CORUM Kunlun watch gold bridge series rectangular watch

CORUM:Swiss watch Corum was founded in 1955, since the beginning of the
replica watches brand that is excellent “unique” disdain for the Swiss watch industry. The design series includes: Bubble Series, Swing Series, Rocket Series. Each one is refreshing, beyond the imagination, not only highlights the brand’s design strength, but also to attract the pursuit of unique style of the table fans.

CORUM Kunlun table for its unique and unique Golden Bridge Golden Bridge series to add a rectangular table with a replica swiss watches new watch. Jinqiao series of new rectangular watch exquisite elegance, created by the famous designer Dino Modolo. For the carefully crafted, beautifully decorated straight line movement to add a very elegant. Amazing geometric beauty: 18K gold frame decorated with 6 Roman numerals .

CORUM Kunlun watch President David Traxler said: “Jinqiao watch is the Corum watch watch series of tripod to show the exquisite Swiss watchmaking process. Its innovative aesthetic design and unique movement of the structure of the timeless. The new rectangular watch, and further break through the shackles of the timetable itself. Creating another brand of advanced watch for the model.

CORUM Kunlun Table Golden Bridge Golden Bridge Series watch classic perspective linear movement structure.

As well as the gold floor plywood of the first-class workmanship. It is always reminiscent of the movement of the source of the Golden Gate Bridge. The proportion of harmony, fit the wrist. In addition, thanks to modern technology. This exquisite elegant rectangular watch is different from the new table in 1980, with 30 meters / 3 atmospheres waterproof performance. To achieve a breakthrough in technology.