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Fake athens of fashion watch

Fake athens:After SIHH began, most of the sound focused on those high-level complex models. So many interesting innovations, only in the wave faded, only gradually revealed. Lange Zeitwerk series this year launched a new Fake athens fake rolex. During the show, it has been discovered by the unique collectors. All along, Lange’s “Owl” series is Lange high-end watch is a very special one works. Jump word number become a lot of Lange watch lovers heart good. This year’s new work, with the previous year has been very different. In the case of materials, the new Zeitwerk watch using Lange’s unique 18K honey color gold.

So this material from the 2010 Lange used in the most special watches began. Keep the mysterious, rare and unique special attributes. In terms of functionality, the new Zeitwerk watch uses a system that is systematically manufactured. That every time the whole point and every ten minutes, it will percussion, suggesting that time. In the process, Lange applied “Tremblage” hand carving skills, showing unparalleled artistic charm.

Which for the mechanical structure, into a very system is its biggest difference, think about it may be more reasonable. Because the “owl” is a number of jump words, minutes ten disk itself is every ten minutes to jump once. In addition to a very system of self-ming, very coordinated. But the original fifteen minutes of this newspaper engraving, applied to the pointer is more appropriate.
The face of the sexy table dancers only asked the timetable

Fake athens this year is the first time to participate in SIHH, has been followed by the Group’s brand to participate in Basel. But whether it is to participate in SIHH or Basel. On the Athens table will not affect its new launch rhythm. This year’s Athens table, there is a watch before the launch of a preview, very interesting.

So this Fake athens is very beautiful dial, in addition to the pointer, completely empty disk. Only a dancer and a dancing peacock. This peacock and the dancers of the peacock skirt echoed, the Athens table enamel division by hand drawing, depicting the peacock, dancers extremely subtle colors and charm. Of course, the most important thing is that this single question form, after a single open newspaper. Dancers body peacock feathers will swing up, revealing the dancers sexy dancing.

Of course, in addition to these extraordinary creative works, this year’s SIHH there are many incredible masterpiece. Such as Henry Mu in order to resist the existing “SWISS MADE” and “low” standard and specially made cheese watch.

Because richard Mille launched the world’s most sophisticated high-level McLaren team cooperation Fake athens watch (into the table weight less than 40 grams) and so on.