day, so many lovers will spend the day together. Valentine’s Day spent together to express their love for love, but also for the feelings of the two warming.

Best cartier:And have a love of the single men, will also choose in the Tanabata this special holiday to the beloved woman to express their minds.

To simple and elegant Cartier Clé de Cartier series of couple on the table to mark love, especially romantic.

Fashion IWC of fake series

Fashion IWC replica watches :August 4, 2017, Chengdu – Switzerland watchmaker Shafuhausen IWC IWC with innovative spirit and unique technology world-renowned. In nearly 150 years of time for the advanced watchmaking art constantly writing legend. Today, Fashion IWC carries the new Davins series debut IFS Chengdu International Financial Center. IWC IWC brand friends, the famous actor Chen Baolin charm appeared. Share their own and IWC IWC of the indissoluble bound, with the majority of watch enthusiasts together to decode the beauty of time.

With “warm male” title Chen Bo Lin with film debut “blue door” into the audience view. And then through the “Li Daren” corner of the affectionate interpretation of the widespread concern. Breakthrough, the ultimate, this is Chen Baolin relentless pursuit of the cause of the cause. But also Fashion IWC advocated by the table watch concept. “For me. IWC expresses the fearless and innovative spirit of the brand, which is very attractive to me,” Chen Bo Lin said.

During the event, Chen Bo Lin visited the exquisite exhibition hall full of art. Continuation of the past elegant style. The exhibition hall to Darwin series for the design theme, the overall style of simple and elegant. Three-dimensional “flower of life” in the elegant space in the beautiful bloom, become the visual center of the exhibition hall.

Since its inception in 1969, the Da Vinci series of watches will become a fusion of brand advanced watchmaking process, unlimited creativity and extraordinary aesthetic essence of the classic series. In 2017, the new release of the Da Vinci series of watches re-interpretation of the 20th century, 80’s iconic round design. So the classic elements and modern simple style clever combination. So the tour, the new product when all debut, vivid interpretation of the Darwinian series of aesthetic essence.

IWC million countries to express the text of the calendar year watch (model: IW392101) called the brand of advanced watchmaking process for a model. Equipped with brand new self-made 89630-type movement. So this watch for the first time will be double chronograph and moon phase profit and loss display integrated in the same small dial, elegant and balanced beauty of both sophisticated functions.

18K red gold case with dark brown Santoni crocodile leather strap, elegant and elegant. Is a unique taste of high-end and watch collectors of the heart of love. So this event, Chen Bo Lin also chose to wear this Davis million calendar chronograph watch. Gestures show gentleman style.

Fashion IWC:So the tour lasted from August 3 to August 13.

Welcome to love the table people come to the exhibition hall, close to enjoy the Da Vinci series of advanced watchmaking process. IWC IWW look forward to your arrival!

Cartier watches of replica series

Cartier watches:June 30, 2017 to July 9, Cartier with the latest Panthère de Cartier cheetah replica watches, Juste un Clou series of new masterpiece and classic LOVE series. In the Shanghai State Center shopping center creative “incognito extraordinary” (When the Ordinary as Precious) theme design exhibition. Brand breakthrough self-innovative attitude and endless creativity, unique presentation in the avant-garde golden space.

The Cartier theme design exhibition, by resident in New York, Puerto Rico visual artist Desi Santiago effort to build. Through a shape casting and internal mechanical clever combination of Seiko garage (Precious Garage). Reproduce the Cartier will be the daily hardware parts turned into jewelry design concept.

So this is a “ordinary” and “precious” collision. Is also a traditional mechanical engineering and jewelry design and technology dialogue: wearing a tooling Cartier boy exposure to the dazzling golden garage. Toolbox display Cartier jewelry and watches. All kinds of hardware tools scattered around. A gold sports car suspended in the air, metal liquid poured from the body down. Spread on the ground spread … … hang around here. So visitors can not only witness, more through the scene of interaction and try to wear. Experience the brand of fine thinking and excellent craftsmanship.

Unruly, sharp, do not follow the common sense of the card. Because cartier Juste un Clou series inspired by the nails seen in the day, under the amazing imagination of the jewelry designer turned into a precious masterpiece. The LOVE series is also true. Its screw design is born once it is never forgetting to become a classic.

And these two representative jewelry series par with the Cartier watches is the latest launch of the watch: Panthère de Cartier cheetah watch. She is not only a watch, it is a fine jewelry. Happy and Smart, like a cheetah graceful posture walking on the wrist. They meet, leading a new round of jewelry stacked wave. Dress up modern modern modern women, so that ordinary times more exciting.

Cartier watches any imagination free ride, with extraordinary creativity ahead of the first.

So financial classic aesthetics in contemporary masterpieces, meticulous extraordinary.

Classic corum of fake watches

The crystallization of the swiss rolex Bridge series of two watches Beijing stock market

Because Classic corum bridge series is Kunlun’s very unique series. Kunlun brand is also started with Jinqiao series, after the single Jinqiao products is Classic corum watch endorsement products. So watch the family visited the Beijing Financial Street Heng Geely table line. Brought two Kunlun Bridge series watch the latest market, together to feel the unique charm of Kunlun Bridge.

Classic corum TI-BRIDGE POWER RESERVE Series 007.400.06 / F371 0000 watch

So watch Comment: very modern Kunlun 007.400.06 / F371 0000 watch made of titanium metal material. And this TI-BRIDGE POWER RESERVE series of titanium bridge watch, are used in the horizontal barrel type, rather than the conventional vertical barrel-type case. Due to the rubber band, and the special nature of titanium metal. So after wearing a light and comfortable. Unique modeling and titanium bridge technology has long been nearly 150,000 yuan price.

Classic corum MISS GOLDEN BRIDGE series 113.102.85 / V880 0000 watch

Watch Comment: Kunlun 113.102.85 / V880 0000 watch with 18k rose gold diamond case. At a glance to show the luxury of expensive temperament. To be full hollow barrel-type case, after the chain can  clearly observe movement of the movement. So crown design at the bottom of the watch, cleverly embedded in the strap and case between.

Do not affect the appearance of the same time also on the crown of the pit also ensure the convenience of the time on the chain. Although this watch design so subtle, but the price of four hundred thousand people also prohibitive.

Recently, the Classic corum home visited the Beijing Financial Street Kunlun store.

So visited the two Classic corum watch the latest market, and shooting a high-definition map. Provided to the Friends of the table to enjoy appreciation, there is a need to buy at the site.

Corum challenger 44 chrono series watch

Navy Admiralty Cup watch is one of the most representative of the Corum system, in 2011, Corum will be the series divided into three sub-systems, including a solid and reliable Extreme limit series; with a sense of movement complex function chronograph Competition competition series; and has a soft line and complex features Heritage heritage series. Today for everyone to introduce this replica watches uk is a chronograph watch, the official model is: 753.771.20 / F371 AK15.
Corum watchWith the development of the brand, the Corum Navy Colonial Cup series watches are based on the use of the features of the series. Based on its quality, to a new field of development. Today launched this watch unique shape of the watch is equipped with a complex mechanical structure. Both inside and outside, the fashion taste and high performance on one.

Admiral Cup as the Kunlun brand of excellent watch series, with excellent performance and extraordinary temperament. Has become the first choice for many lovers. Shell side of the shell 12 side will undoubtedly become the Admiral series of well-known signs. Watch diameter 44 mm, 15.4 mm thick, made of stainless steel, angle, highlighting the highlights of the series.

Side view, stainless steel creates a more thoughtful atmosphere.

With black rubber leather strap outline will be no doubt, and the crown design is also very novel.

Watch strap made of rubber leather material, this material strap light texture soft and soft. Wearing on the wrist can highlight the young vitality, but also has a very good waterproof performance.

No crown can clearly see the precise outline of this watch. From the side can enjoy the sapphire crystal glass crystal clear, but also feel the  Corum watch exquisite workmanship.

The special texture inside the dial adds a little mystery to the watch. The most out of the ring is the flag pattern of the twelve side, which is the Kunlun Navy Admiral Cup watch unique.

Watch the crown also used to make stainless steel, the upper and lower sides of the crown has a pair of crown shoulder pad, the use of small screws to protect the crown, crown engraved with a classic Kunlun mark.

Stainless steel to create folding wrist, more durable, strap with a buckle closed, forming a circular arc, and sealed high-quality watch logo logo.

Watch to continue Admiral series of classic 12-sided arched shell, equipped with self-winding movement. With a multi-function timing function, small to small outline of the small screws. Reflected in the Kunlun watch fine workmanship and perfect design.

Hublot big bang camouflage wrist watch

Camouflage from the war,seems like is the soldiers “hidden” in the enemy’s vision of the protection of color, but also one of the most charismatic colors of the army. Filled with a strong male hormone taste. And do not need to hide the role of camouflage fashion circles, this tough guy elements are also popular replica watches uk.

So swiss watch brand Hublot watch and Italian accessories brand independent Italian strong combination, the camouflage elements and rigorous combination of watchmaking process.

Launched a second cooperation watch Big Bang “independent Italy” watch. Called the real “rebellious” for the re-interpretation of the definition of freedom and fashion.

Hublot watch

“Rebellious” elements and camouflage fusion, both full of contradictions, but also given the mystery.

Because I believe we have spent the “rebellious” period to participate in military training experience. So, the extraordinary Big Bang “independent Italy” watch is very cordial.

Use advanced technology to create a natural force as shown in the forest pattern. The camouflage pattern can also conceal the texture of its color.

Avant-garde trend mode re-interpretation of the classic charm. Printed on the top of the dial silk texture of the most famous military theme, and Texalium ® material at the bottom of the vague.
Innovative Material Texalium® (Aluminum Carbon Fiber), Pioneer Design and Material Fusion Free Fusion

The new material Texalium Chinese name is aluminum-coated carbon fiber, compared with the previous material.

Has a lot of advantages:carbon fiber itself has a light and comfortable texture, coupled with the integration of aluminum technology. Highlight Texalium®’s varied colors and glamorous metallic luster.

This watch will be the unique performance of the two materials the most vivid. The second time proved Texalium® and color performance control.

Facing the challenges of technology and design, the brand will continue to explore the most vivid combination of color and material integration.
The sign of the 9 o’clock position on the dial conveys the message of peace.

Classic camouflage appearance, unique dial material domineering 45mm dial, powerful flying body movement.

So created such a Hublot big bang “independent Italian” camouflage watch. Modeling reveals a “special forces” resolute tough wind. Like this fashionable table friends can consider starting this a watch.