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The crystallization of the swiss rolex Bridge series of two watches Beijing stock market

Because Classic corum bridge series is Kunlun’s very unique series. Kunlun brand is also started with Jinqiao series, after the single Jinqiao products is Classic corum watch endorsement products. So watch the family visited the Beijing Financial Street Heng Geely table line. Brought two Kunlun Bridge series watch the latest market, together to feel the unique charm of Kunlun Bridge.

Classic corum TI-BRIDGE POWER RESERVE Series 007.400.06 / F371 0000 watch

So watch Comment: very modern Kunlun 007.400.06 / F371 0000 watch made of titanium metal material. And this TI-BRIDGE POWER RESERVE series of titanium bridge watch, are used in the horizontal barrel type, rather than the conventional vertical barrel-type case. Due to the rubber band, and the special nature of titanium metal. So after wearing a light and comfortable. Unique modeling and titanium bridge technology has long been nearly 150,000 yuan price.

Classic corum MISS GOLDEN BRIDGE series 113.102.85 / V880 0000 watch

Watch Comment: Kunlun 113.102.85 / V880 0000 watch with 18k rose gold diamond case. At a glance to show the luxury of expensive temperament. To be full hollow barrel-type case, after the chain canĀ  clearly observe movement of the movement. So crown design at the bottom of the watch, cleverly embedded in the strap and case between.

Do not affect the appearance of the same time also on the crown of the pit also ensure the convenience of the time on the chain. Although this watch design so subtle, but the price of four hundred thousand people also prohibitive.

Recently, the Classic corum home visited the Beijing Financial Street Kunlun store.

So visited the two Classic corum watch the latest market, and shooting a high-definition map. Provided to the Friends of the table to enjoy appreciation, there is a need to buy at the site.