Cartier Tortue Monopoussoir Single Button Chronograph

Cartier has a very rich watchmaking history, but the vast majority of watches produced by the brand, especially in the early days of La Maison, have always been simple. On the contrary, the exquisite case shape, as well as the classic and elegant dial that matches it, are the focus. There are exceptions, of course, such as the 1929 Cartier Tortue Monopoussoir single-button chronograph.

The movement on this watch is provided by European Watch & Clock Co. Inc., a joint venture between the Cartier family and Edmond Jaeger (Jiajia). Through this joint venture, Cartier has acquired an exclusive movement for the assembly of watches.

This watch is unique in that it is equipped with a single-button chronograph movement, meaning that the start, stop and reset of the chronograph function can be performed in sequence via a single button.

In this wristwatch, the buttons and the crown merge into one.

in addition to the operation of the timing function.

but also for the winding spring, and adjust the time.

Tortue Monopoussoir

This replica watches is one of the earliest Tortue Monopoussoir single-button chronographs produced by Cartier and dates back to 1929. Compared with the 1990s replica watch, the distinctive difference of the early model is the narrow bezel. The entire watch is very elegant, 25 mm wide, 35 mm high and still small in modern standards.


typical of the Cartier style.

Cartier Tortue Monopoussoir Single Button Chronograph

The Breguet blue steel pointer became the finishing touch for this antique gentleman chronograph. In recent years, antique Cartier watches, especially antique watches from the first half of the 20th century.

have become increasingly sought after by collectors.

Longines Conkas Series,Tasting Longines Conkas Series.

In 2017, it was the 185th anniversary of Longines. The brand issued a five-second-year-old Kangkas Perpetual Calendar at the Observatory in Neuchâtel, Switzerland to commemorate this brilliant moment. This watch is Longines Conkas Series impressive in its extraordinary timing accuracy, superb technical content and sporty appearance.

In 2018, the brand reintroduced fresh blood into this remarkable watch line. At the Basel Watch & Jewellery Fair, the brand new Concars VHP Chronograph was introduced, continuing the Congas series as a Longines watch. The quintessence of the collection and its combination of perpetual calendar and chronograph are two of the most useful features. This is one of the best timepieces of the year.

Longines Conkas Series

This time, the brand launched a number of items for this watch, which are blue, carbon black, silver, black and other dial styles, equipped with stainless steel bracelet, blue or black rubber strap to choose from. Below, we take the sporty style of blue tape as an example to appreciate it together: (Watch model: L3.717.4.96.9)

firstly Longines Quartz Development Road

Longines created its first quartz clock in 1954 and set a series of timing accuracy records at the Neuchâtel Observatory in Switzerland. It was used in many fields requiring timekeeping. In 1969, Longines created the “Ultra-Quartz” watch, which was the first quartz watch designed for mass production.

In 1984, Longines launched the Concars V.H.P. watch, which carried a quartz movement refreshed the Longines Conkas Series time travel accuracy record. Today, Longines launches the new Constance V.H.P. chronograph with a chronograph movement and a wide range of colors to choose from, continuing the long timed history symbolized by the flying wing hourglass sign.

firstly Watch real shot display

This watch uses a stainless steel case with a diameter of 42 mm. The bezel polished and polished to show lines and the beauty of quality.

From the side, the curvature of fashion replica watches the shell has continued to the lugs, giving a sense of fluency and fullness. The lugs are naturally sagging and bent, making it possible to fit the watch perfectly to the wrist, in line with the ergonomic settings.

firstly Under the background of the well-identified flying wing hourglass, the debugging part of the watch has more brand appeal.

Thread blue disk, red vertical standard and the three-dimensional time scale markedly distinguish, and the Longines Conkas Series central time, 60 seconds chronograph hands each other, so that a clearer and more intuitive time display.

firstly 9 hour mark is the 12 hour counter,

the 3 hour time is the 30 minute counter, and the 6 hour mark is the small second hand.

In addition, this watch uses a GPD (gear position detection) system that resets

the Longines Conkas Series hands .

In addition to these attractive qualities,

firstly movement is  with an extremely long battery life and a perpetual calendar function.


In addition to supporting regular timing performance, the watch also has EOL display function.

firstly sends a prompt signal when the battery is about to run out, which is practical and convenient.

Longines Conkas Series,Tasting Longines Conkas Series V.H.P. Chronograph

Compared with the stainless steel bracelet, the blue tape is more fashionable, sporty, soft and comfortable to wear.

firstly Stainless steel folding safety clasp, simplified operation makes the watch more convenient to wear.

Longines Concord V.H.P. Chronograph

Summary: Combining the chronograph function of mechanical charm with the precision quartz watch,

this new brand of Longines Concars V.H.P. chronograph watch is reconstructed

firstly Longines Conkas Series fresh colors to make this timepiece look more beautiful. If you like this watch, you may wish to pay more attention to it.

Two time watch.Travel party must-have items, three models recommended when the two places.

For people who travel frequently, time difference is a painful thing. In order to make travel easier, a two-time watch is indispensable. By simply adjusting the Two time watch, it is very practical. So how to choose a watch suitable for your watch in a large number of models, today watch home to recommend three models for the two time watch, hoping to help everyone.

Product family, flip, watch series 2458422


Watch diameter: 42.9 X 25.5 mm
Case thickness: 9.2 mm
Movement type: manual machinery
Movement model: 854A/2
Case material: steel
Waterproof depth: 30 meters
Watch Comments: This product family flip series watch is the new product introduced at the 2018 Geneva table exhibition. The front of the watch is silver-white and replica fashion watches the center of the dial is textured.

Directly below is a square small seconds plate whose design echoes the square design of the case. The other side of the display is the Two time watch second display time zone. The 6 o’clock position is a 24-hour indicator disc for distinguishing between day and night. The product family specifically marked “Travel Time” and the travel time, which is also the local time, the front of the dial can be used to display the home time. . The watch is equipped with a brown leather strap and is comfortable to wear.

Panerai LUMINOR 1950 Series PAM00688

Two time watch time

Watch diameter: 42 mm
Movement type: Automatic machinery
Movement model: P.9001
Case material: AISI 316L polished stainless steel
Waterproof depth: 100 meters
Watch Comments: Panerai rough shape especially suitable for tough men to wear, this watch with a dark blue dial with the same color leather strap, revealed a gentleman in a low profile.

There is a solar radiation pattern on the dial, a date display window at 3 o’clock, and a small seconds dial at 9 o’clock, with yellowish hands and hour markers, contrasting and clear reading.

Montblanc Heritage Chronograph Series U0112541


Two time watch.Travel party must-have items, three models recommended when the two places.

Watch diameter: 41-43 mm
Case thickness: 9.97 mm
Movement type: Automatic machinery
Movement Model: MB 29.19
Case material: steel
Waterproof depth: 30 meters
Watch reviews: The Montblanc Heritage Chronographs series shows the local and home time in an intuitive and easy-to-use way. A 24-hour small dial at 12 o’clock shows the day and night in your hometown.

The crown in the second position is easily adjusted in both directions, while the central minute hand and the small second at 6 o’clock are still running. The dial is also not replica uk messy and easy to read. With rose gold case and black alligator strap, elegant style.

Summary: These three watches are Two time watch not fancy in design, belong to wild section, more suitable for wearing on various occasions, for those who travel frequently, is a good choice. L3.340.4.96.6

Panerai Luminor Due 38MM Red Gold Watch

As the thinnest and most malleable watch series of the Panerai brand, Luminor Due extends the classic Luminor watch with elegant design, simple lines and superb technology. At the Geneva Haute Horlogerie and Jewelry Salon at the beginning of the year, the brand reintroduced fresh blood for this series and launched 6 new products. In addition to the two 42-mm regular models, there are four new 38-mm watches and the brand’s first 38-mm design. Among the four watches, a Panerai Luminor Due 38MM red gold watch with a “blessing” inscribed on the back of the watch–Blessing shines.


Watches with Chinese cultural styles tend to be more concerned by the Chinese people. The back of this watch is decorated with a flowery “fu” style. The central “fu” symbolizes luck, longevity, happiness, and wealth. It represents the important value that traverses things.

The case has a diameter of 38 mm and a thickness of 11.20 mm. Casting with 5NPt of red gold, the 18K yellow gold alloy with a higher proportion of copper, makes the color of the case more vivid. In addition, it also has a small amount of platinum to play an effective role in anti-oxidation, making the watch more durable.

firstly Continuing the brand’s classic pillow-shaped case design, it perfectly blends with the same material lugs, demonstrating the unique charm of the Panerai watch.


This design is also one of the classic elements of the brand’s recognizable degree.

namely its unique appearance and protection for the crown.


firstly stylish black dial features a satin sun-radiation finish that .

creates a gradient effect under light and is uniquely pleasing to the eye. The date display is set at 3 o’clock to add more useful features to the replica watches online.

Panerai Luminor Due 38MM Red Gold Watch

firstly watch is a small three-pin design.

opposite the calendar display and is simple and refined.

In addition to the dazzling “Fo” bottom cover.

the brand also uses the Panerai OP XXXIV self-winding movement with three days of power storage.

firstly Balance the balance with 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz). It is very convenient to replace the strap with just one tap.

Black alligator strap with black stitching and large plaids. Equipped with 5NPt red gold pin buckle and watch case integration, making it more convenient to wear.