What grade is Mido watch ?

Swiss Amway is one of the world’s largest watch manufacturers and distributors – the Swiss Swatch Group. Swiss american table in the world more than 50 countries with more than 2,500 official retail outlets.

Swatch Group also has many well-known watch brands, such as: Longines, Tissot, Hamilton and so on. Swiss watch has three large grades, the replica watches china first grade watch brand Patek Philippe, the second grade has Casio, Omega, etc., mido belongs to the third grade, are entry-level, more close to the people of the watch brand. Longines.

Tissot is also the last of this grade, mido slightly higher than the skirt a small grade, but slightly less and Longines. In Xiao Bian view, mido is the rolex replica
third grade in the highest cost of a watch, high quality coupled with the appearance of fashion, unlike Tissot as everyone knows, low-key elegance may be synonymous with mido.

Worth mentioning the mido

Automatic movement, the United States and the movement has three azimuth test precision travel time, high-quality Nivaflex NO mainspring to provide lasting power, carved Tuo Tuo, Incabloc shock devices and other aspects of the excitement.

So the degree of watches Most of the use of transparent bottom cover design, observable travel time, the United States and the table to provide the series of Observatory watches. Observatory refers to the COSC (Swiss official tabulation) on the mechanical movement of a number of azimuth, different temperature testing to ensure its precise travel time.

Original Aquadura cork seal crown system. To natural cork embedded in the crown stems, to ensure perfect waterproof. Special treatment makes cork perennial moist and elastic.

Even in the case of the crown is not completely tight, still waterproof. Aquadura cork system for 50 and below the watch waterproof. For more than 100 meters depth, the use of spiral crown and back cover to resist water pressure. To ensure waterproof. Due to the excellent degree of waterproof performance, for its won the “crown of water” reputation.

Tabulation materials, only the Swiss watch industry in the best materials. Case and strap are made of 316L high quality stainless steel. Gold and gold products are used PVD (vacuum ion plating) surface treatment technology.

This is not only attractive to the appearance of the watch and its firmness can effectively scratch and corrode.

So the meter is one of the few brands offering titanium mechanical watches. This high-tech metal material is commonly used in the field of aeronautics and surgery. Compared with the steel material, it has a lighter, corrosion-resistant, anti-allergic and other advantages.

Panerai launched a new monkey limited edition zodiac watch

Italian sculpture master for PANERAI Panerai carefully build a new monkey limited edition watch, Is also presented in the Panerai Sea eighth birthday watch series.

Because luminor 1950 Sealand 3 Days Automatic Acciaio-44 mm 3 day power reserve automatic steel watch (PAM00850) new monkey limited edition watch. So the ancient and long traditions closer. So this section of the watch limited production of 99. For the Panerai Chinese zodiac limited series of the eighth watch works. So the first series in the best rolex replica 2009 Year of the Ox launched in the market, followed by the launch of the Year of the Tiger. So year of the Rabbit. Year of the Dragon, Snake years, horse year, sheep year watch. This year to continue the monkey limited edition, happy monkey began in February 8, 2016 to January 27.

In the Chinese zodiac, the monkey on top swiss replica watches behalf of clever wit. Able to speak good, and talented. So the monkey is a strong and clever animal, sincere and thoughtful. So the new Luminor 1950 Sealand monkey limit edition watch and the sunshaw series of other watches using the same design. Stainless steel watch cover engrave fine monkey Zodiac relief, with the traditional design of Chinese ancient stars. By the Italian senior carving craftsmen with superb technology for each watch cover to hand carved, are unique craft crystallization.

Craftsman first use the unique tool called “sparsello” engraved on the steel groove, sketched out the monkey lifelike lines. Embedded in a multi-level parallel gold, the craftsman carefully copy the hammer modification.

Engraved monkey pattern inside the cover is a small mirror. Open the watch cover. Simple design of the gray dial jump in front of the eye. Dial 9 o’clock position with a small seconds, 3 o’clock position with date display window.

Luminor 1950 Sealand 3 Days Automatic Acciaio-44mm 3-day power storage Automatic steel watch (PAM00850) in the global Panerai store exclusive sale.

Waterproof depth of 10 bar (about 100 meters), with brown soft leather strap . With a spare strap, a screwdriver and a replacement strap tool.

A Brief Comment on Rolex Chelini 5112-8 Watch

In order to pay tribute to Benvenuto Cellini and the Renaissance Pope and King’s sculptor and goldsmith. Rolex created a watch series that engraved the master’s name. So tabulation process has been from a single artisan’s personal territory, developed to the professional skills of skilled technicians. Each Rolex watch is the perfect combination of replica rolex uk professional and technical craftsmanship. Today, the watch home for everyone to bring a series of Rolex Chelini watch, watch the official model: 5112-8.

By the Italian Renaissance in the highly respected artist, goldsmith and the Holy See sculptor Benvenuto Cellini inspired by the name of the Rolex Chelini series. On the one hand back to the swiss replica watches classical roots. On the other hand in the modern way to re-interpretation of the essence, Perfect harmony.

Celian watch contains Rolex’s watchmaking tradition, reminiscent of contemporary endless construction, its layout ratio and simple lines, and modern space and light with clever cooperation. Which watch with 32 mm watch diameter design, 18K gold case to create.

In the very special series of Chelini, each of the sections is leading the way, with noble and luxurious 18K gold metal to create the shell, highlight the distinguished and high grade. watch mirror with anti-wear sapphire crystal glass material. Its high hardness and light transmission determines its most suitable for the mirror material. Like the coin as the material selection, are the product of historical choice.

Watch with a brown crocodile leather strap, through the brown silk sewing, clasping for the 18K gold to create the needle buckle, easy to wear.

So the appearance of the line is soft, full color, the disk layout is just right. Simple beauty is self-evident, small ears and small disk together to pursue the pursuit of exquisite design concept. Celini series has been concerned about the art. The watch also to The style of art shows a different style.

It is rare Rolex style chic one, and uphold the Chelini series of genes, has a unique cultural heritage. The disk engraved with CELLINI master’s name, highlight its taste and meaning. In addition, the Rolex Chelini series watches are many, but each one’s output is not high

Rolex Chelini: Overall, refined and elegant, low-key calm, temperament introverted. Is a full of gentleman’s charm of the watch. But also to pay tribute to the arts.

Function simple and memorable and practical. So the current watch in Beijing Xidan Mall Rolex shop in stock. Interested friends can go to learn more details.

A Brief Comment on Rolex Explorer II

Rolex in 1971 for the first time launched the explorer type II not only inherited the original Rolex explorer type of extraordinary tradition, more unique style. So this rugged watch is rolex uk uniquely designed to be a cave scientist. A volcanologist, and a companion for polar and forest explorers. Today’s watch to Egypt to bring you a Rolex Explorer II series watch review, watch the official model: 216570.

In 2011, explorer-type II was published on the 40th anniversary of a great deal of technical and aesthetic innovation. So the most obvious is the size of the case, from 40 mm diameter to 42 mm, making the surface more spacious, more readable. Bigger pointer, and more clearly visible. However, the most unique thing to be regarded as its orange 24-hour pointer, the end of the arrow shape, and the 1971 explorer type II prototype watch echoes.

This adventurer II watch with 904L high-strength stainless steel to create, in 2011 to redesign the introduction of the new case from 40 mm to 42 mm. Large size dial and CHROMALIGHT luminous display to best replica watches anyway in any environment, the time is clear and easy to read.

Because watch with a screwdriver for the double buckle waterproof crown, to ensure that waterproof up to 100 meters, and the middle case as one of the crown shoulder protection crown protection, this watch for the extreme environment design Reflects the Rolex and explore the world of indissoluble bound.

Watch the bracelet also used for the 904L stainless steel to create bracelets. Corrosion resistance is very strong, clasp used for folding clasp. And clasp also has a fine-tuning device, can be a good fit wrist.

Watch the unique mid-range case with a very strong anti-corrosion properties of 904L stainless steel casting made. Triangle pit bottom cover through the Rolex watchmaker’s exclusive tools tighten. So that the case is completely seale, to ensure that 100 meters of water.

Watch can also be use to display dual time zones. The traditional pointer shows the local time. While the 24-hour pointer can indicate the second time zone on the progressive scale outer ring. Through an exquisite mechanical device control by a chain crown. You can easily adjust the local time using the independent jump pointer. During the calibration process, the minute hand, second hand and second time zone display are not affect.

Watch internal carrying cal.3187 self-winding movement. The movement was approve by the Swiss official accreditation certification. The certification issued to the successful through the Swiss precision time test center (COSC) detection of precision watches. This movement is the same as all Oyster movement, with unparalleled reliability.  Equipped with a stable balance wheel, through the MICROSTELLA fine-tuning screw height to accurately adjust its inertia oscillation cycle. The balanced swing assembly is mount in the PARAFLEX cushioning device and is support by a parallel stack of adjustable height.

Rolex: This is designed for the explorer watch, when the adventure to become the instinctive pursuit of life.

So oyster Perpetual Explorer II will become an inevitable choice. At present, the watch in the Beijing crown Asia name Rolex shop offer for 64,200 yuan. Interested friends can go to learn more details.

You can not miss the new Rolex

new Rolex:Needless to say, Rolex (Rolex) since its inception was rolex milgauss replica ranked among the top luxury goods, the number of people dream of things. Since its inception in 1905, the brand has created a number of innovative watchmaking technologies, including the first waterproof watch “Oyster” and the constant motion pendulum thallium self-winding system.

Rolex appearance, oyster-style case, oyster-style buckle and the heads of the type bracelet, enduring. Constant movement is accurate and swatch movement known world, although the assembly under the waterproof case, the wearer can not see its delicate structure, but the movement is still polished in the meticulous.

At this year’s Basel World Watch and Jewelery Fair, Rolex launched a number of new watches, including the Rolex Classic Oyster Series watch and the new series of watches such as replica rolex watches Chellini. All new watches are Rolex “top observatory precision timepieces” (Superlative Chronometer) the new standard certification, the daily error of not more than plus or minus two seconds.

In this one, long-awaited Rolex Oyster finally launched constant-action cosmic type Daytona new watch, once launched will be much attention. Equipped with precise and swatch Rolex Cal. 4130 movement, its exterior design and innovation interpretation. The well-crafted, glossy, glossy, high-tech black ceramic Cerachrom outer ring replaces the original metal outer ring and has a black Plexiglas resin glass insert on the outer ring.

The new Oyster Perpetual Overlord watch, continuation of the original paragraph watch the aviation origin. 40mm 904L steel forged case. Black dial rich 3,6 and 9 o’clock position marked with large Arabic numerals highly personalized, minute scale prominent prominent, so that when the navigation can be clearly read. Dial on the “Air-King” words, the font used in the last century, the original design for the 50’s watch. Equipped with Rolex Cal.3131 movement.

Rolex Oysterflex bracelet can be said that the extraordinary superior, both full of vitality, yet elegant temperament, wearing it completely calmly deal with any occasion. The new Oyster Perpetual Oysterflex bracelet watch. For the first time to eternal rose gold (904L steel and 18 ct eternal rose gold combination) to prepare a chocolate-colored dial. Compared to Rolex Cerachrom outer ring, matte scrub 18ct eternal rose gold bezel more texture, creating a unique image of the Oysterflex bracelet type. Equipped with Rolex Cal.3135 movement.

The new Oyster Perpetual Adventurer-type watch, full luminous display, to ensure that at a glance. This model’s unique 3, 6 and 9 figures are coate with luminous material. And the hour markers and the same distribution of persistent blue light pointer. This unique Chromalight luminous display ensures clear reading regardless of environmental conditions. Pointer more lengthened, so that explicit time more clearly. Equipped with Rolex Cal.3132 movement.

In addition to a variety of dials to choose from.

Equipped with the latest Rolex Cal.3235 movement, Cal.3255 movement last year launched a single calendar version. The movement has 14 patents, precision, power reserve, shock, Magnetically. Wearing replica watches uk  and reliable in all areas are very good . The new Rolex patented Chronergy escapement, made of nickel-phosphorus. Is not only highly efficient and reliable, but also free from magnetic interference.  Which is free from magnetic interference and has ten times more shock resistance than traditional gossamer. The self-winding component is attach to the movement by a constant-motion pendulum. Rolex ring is to ensure that the hairspring in any position can still maintain the law. Clockwork box of the new structure and the escapement system of excellent efficiency. So that the power reserve of this movement is about 70 hours.

The new Chellini time type, the Celini calendar type and the Celini double type. The use of noble 18ct white gold and eternal rose gold material, case diameter 39 mm. The new Rolex design of the white paint dial, slender hour markers, are all new time-type main features.

new Rolex:In the June 3 to July 31 period, located in Shanghai’s Bund, “Rolex World” (Huangpu District, Shanghai.

By then, will have the opportunity to close-up view of these extraordinary new style. Worthy of the year’s new appreciation and full interactive brand experience.

Identification of the latest Rolex watch series Rolex

Rolex watch: since the launch of the new series since 2014, Celini watch has been to break the inherent image has always been, Rolex has such a refined side, Rolex can also produce such a watch is installed. In 2015 and 2016 Basel International Watch Fair, Rolex is also the continuation of the new Celinese design style, popular acclaim, and today the watch house for best rolex replica everyone to bring a Rolex in 2016 Basel International Watches and clocks in the exhibition launched the new Chellini watch tasting, watch the official model: 50519.

Celieni series to contemporary spirit of traditional watches and clocks to highlight the classic style and timeless elegance. Celie time for the timeless classic essence, presents, minutes, seconds, distracted, grasp now. Celebrating its elegant style, the grandeur and tradition of the Celery calendar, the calendar is set on a replica swiss watches uk single dial and witnessed the passing of time.

In addition to a calendar display, the Celini Calendar displays its elegance, tradition and ambience.

Time endlessly to pass, yesterday, today, tomorrow. Every day is different, indispensable. In addition to the time-and-seconds display, the Celinier Calendar adds a calendar display to its elegant style, its grandeur and tradition.

The new collection consists of 12 classic watches

Rolex presents the new series of Celini, to highlight the contemporary spirit of the classical style of classical watches and timeless elegance. The new collection consists of 12 classic watches, each set of professional technology and sophisticated technology in one, full of Rolex watch the traditional meaningful place. With simple and elegant lines, noble magnificent material, and refined luxury modification, all details are in line with the tabulation of the law.

Rolex watch all used for the precious metal materials to create

Today, this watch is used for 18K white gold material to create, bezel and crown are used classic triangular pit pattern design, this design is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, And when the adjustment time is also more convenient, in the watch on the crown engraved with Rolex classic crown logo.

Watch with a black crocodile leather strap

Watch with a black crocodile leather strap, buckle used in 18K platinum to create a pin-type buckle, watch the buckle. There is a Rolex classic crown logo, highlight the brand’s self-confidence.

The classic 39 mm diameter circular design is the brand’s traditional logo

Diameter of 39 mm classic circular design is the brand’s traditional logo, and the shape of the detail shell ears. Polished modification, and to the outer ring and triangular pit outer ring compose of double outer ring. So watch more unique . Another surface also cited the tabulation of brand knowledge and tradition.

Still did not make the change is still not through the end of the watch design

Still did not make a change is still not use through the end of the watch design.

Rolex watches in addition to the early Prince Series watches have through the end of the design.

The rest are use in the bottom design. Movement into the case before the test Rolex top observatory precision timepieces. The average error of less than two seconds per day or less. Than the average precision of the Observatory certified precision time of twice. Green Seal is a symbol of the top precision timepieces Observatory. Each Rolex watch are attach to this seal, accompanie by a five-year warranty guarantee.