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Earl Altiplano series fake earl watch: miniature enamel

So the designer of the count is inspire by the Yves Piaget rose. In the extraordinary ultra-thin platinum Altiplano fake watches dial, talented enamel master Anita Porchet carefully painted this rose, the precious and meticulous miniature enamel show in front. So the background of this miniature enamel works is delicate soft pink. As the protagonist of the rose has a distinct level of strong petals, blooming splendor. Here we come together to explore how such a sophisticated dial to achieve.

Aspiring for the watchmaking of the watchmaking process

In many techniques, miniature enamel painting minimizes the patience and artistic talent of enamel technicians. First of all, enamel master enamel covers the whole gold carcass, after firing. So the enamel layer on the surface of the carcass will become the “canvas” of the enamel. After that, enamel master and then manually pattern painted layer by layer swiss replica watches.

Each paint a layer will be fired once to a fixed pattern. As the number of firing more, the color of the pattern will be deeper. So enamel master must be fully grasp the enamel in advance of the characteristics, and familiar with its chemical and physical properties. He must also expect the impact of each firing on the various colors. To calculate the number of firing, in order to show the rich color of the original design.

Fake earl watch:After the completion of the enamel drawing, according to the traditional Geneva enamel technology.

Must also add a layer of transparent enamel for protection. So this process can make enamel look richer, and more luster. Therefore, miniature enamel is not only an extraordinary handicraft technology, the enamel master of the art, skilled and artistic sensitivity of the high requirements. Enamel Master becomes a real painter.