A Brief Comment on Rolex Explorer II

Rolex in 1971 for the first time launched the explorer type II not only inherited the original Rolex explorer type of extraordinary tradition, more unique style. So this rugged watch is rolex uk uniquely designed to be a cave scientist. A volcanologist, and a companion for polar and forest explorers. Today’s watch to Egypt to bring you a Rolex Explorer II series watch review, watch the official model: 216570.

In 2011, explorer-type II was published on the 40th anniversary of a great deal of technical and aesthetic innovation. So the most obvious is the size of the case, from 40 mm diameter to 42 mm, making the surface more spacious, more readable. Bigger pointer, and more clearly visible. However, the most unique thing to be regarded as its orange 24-hour pointer, the end of the arrow shape, and the 1971 explorer type II prototype watch echoes.

This adventurer II watch with 904L high-strength stainless steel to create, in 2011 to redesign the introduction of the new case from 40 mm to 42 mm. Large size dial and CHROMALIGHT luminous display to best replica watches anyway in any environment, the time is clear and easy to read.

Because watch with a screwdriver for the double buckle waterproof crown, to ensure that waterproof up to 100 meters, and the middle case as one of the crown shoulder protection crown protection, this watch for the extreme environment design Reflects the Rolex and explore the world of indissoluble bound.

Watch the bracelet also used for the 904L stainless steel to create bracelets. Corrosion resistance is very strong, clasp used for folding clasp. And clasp also has a fine-tuning device, can be a good fit wrist.

Watch the unique mid-range case with a very strong anti-corrosion properties of 904L stainless steel casting made. Triangle pit bottom cover through the Rolex watchmaker’s exclusive tools tighten. So that the case is completely seale, to ensure that 100 meters of water.

Watch can also be use to display dual time zones. The traditional pointer shows the local time. While the 24-hour pointer can indicate the second time zone on the progressive scale outer ring. Through an exquisite mechanical device control by a chain crown. You can easily adjust the local time using the independent jump pointer. During the calibration process, the minute hand, second hand and second time zone display are not affect.

Watch internal carrying cal.3187 self-winding movement. The movement was approve by the Swiss official accreditation certification. The certification issued to the successful through the Swiss precision time test center (COSC) detection of precision watches. This movement is the same as all Oyster movement, with unparalleled reliability.  Equipped with a stable balance wheel, through the MICROSTELLA fine-tuning screw height to accurately adjust its inertia oscillation cycle. The balanced swing assembly is mount in the PARAFLEX cushioning device and is support by a parallel stack of adjustable height.

Rolex: This is designed for the explorer watch, when the adventure to become the instinctive pursuit of life.

So oyster Perpetual Explorer II will become an inevitable choice. At present, the watch in the Beijing crown Asia name Rolex shop offer for 64,200 yuan. Interested friends can go to learn more details.