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For the smart Best breitling rolex replica science and development, Apple can be said to be contributed Apple introduced smart watches, many traditional mechanical watches have also launched their own smart watch. Most watches are brands and other IT companies. Launched its own smart watch, today to give you the introduction is Breitling in 2015 Basel launched the first B55-CONNECTED air chronograph watch.

This watch is Breitling in 2015 Basel Watch on the release of the first smart watch. Watch the internal carrying its new B55 movement. The SuperQuartz superstar movement, which is 10 times faster than the standard quartz movement, has the official Swiss Observatory (COSC), which represents the most accurate and reliable benchmark.

This watch is Breitling’s first smart watch, as a professional pilot watch brand. Its first intelligent watch is also closely relate with the flight. This smart watch features time adjustment, time zone conversion, alarm set, display and run data, night mode, etc., very powerful.

For Breitling, the function of the watch extension and integration with the smart phone, is not a difficult thing. But also does not mean that the performance of the watch will be lower than the phone. Breitling smart interactive timing B55 watch allows users to easily through the phone to complete a series of watch the adjustment operation. Including time adjustment, time zone conversion, alarm settings, display and run data, night mode and so on.

Watch with a 44 mm diameter design, the case with high-strength carbon treatment of black titanium metal. The dial has a blue wireless signal logo. And this classic blue and black theme is also with the rubber strap with a continuation.

Watch equipped with a simple and easy to use, structured, highly compatible control system. Simply rotate the crown to select the function and activate / stop the function with two buttons. If you tap the crown or tilt your wrist to 35 degrees or more, the backlight display system will automatically turn on. This feature is extremely convenient when driving an airplane or a car.

The current Breitling has been out of several smart Best breitling watches, as its first smart watch.

Contains the meaning of the smart watch can not be compare after the introduction of the match. This watch can also be said that the traditional high-end watch brand for smart watch attempt, symbolic significance.