Bulgari Diagono Magnesium chronograph watch

In the Bvlgari series of watches, the ever-distinctive Diagono Magnesium watch was released last year. Perfect to show contemporary style of sports fake watches, immediately in the watch industry occupies a very special position. Diagono series in all sports watch has its own unique style, this high-tech series show extraordinary modern atmosphere.
Inspired by ancient historical stories.Placet Diagono’s name comes from the ancient Greek word agôn – this ancient word is used to describe competition and efficiency. Contrary to the rules of the movement, against the brutal violence or any overdue character. By virtue of the line to show the elegance of the temperament.

This year, Bulgari and its new Diagono Magnesium series with popular favorite complex features. Manual winding time movement, so that this bold and full of masculine sports watch immediately emit a unique performance of high charm.

And this improvement is also quite in line with the spirit of the Bulgari Diagono series. Diagono Magnesium to become a comparable to the top of the Italian sports car edge of the perfect Bulgari.

The new Diagono Magnesium watch (Model: 102308 DG42C9SMCVDCH) uses magnesium alloy, high-tech ceramics, Motorlac lacquer.And PEEK (polyether ether ketone) and other high-tech materials form case, case diameter 42.5 mm.Because  with the warm color of the fire, highly personalized appearance, showing charming charm. The following are the same as the ”

Because the dial is red, the new Diagono Magnesium series chronograph watch has black, red, blue and gray four colors to choose from. The color of the dial is consistent with the color of the case, and the red color is in line with the sport style shown by the watch. Sang black black dial has a scroll pattern modification. Three o’clock position small seconds, nine o’clock position for 30 minutes time disk, six o’clock position for the twelve hours of time disk. At the same time in the dial between the four and five points, with a date display window. Easy to read, at a glance.

Stainless steel PVD ceramic crown and black PVD stainless steel timing button, the crown has two shoulder pads on the crown to protect. Timing button is polished smooth.

Case thickness of 6.1 mm, surface with Motorlac material coating.

This is a very dense protective coating, can be effective protection of the case, and more beautiful. So bezel is the use of lightweight, extremely wear-resistant ceramic to build. On its engraved with Bulgari English name.

So the ear design extremely angular and fixed with a bolt and a rubber strap.

Black rubber strap, more dynamic and dynamic. With a PEEK material needle buckle, easy to wear, easy to fall off.

So the bottom of the Bulgari with a screw bolt fixed on the case, printed with the name and watch the stories, with 100 meters of water. Bulgari production Cal.B130 manual winding mechanical movement, the movement frequency of 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz), with 42 hours power reserve.

Bulgari Diagono Magnesium chronograph watch with high-tech material to watch the weight is very light and comfortable to wear. Outstanding appearance color and equipped with 100 waterproof. This watch is perfect for daily life and work, and some less intense exercise can also feel at ease wear.

Corum challenger 44 chrono series watch

Navy Admiralty Cup watch is one of the most representative of the Corum system, in 2011, Corum will be the series divided into three sub-systems, including a solid and reliable Extreme limit series; with a sense of movement complex function chronograph Competition competition series; and has a soft line and complex features Heritage heritage series. Today for everyone to introduce this replica watches uk is a chronograph watch, the official model is: 753.771.20 / F371 AK15.
Corum watchWith the development of the brand, the Corum Navy Colonial Cup series watches are based on the use of the features of the series. Based on its quality, to a new field of development. Today launched this watch unique shape of the watch is equipped with a complex mechanical structure. Both inside and outside, the fashion taste and high performance on one.

Admiral Cup as the Kunlun brand of excellent watch series, with excellent performance and extraordinary temperament. Has become the first choice for many lovers. Shell side of the shell 12 side will undoubtedly become the Admiral series of well-known signs. Watch diameter 44 mm, 15.4 mm thick, made of stainless steel, angle, highlighting the highlights of the series.

Side view, stainless steel creates a more thoughtful atmosphere.

With black rubber leather strap outline will be no doubt, and the crown design is also very novel.

Watch strap made of rubber leather material, this material strap light texture soft and soft. Wearing on the wrist can highlight the young vitality, but also has a very good waterproof performance.

No crown can clearly see the precise outline of this watch. From the side can enjoy the sapphire crystal glass crystal clear, but also feel the  Corum watch exquisite workmanship.

The special texture inside the dial adds a little mystery to the watch. The most out of the ring is the flag pattern of the twelve side, which is the Kunlun Navy Admiral Cup watch unique.

Watch the crown also used to make stainless steel, the upper and lower sides of the crown has a pair of crown shoulder pad, the use of small screws to protect the crown, crown engraved with a classic Kunlun mark.

Stainless steel to create folding wrist, more durable, strap with a buckle closed, forming a circular arc, and sealed high-quality watch logo logo.

Watch to continue Admiral series of classic 12-sided arched shell, equipped with self-winding movement. With a multi-function timing function, small to small outline of the small screws. Reflected in the Kunlun watch fine workmanship and perfect design.

Hublot big bang camouflage wrist watch

Camouflage from the war,seems like is the soldiers “hidden” in the enemy’s vision of the protection of color, but also one of the most charismatic colors of the army. Filled with a strong male hormone taste. And do not need to hide the role of camouflage fashion circles, this tough guy elements are also popular replica watches uk.

So swiss watch brand Hublot watch and Italian accessories brand independent Italian strong combination, the camouflage elements and rigorous combination of watchmaking process.

Launched a second cooperation watch Big Bang “independent Italy” watch. Called the real “rebellious” for the re-interpretation of the definition of freedom and fashion.

Hublot watch

“Rebellious” elements and camouflage fusion, both full of contradictions, but also given the mystery.

Because I believe we have spent the “rebellious” period to participate in military training experience. So, the extraordinary Big Bang “independent Italy” watch is very cordial.

Use advanced technology to create a natural force as shown in the forest pattern. The camouflage pattern can also conceal the texture of its color.

Avant-garde trend mode re-interpretation of the classic charm. Printed on the top of the dial silk texture of the most famous military theme, and Texalium ® material at the bottom of the vague.
Innovative Material Texalium® (Aluminum Carbon Fiber), Pioneer Design and Material Fusion Free Fusion

The new material Texalium Chinese name is aluminum-coated carbon fiber, compared with the previous material.

Has a lot of advantages:carbon fiber itself has a light and comfortable texture, coupled with the integration of aluminum technology. Highlight Texalium®’s varied colors and glamorous metallic luster.

This watch will be the unique performance of the two materials the most vivid. The second time proved Texalium® and color performance control.

Facing the challenges of technology and design, the brand will continue to explore the most vivid combination of color and material integration.
The sign of the 9 o’clock position on the dial conveys the message of peace.

Classic camouflage appearance, unique dial material domineering 45mm dial, powerful flying body movement.

So created such a Hublot big bang “independent Italian” camouflage watch. Modeling reveals a “special forces” resolute tough wind. Like this fashionable table friends can consider starting this a watch.

Elegant blue Omega ladies watch

Omega 27 mm coaxial ladies watch series uk replica watches

Whether it is a vast blue sky or a deep sea, that blue is distributed into the glory of the glory.

Blue, whether it is elegant light blue, or deep dark blue, blue glory for the watch for the watch to add a dazzling elegance.

Today’s watch home for everyone to recommend with elegant blue ladies watch.

Omega a well-known watch brand in China, can be said to be a household name.

Crown logo to fully demonstrate its dominance in the field of watches.

This silver and blue with a simple but not monotonous, more elegant temperament revealed.

Omega brand has been founded more than 160 years of history, known for the fine watch altar.

This Omega Constellation watch series using elegant blue dial, while decorated with five-pointed star, even more charm.

Watch with a diameter of 27 mm stainless steel diamond case, equipped with automatic mechanical movement.

With bold ideas to the mechanical watch the accuracy and beauty of the feelings of soft, to tireless, and strive to perfect the spirit of dedication for the time praise.

This Omega ladies watch blue color and the case of a touch of silver, creating a watch elegant style.

Blue dial with silver five-pointed star decorations, three o’clock position with date display.

Omega ladies watch on sale

Omega ladies watch covered sapphire crystal glass watch mirror, equipped with stainless steel strap.

The use of folding clasp, water depth of 100 meters.

Watch is not only a timing tool, but also the ornaments between the wrist.

Watch whether it is light blue or dark blue, that blue dress to make the watch more elegant.

This Omega ladies watch shape has different characteristics, and women’s wrist to match more.

If you are still hesitant to buy what kind of watch, this elegant yet the grade of the watch must be your first choice.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Log II Series watch

Rolex’s Log II was launched in 2009, and in its increased case, it contains the latest swiss replica watches technology.

So its unique calendar window and small window convex lens, easy to identify.

And the new Oyster Perpetual Log II is a newly designed Rolex Classic swiss replica watches Log II.

So now unveiled with all stainless steel and polished outer rings.

First of all,High-quality 904L stainless steel oyster-style strap, equipped with sophisticated Easylink easy to adjust the chain system, can easily adjust the length of the strap, in all cases to wear more comfortable.

Today for everyone to bring a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Log II Series watch, watch the official model: 116300-72210.

Eternal aesthetic tonic Rolex Oyster Perpetual Log II Series watch Rolex is the world’s most famous watch brand.

In addition,Oyster type constant movement type II watch can be described as very high recognition rate.

Diameter 41 mm round case, simple three-pin design.

Sapphire crystal glass table with the original size to enlarge 2.5 times the calendar window.

These significant features since the advent of the widely acclaimed, still in use today.

Oyster-style case is Rolex prominent reputation and excellent performance of the important foundation.

best quality of rolex replica watches

the material for the Rolex unique 904L stainless steel.

Screw-in double-button lock on the chain crown design is simple and practical, double-locking device to ensure that the screw-in crown completely waterproof.

Therefore the depth of 100 meters, and angular, feel good, crowned with Rolex’s small crown logo The

Strap with Rolex’s classic Oyster Strap, you can say Oyster Strap is the perfect embodiment of the function, aesthetics and technology.

Since Was first introduced in 1930, composed of three rows of large.

Flat links, extremely strong, has been the most widely used in the Oyster series of a strap.

Most of all made of 904L stainless steel, 904L stainless steel with high corrosion resistance is widely used in high-tech, aviation and chemical industry.

And from the side of the crown noodles, polished bezel and side case.

This watch is relatively shallow, not heavy, comfortable and comfortable to wear.

And even let the appropriate watch wear discomfort.

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This easy to adjust the chain extension system, simply folding, you can make the strap extension 5 mm, so wear more comfortable.

Log-type lug design is relatively short.

In conclusion,In order to better match the flexibility of the chain strap, lugs is more like a part of the bracelet.

So the chain of stainless steel on the blend, very comfortable to wear.

Sun radiated ornaments of the silver dial, hour scale with mosaic scale.

Since three o’clock azimuth of the momentary calendar display window and twelve o’clock for the small crown logo with each other, looks simple and beautiful.

And with a large three-pin design, read simple and clear, at a glance.

This section of the watch cover with a screw-in bottom cover.

equipped with Rolex self-developed cal.3136-type self-winding movement.

The structure of this movement and all Oyster movement the same, the reliability of unparalleled.

Maybe One of the most classic Rolex watches, Oyster Perpetual Log II is the first choice for those who dare to combine classic and innovation.

As a result its 41 mm case of the prominent design and simple lines, so that the watch has become a classic model of modern timepieces.

If you are planning to start the first high-level watch in your life.

Finally you can choose a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Log II watch, I believe will never let you down.

Painted wrist colorful moon HUBLOT

HUBLOT watch full of love for the color, the blue, purple, orange and pink into the new soul moon phase replica watches.

This series of monochrome watches creates realistic visual tones, matching straps, quartz dials, sandblasted moonboards, pointers, time readings and gemstone mosaics with the same color.

Belonging to the summer of the dense light and colorful colors always fascinated by people.

So hublot watch into one, the charm of the moon to become colorful season: dark blue for tannin lovers set;

Therefore purple is eye-catching, but hidden in the mysterious moonlight night; orange full of vitality, People can not help but remember the moment of joy;

Pink like a rose-like dream, showing a rich sense of happiness.

Big Bang Soul Series Moon Phase Watch has a 42mm drum case to wear.
Wearing a sapphire crystal mirror HUB1770 automatically winding the hollow movement clear observation.

The dial is upgraded to high temperature fused silica and alumina quartz, quartz is colored through a “rare earth” mixture.

Dial Mohs hardness index of 7. It is easy to see that if you want to complete such a dial, professional cutting technology and material development master is indispensable.
Monochrome style extends to every detail.

And the translucent sofa dial shows two alternating moon patterns, and the moon pattern covers the corresponding tones.

Unique colors make fascinating moon phase changes even more compelling. Moonlight 6 o’clock run, completed two months.

Watch the double needle style, the central pointer indicates the hourly and minute, 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock position between the large calendar display device.

Because titanium or gold body alternately polished, satin brush and other technology, changing the memorable details of thousands, highlighting the sense of the watch geometry.

The bezel is set with 48 blue, orange or pink sapphires or amethyst. With the same color short crocodile skin lined with black natural rubber.

Since water depth of about 100 meters underwater, power reserve up to 50 hours.

In conclusion,a really have a wonderful watchmaking process and complex features of the watch products were born this.

Brand your own Hublot big bang 301.CI.1770.R

Has been trying to start a sports uk replica watches in the UK, looking for Hublot and AP sports watches are younger and fashionable. AP high price point, think about or buy Hublot it. Hublot is LVMH brand, style is also relatively young, there are many fancy, rich colors. Ordinary work may also wear between, or low-key point better, went inside the black choice.

Yuzhang big bang 301.CI.1770.R
Hublot  jewelry to precious metals and natural rubber as raw materials. The idea of branding is “fusion art”, covering precious metals such as zirconium, tantalum, magnesium, titanium and other precious metals and diamonds, rare stones, gold, platinum and natural rubber. Yu-ship table began to observe the natural domineering. Especially the dynamic, more in line with the aesthetic of young people.


Buy a few times,Hublot is a nice look series is the classic fusion and big bang.

While the individual wants to buy a domineering little table, the diameter of the table can also be a bit big, like a rich dial, on the big bang series of elections. At the same time do not be too high profile, in the black big bang inside pick. Select this work, is considered to be more popular works

This kind of automatic o Ting good, will not stop a lot of exercise, you can really enjoy the back of the action.

The strap is quite special for the upper crocodile skin. The next layer is rubber, increasing durability. Should be much more durable than ordinary belts.


Fancy bracelet watch–Corum

Talked about Corum, founded in 1955 in Switzerland, La Chauxing seal,replica watches uk LOGO is a key to the sky.

While a symbol of the unknown mystery of the brand unremitting exploration and creation.

And in 2013 by China Haidian Group Co., Ltd. to 738.8 million Hong Kong dollars in the price of the acquisition, a subsidiary of Haidian Group.

As the international professional watchmaking group in Hong Kong, its own has been according to wave.

While Rossini, Chi Nianhua and many other well-known watch brand, the luxury breitling replica watches brand to join the Corum watch.

Hence is to further consolidate the achievements of the Haidian Group watch large coffee The status.

And then talk by wave and Ebohr: according to wave was established in 1991, is produced in Shenzhen.

While China watch brand, in the country enjoy a good reputation and credibility and often committed to charity activities.

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And the name and its only difference Ebohr, origin has been out of thousands of miles – Switzerland Newcastle.

But also in 78 years, the Swiss watch industry only a precious gold medal.

Grilled so much, the effect is that these two brands can not beat the eight pole,

Since nothing more than because the literal translation Ernest Borel pronunciation lead to the two easily confused.

In fact, the watch as a process of manufacturing and humanities concept of material miniature.

So irrelevant origin more unrelated to the brand.

Since said then grounding some, even Patek Philippe, Breguet, Blancpain.

Since the wearer did not phase, then high-end Brand is worth a text.

Only to meet the needs of the market most of the products is really good design.