Hublot Big Bang Boa Bang watch

Born in 1980, Hublot Big Bang  the first fusion of precious metals. Aand natural rubber as the raw material of the Swiss top watch brand. Hublot watch (Hublot) the birth of rolex replica watches uk based both from the watch material or from the watch interpretation of the unique Aesthetic concept is concerned.  And in the watch industry have set off a revolution.

In 2004, Jean-Claude Biver, who took over Hublot. Used the Big Bang series, which overturned the watchmaking industry. To triumphantly roll out Hublot, Watch (Hublot) the arrival of the revival of the times. Just five years, Hublot has launched the Big Bang million dollar series. So Big Bang black series, Mag Bang series and other iconic watch. But also successfully among the most high-end watch brand The 2008 Hublot withdrawn by LVMH Group. Jean-Claude Beaver (Jean-Cla
Ude Biver) continues to act as chief executive officer. The brand concept advocated by Hublot  “the art of fusion”, covering the perfect blend of precious metals such as zirconium, tantalum, magnesium, titanium and diamonds, rare stones, gold, platinum, ceramics, stainless steel and natural rubber.

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Since Yu Chun watch (Hublot Big Bang) top watchmaker team in the best replica watches annual watch show for watch enthusiasts to bring a series of new, not only in high-tech materials and complex functions to create surprises, the brand more closely follow the trend of fashion trends and design Popular jewelry watch.

So the new Hublot Big Bang with a diameter of 41 mm 18K red gold or stainless steel green serpentine case. Since with diamond bezel, bezel embedded with 48 light green rectangular cut sand fence stone, tourmaline and light green sapphire .Since double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal under the mirror for the green serpentine dial.Because dial pattern clear to embellish 8 total weight 0.14 carat diamond time scale modification, 3,6,9 o’clock position with a small seconds, 12 hours and 30 minutes time plate, 4 to 5 o’clock in the middle decorated with date display window. Because power, so the watch equipped with HUB4300 automatic winding movement. Power storage for up to 42 hours. 100 meters waterproof. Equipped with black rubber strap with green serpentine denim.

In conclusion, the same version of the same version of the diameter of 41 mm 18K red gold or stainless steel case, so bezel set with 48 rectangular Stanley stone. Because deep and light smoke crystal, brown serpentine dial, brown chestnut serpentine denim Tabulation tape. Each limited to 250 pieces.

New million of Wensheng series of calendar IWC

As mentioned in the last week’s article on a series of articles on the history of the nations.So the watch series stands its peak and falls into a low tide. The heart of the replica rolex division. Although the first time of the series can be traced back to 1969. But we all know, until 1985, it is by virtue of the iconic Ref.3750 million calendar chronograph watch. Because knocked on the fans of the watch fans, the real access to the Their approval.
In 2017, the IWC Wensley series draws the essence from its unparalleled classic history and smelt out a whole new series of models. Which is perhaps one of the main reasons why many fans are appreciative of it. One of the highest voice, and we also believe that in the new series which is absolutely worthy of the cornerstone of the works. Since is this new million of the world series of calendar year calendar watch.

When the watch was released, it was a swiss  replica watches few weeks before the opening of the Geneva show in 2017. At that time, the nations had clearly stated that the new series of design themes: no longer use the barrel-like appearance, no longer use hexagonal lines. Because the new 2017 Da Vinci series decided to return to the origin. And  re-enable the round case design, articulated lugs, as well as the traditional complex functions and disk layout … If you have seen a brief history of the Da Vinci series of articles. Then see these design elements believe that will immediately think of the classic 1985 style.

Of course, the nations are not deliberately hiding. But rather talking about this classic time and the people associated with them (Mr. Kurt Klaus or Mr. Günter Blümlein). Da Vinci series has counted on the country a “hard-won” watch series. And especially with the Portuguese or pilot series compared to see when it is more obvious. It is therefore imminent to find the classic design of the DNA and re-inject it into the new body. So although this can be attributed to the lack of originality of the nations. But on the other hand it also shows The brand wants to let the Da Vinci series once again grow the vision.

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So the new Da Vinci series of steel calendar chronograph is what kind of time it? Why do we call it the “cornerstone of the new series”?
The name of the first can be very easy to award 40mm automatic watch ah. Because it is both appearance and style are very outstanding. And also men and women take-all, the most important thing is that it also has a very close price . The last point is very sharp, so the cornerstone of the name to it is also not bad ah.

However, for some of the other watch series or brand, it may be able to speak. But the nations are not in this column.
Because the watch brand has always been the majority of the watch fans are familiar with the iconic style.So as well as the history of the flash point as a basis. For example, the pillars of the pilot series are 46mm size fly. And although it is very large, very masculine, and not cheap. But it really is the soul of the series. Da Vinci series is the same. Since it inspired by the 1985 style, then this piece of steel calendar chronograph also thoroughly revealed the theme.In conclusion  became the semi-flagship of the cornerstone of the existence.

Panerai watch

This Panerai watch nickname believe that many people are no stranger. So this is the early years of Hong Kong film in the rolex replica high-frequency vocabulary. Triad brother brother Paolu, the boss will give a piece of “gold” to him. So that from time to time, we can see “Jinlao” market value is not generally big.
“Golden labor” refers to the Rolex gold watch, which is Rolex to the first impression of many people. Because has also been criticized as a symbol of upstarts. But it is said that in the world’s major casinos, only the Rolex watch can be used as a uk replica watches currency. So directly realized. Visible “golden labor” of the quality of strong.

Panerai watch refers to the Rolex’s series of wrist watch. Today’s water ghost series of many types. But in the Rolex store can buy the spot is still only a small number of styles, often a ghost hard to find.

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In the last century forty or fifties, people developed submarine resources. So especially for oil and natural gas formed a boom, in this context. Because the Rolex water ghost series was born, it has a good submarine identification. Since high contrast ratio of black and Large luminous needles. So good anti-magnetic, waterproof, anti-collision structure. And good corrosion resistance, can withstand severe temperature difference.So that submarine more convenient.

This Panerai watch is not a separate series of watches, but the table fans for the Panerai love. As we all know, Panerai watch design for large size, visual Hanhan gesture, so named “fat sea”, sounds very cordial.
With inspiration from the sea, Panerai brand positioning for the sports, leisure areas of high-end watch. Combined with the Italian design style and Swiss expertise, Panerai makes each table has a distinctive brand style, can make people a recognition.

Master model –Carl F .Bucherer

CarlF.Bucherer:Each watch has its beating heart: movement. R & D a movement not only need to innovate culture, but also the best rolex replica ultimate precision and conceptual skills. For the above elements,CarlF.Bucherer very experienced.

To Lucerne-based CarlF.Bucherer introduced Mali Long fly back chronograph (Manero Flyback) new models. For the exquisite timemanship of the gentleman presented a high-level chronograph model: elegant 18K rose gold watch with swiss replica watches Champagne dial. Will be elegant personality show no doubt, precision chronograph both flee time function, excellent technical performance is appreciated.

Like Carl Friedrich Bucherer, the fusion of aesthetic craft and science; the original, both in fashion, photography, and even origami and other fields. Follow their own enthusiasm, the creation of extraordinary handicrafts. This is what we try to highlight the spirit of each watch. Our hearts and soul firmly rooted in this place we call home.

So watch the famous treasure Qi Lai at the beginning of 2016 Basel watch show to show the new brand image. The new ad integration of this unique gorgeous gilt image, highlighting the “origin of the Swiss Lucerne” brand origin. Watch sales increased from 6,500 to 25,000, an increase of up to three times.

CarlF.Bucherer brand new image, cleverly reflect the brand in recent years the ideal business growth.

In 1888, Carl Friedrich Bucherer founded the brand of CarlF.Bucherer. His spirit and personality and the spirit of the pursuit of free creativity, led the company to create one after another outstanding achievements. This more than a century Of the independent watch brand, during the creation of a number of important milestones. Such as the brand developed the first outer swing Tuo automatic winding mechanical movement.

Mechanical charm Corum CHALLENGER 44 CHRONO series of watches

With the development of the brand, Corum Navy Colonel Cup series of watches in the use of the characteristics of the series on the replica rolex uk basis of their quality, toward a new field of development.

Admiral Cup as the Kunlun brand’s excellent watch series, with excellent performance and extraordinary temperament, has become the swiss made replica watches
first choice for many love lovers.

A watch in addition to the movement is more important, the second is the dial design. Unique dial design can bring a more pleasant to wear feelings. So the Corum watch design of this watch is very characteristic.

Watch the crown is also use to create a stainless steel, the crown on both sides of the upper and lower sides with a pair of crown shoulder pads. So the use of small screws to protect the crown, the top crown engraved with the classic Corum logo.

So watch table shell with sapphire crystal glass, through which you can see the movement of the work. Because watch the internal load for the CO753 self-winding mechanical movement.  Movement diameter 29.89 mm, vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour, the number of gems 27. On the chain can provide 48 hours power reserve.

Mechanical watch the continuation of the Admiral Cup series of classic 12-sided arched case.

So equipped with self-winding movement, with multi-function timing features, large to small contours of small screws. Are reflected in the Corum watch the fine workmanship and perfect design.

Corum Bubble Kunlun Bubble Bracelet

CORUM Kunlun watch Bubble Op Art Bubble Watch

Bubble family Op Art models novel ideas, two replica watches uk based new models have been officially available. Bubble watch arched crystal glass table mirror thickness of 8 mm, can be regarded as one of the best replica watches largest mirror design on the market, both the lens function, you can also enlarge or distort the dial visual effects. So corum and industrial designer Nicolas Le Moigne work together to conceive two new models, one of the pattern design from the visual art (optical art) drawn. Visual Art, also known as Op Art (Op Art), was born in Hungary. The French painter Victor Vasarely known as the father of visual arts.
Bubble Sphere2 watch

So visual art is the use of human illusion, so that the static arrangement of the pattern if the dynamic or cause contrast visual effects. Nicolas Le Moigne captures the elements of fantasy art, the fantasy of the three-dimensional effect in the dial square inch small space to play, unique visual dynamic like to break out of the mirror.

So Bubble Sphere2 table as its name.

it seems like a ball in the ball, dial and watch mirror as one.

among them the light blue lines like a broken dial and watch mirror.

become part of the visual effect.

Designers of the second paragraph of the new Bubble Drop dial as the ups and downs of the natural landscape. Bumps and light and shadow effects cleverly, like the ripples ripples, and Bubble Drop name is perfect match.
Bubble Drop watch
Bubble Drop watch

The pointer has a blue Super-LumiNova luminous treatment.

Corum Bubble Drop’s material is the same as the Bubble Sphere2, but the dial and case are treate with brown PVD coating, the pointer is brown Super-LumiNova luminous filler.

Two new models with leather strap with rubber lining, clasp material handling and the same case.

CORUM Kunlun watch gold bridge series rectangular watch

CORUM:Swiss watch Corum was founded in 1955, since the beginning of the
replica watches brand that is excellent “unique” disdain for the Swiss watch industry. The design series includes: Bubble Series, Swing Series, Rocket Series. Each one is refreshing, beyond the imagination, not only highlights the brand’s design strength, but also to attract the pursuit of unique style of the table fans.

CORUM Kunlun table for its unique and unique Golden Bridge Golden Bridge series to add a rectangular table with a replica swiss watches new watch. Jinqiao series of new rectangular watch exquisite elegance, created by the famous designer Dino Modolo. For the carefully crafted, beautifully decorated straight line movement to add a very elegant. Amazing geometric beauty: 18K gold frame decorated with 6 Roman numerals .

CORUM Kunlun watch President David Traxler said: “Jinqiao watch is the Corum watch watch series of tripod to show the exquisite Swiss watchmaking process. Its innovative aesthetic design and unique movement of the structure of the timeless. The new rectangular watch, and further break through the shackles of the timetable itself. Creating another brand of advanced watch for the model.

CORUM Kunlun Table Golden Bridge Golden Bridge Series watch classic perspective linear movement structure.

As well as the gold floor plywood of the first-class workmanship. It is always reminiscent of the movement of the source of the Golden Gate Bridge. The proportion of harmony, fit the wrist. In addition, thanks to modern technology. This exquisite elegant rectangular watch is different from the new table in 1980, with 30 meters / 3 atmospheres waterproof performance. To achieve a breakthrough in technology.

Omega Speedmaster series “CK2998” limited edition watch

In 1959, the first Omega Speedmaster CK2998 watch come out, after time changes, has gradually become the world’s most popular series of antique table one. Omega to this classic watch modeled on the introduction of the new super series “CK2998” limited edition watch. The new watch to reproduce many of the prototype elements of the iconic elements, while the replica rolex uk younger generation in the design to bring more amazing innovation of the pen.

Blue erotic

Watch inherited the traditional design style, retains the replica swiss watches classic Alpha pointer and symmetrical steel case, deep blue to make three small dial very layered. This color tone continues to a bezel with a tachometer scale, a minute circle, and a fine beige suture.

Creative style

The central chronograph is re-used with a “lollipop” type pointer, with the same time, minute hand and bezel on the bezel are covere with Super-LumiNova luminous coating, even in the dark environment can easily read. Surprisingly, the unique series of hippocampus badge pattern once again reproduce. Embossed on the back of the back of the table.
“Inspired by one of the most beloved watch series of Omega.”

World-famous movement

So the first lunar watch will be equipped with the iconic Omega 1861 movement. The new watch to continue to follow this movement, highlight the brand’s supreme sincerity. It is precisely because of the scarcity of movement, this collection of valuable watches only issued 2,998 external.
“Design elements aesthetic lay out, blue tone clever mix, simple and neat, wonderful fun.”

Classic eternity

So this watch inherited the essence of the Replica Omega brand.

It is the first Omega series super watch series for the prototype, design specifically for the racing watch models. Since then, the Omega watch on the moon to explore the spirit of the continuation of the earth, or even further.

Classic Omega special series

Classic omega special series brings together the brand under the swiss replica watches great commemorative value of the table, which mainly to the Olympic Games, museums as the theme, showing the brand rich cultural charm. To pay tribute to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. So replica Omega launched three special edition watch, inspired by the Olympic spirit and the flag of the host country flag.
Omega Olympic

So the London Olympic Series Special Watches series has been certified by the replica rolex watches Swiss Official Observatory and is certified by the Swiss Official Observatory and is displayed on the Swiss official Observatory (COSC) for accuracy and certification. Date Displays the date of the month. A calendar window at 3 o’clock or 6 o’clock on the dial.

Screw-in crown into the crown. You can automatically lock the crown, the crown into the case of the outer ring, for a high degree of professional diving watch waterproof. So transparent watch back, usually made of sapphire crystal. It can see the movement inside the watch.

Olympic pocket watch 1932

Classic omega Olympic pocket watch with original movement kit, these kits since 1932 has been collect in the Biel (Biel) Omega headquarters, recently re-meet with the world. These 18K white gold watch industry made by the miracle. So that the 1932 Olympic chronograph pocket watch – one of Omega’s most legendary watch – to reproduce the world.

Back engraved engraved official Olympic rings logo.

But also for you to show the watch inside the Classic Omega 3889 manual winding mechanical movement.

Corum watch price, Kunlun Navy Admiral Cup series male watch full of character

In 1960 the first launch of the Admiral Cup series of watches for the Kunlun table after the success of the foundation laid a solid foundation, with the major sailing competition and the most famous nautical players have the replica rolex uk indissoluble bound it also has a very long history. Equipped with twelve-sided case and dial on the twelve sides of the navigational banner pattern has become the series of watches one of the most recognizable elements.

Corum watch price, Kunlun Navy Admiral Cup male watch the first paragraph
Kunlun Navy Admiral Cup Series 753.771.20 / F371 AK15 Men’s Mechanical Watch

Tough twelve-shaped appearance unique shape, high degree of recognition, dark gray dial on the silver hollow pointer read very clearly. 6 o’clock position of the date display function is very practical. Equipped with the swiss replica watches uk timing function for sports enthusiasts to provide a lot of convenience. With a soft feel of the material strap, tough lines for sports men wear.

Corum watch price, Kunlun Navy Admiral Cup series male watch second paragraph

Watch both take into account the classic characteristics of the Admiral Cup, but also gives the traditional sense of the classic. Through the 12 side of the dial and dial 12 sea flag can easily identify it. 18K rose gold to create the case exudes warm and shiny, built-in time scale is also plated with rose gold. Gray wheat grain in the background against the background, noble and charming. Three indicators above all have a luminous coating, in the dark night can clearly read the time.

Corum watch price, the Kunlun Navy Admiral Cup male watch the third paragraph

42 mm diameter case, gray dial and rose gold color to form a very calm and elegant gas field, Barleycrn Guilloche decorative plate inlaid with 11 three-dimensional strip scale scale.

With crocodile leather strap, so delicate exquisite Corum watch extravagant elegance.

The following picture shows the first paragraph, interested friends can be concerned about Oh.