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Best hublot of fashion watch

Best hublot rolex replica watches with their own unique design into the market. Because hublot table mostly use multi-metal collection to create a thick case, heavy metal sense is very strong. The MP series is the long-term adherence to the goal. Innovative design makes best hublot to create this classic watch works. Today, the watch home to introduce you to the three classic Yu ship MP series.

Hublot MP-05 series 905.NX.0001.RX watchbest hublot

Beads sandblasted titanium case, so that the inside and outside the watch looks unique. So the right side of the dial with yellow luminous coating, left with a white luminous coating, easy to see at any time time. With rubber strap, to ensure that when wearing comfortable. Equipped with HUB9005 automatic winding mechanical movement. Equipped with vertical tourbillon, power reserve up to 50 days.

Hublot MP-02 series 902.OX.1138.RX watch

So this innovative design of the MP series of satin and beads sandblasting 18K Wang Jin’s case material. For the domineering appearance of the watch to add a lot of noble atmosphere. And multi-layer matte black dial, rich watch for the breath of breath. Bead blasting black nickel-plated pointer with red luminous coating, making the time to become a kind of enjoyment. With a black smooth rubber strap, beautiful appearance and wearing a comfortable sense of Yu-ship “time to master” concept. Equipped with manual winding movement, power reserve up to 100 hours.

Hublot MP-08 series 908.OX.1010.GR watch

So this best hublot XP theory into practice. Low-key luxury 45mm 18k rose gold case. Let the watch the atmosphere at a glance. While the sun and the moon shows the highlights of this watch, from the internal watch factory independent research and development, production movement by the 295 components. A number of original complex functions originated from the ancient Antiquette Kila device, including the solar calendar and lunar calendar. As well as the relative position of the sun and the moon in the night sky. And equipped with HUB9008 movement is also equipped with a more traditional tabulation complex functions. That is located in the dial 6 o’clock position on the Tourbillon escapement. So this manual winding movement can provide 85 hours power reserve.

best hublot watch MP series of high complex original symbol symbol hublot table “different, and strive to first and unique” spirit.

And the MP series is also a consistent into the ship “time to master” concept. The real design of the art and watch together.