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This year’s Basel Watch & Jewelery Fair, the long history of Breguet brand for which the maritime series add the pinnacle, that is Marine Équation Marchante 5887 excellent complex features watch. The new collection of a number of complex features in one, marking the Breguet navigation series into a new era!

Recently, I heard Beijing SKP Breguet boutique has a new shelves, we visited here. In the comfort of the store environment. We saw this impressive new timepieces. Set the time equation display, calendar and tourbillon devices and other complex functions for a, and then climb the new height of the creation of time. Here. We come together to see: (watch model: 5887PT / Y2 / 9WV)

In addition to the above a number of complex functions, it is worth mentioning that. The brand will be an unusual and mysterious costom logo watches replica watches complex function “time equation” into the watch, it can show the average sun time (“flat sun”) and real sun time (“true sun” ) The gap between.

Flat sun, that is, when the civilian, refers to the clock that the local standard time. When the sun really reflects the real time between the sun and the law of the earth. The wearer can display both civilian and sun by two separate minute hands. The sun when the pointer to hollow engraved golden sun for the decoration. You can directly read the real sun time at a glance.

43.9 mm 950 platinum case design is also quite beautiful, polished polished and satin surface grinding process central ear. Side view of the traditional design of the brand coin pattern. As well as engraved brand LOGO “B” pattern of the crown. It is polished in the sandblasting background, its lines are smooth, beautiful and highly recognizable. Crown on both sides of the chamfer, satin grinding process to deal with the waveform pattern crown decoration, add charm for the crown.

“Wavy” engraved flower gold dial to dark blue decoration. Showing the maritime charm of the maritime series. Using classical Roman numerals and decorative luminous dot hour scale. And covered with luminescent material gold Breguet opening needle against each other. The time indicator is clear and intuitive.

Another carved gold sun sun pointer, and the top of the week, month, year window, the central reverse jump date window and 8 o’clock position of the dynamic display window composition. 5 times the standard not only has 60 seconds Tourbillon, the internal irregular ellipse for the time equation display device. Through the transparent sapphire disc carrying the cam, the tourbillon is clearly visible with the coaxial operation of the time cam. Highlight the entire layout of the watch delicate, amazing.

Equipped with Breguet 581DPE movement, titanium frame built-in Breguet balance wheel, with silky gossamer. Protect the movement to minimize the gravity and magnetic field interference. So that when walking more accurate. Balance wheel vibration frequency up to 4 Hz. At the same time for the self-winding movement to provide up to 80 hours of sufficient power reserve.

Dark blue crocodile leather strap, texture comfortable and beautiful. Link engraved with Breguet hollow LOGO 950 platinum folding buckle. And platinum case presents the overall high cold and luxurious beauty. Folding clasp makes the watch picking is very convenient. At the same time to protect the watch in the wrist safety, reliability.

Breguet costom logo watches  Maritime series of new 5887 excellent complex features watch

Costom logo watches: set the clock in the three major functions of the calendar and Tourbillon as one.

And also incorporates a refreshing classic function of the time equation. Making this watch has become a watch watch this year, a complex watch. in real life. Such a watch is not free to see. Like its friends, may wish to enter the Beijing SKP Breguet boutique, a glimpse of the kind of style.