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Funny watch of fake series

Funny watch:Because the annual SIHH Geneva Advanced replica rolex Salon has come to an end. Compared to previous years, this year in the material, female table and advanced complexity is still very deep excavation and exploration. So in fact the overall watch technology and design content is rising. But the price of the table is currently maintained relatively stable, not as substantial as in the past, the increase. Throughout the session SIHH.

Simply from the table of the creative and functional aspects, rather than the price. Most of the table, you can see it at a glance. But there are some tables, only when it “move” up, you see it built the universe.
Noble Meng Peti Panthère Joueuse Cheetah Decorative Funny watch  Watch

If you want to say creative, I think the whole SIHH. Cartier is able to rank first, whether it is the number of creative or creative amazing level. And Cartier’s annual creativity is at a very high level, this year is no exception. Cartier this year’s cheetah series, is undoubtedly a brand of creative products. One of the Panthère Joueuse watch, with a smart cheetah pursuit of the ball and fun. If from the fun point of view, this may be the most interesting SIHH watch the paragraph.

In addition, Cartier this year’s extraordinary creativity also includes the flame gold process Ronde Louis Cartier watch. As well as Rotonde de Cartier double mysterious Tourbillon three asked watch. Therefore, Cartier this year in the process, complex technology, jewelry use, creative design has a very good representative. Have to say that this luxury brand is indeed very strong.
Material, Technology, Technology Trio Langer ZEITWERK DECIMAL STRIKE

After SIHH began, most of the sound focused on those high-level complex models. So many interesting innovations, only in the wave faded, only gradually revealed. Lange Zeitwerk series this year launched a new watch.

So during the show, it has been discovered by the unique collectors. All along, Lange’s “Owl” series is Lange high-end watch is a very special one of the works, jump the number of words to become a lot of Lange watch lovers heart. This year’s new work, with the previous year has been very different. In the case of materials, the new Zeitwerk watch using Lange’s unique 18K honey color gold.

This material from the 2010 Lange used in the most special form of the beginning, to maintain a mysterious, rare and unique special properties. That every time the whole point and every ten minutes, it will percussion, suggesting that time. In the process, Lange applied “Tremblage” hand carving skills, showing unparalleled artistic charm.

Funny watch:Which for the mechanical structure, the change into a very system is its biggest difference.

So think about it might be more reasonable. Because the “owl” is a number of jump words, minutes ten disk itself is every ten minutes to jump once. In addition to a very system of self-ming, very coordinated. But the original fifteen minutes of this newspaper engraving, applied to the pointer is more appropriate.